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5 Exotic Window Curtain Styles Sure To Grab Attention

5 Exotic Window Curtain Styles Sure To Grab Attention

What kind of window curtain would you want for your home? The perfect window curtain may add clarity and change the atmosphere drastically when it comes to your rooms. What you choose for curtains may reveal a lot about your sense of style, not only when it comes to interior design but in a variety of other areas as well. Window treatments are a must-have, so make sure you choose the best ones. Choosing the ideal window treatment to attract attention may be a challenge. Exotic window curtains are a great alternative. Listed here are 5 unique window curtain types that will grab attention.

Transform the look of your home by installing exotic curtains 

Keep an open mind and let the atmosphere of the place be your guide while decorating. You can easily get the best attraction and security with the help of exotic curtains. They are one of the simplest and quickest methods to modernize your home, as long as you obtain the correct type. They can overshadow the rest of the decor if they are extensively patterned; they may go overlooked when they are too light or muted. 

Compared to plain or light-coloured curtains, the exotic and multi-coloured curtains are attractive. The gradient of tone in curtain panels gives your windows and doors a wonderful, stylish look. The natural colour effect is eye-pleasing and adds just the right touch of design.

It is a versatile style for any room in your home, perfect for bedroom, living room, farmhouse, home office, adult or child’s room.

Pay attention to dual colour 

Most people will not think about dual colour, but the reality is you can get better attention while choosing this option. A window solution that provides both seclusion and illumination is what you need. Why not have it both ways? Dual colours are created by layering opaque and transparent bands in alternating fashion. 

During the day, the transparent layer lets in natural light, while the blackout layer blocks out unwelcome eyes at night. 

You do need to spend much time for washing these dual colour exotic blinds. 

It can provide better security during the day and night time, for these reasons, it has become very popular among people. 

Install multicoloured exotic curtains with floral prints 

You can also go with these Multicoloured curtains with floral prints for your living room. Usually, visitors stay in the living room so it should have the most appealing look. 

Add curtains with multi-coloured floral motifs to complement exuberant floral prints in lush colour combinations. 

These vivid and dramatic blossoms are ideal for turning a room’s windows into a focal point. 

Choose floral themes in a deeper colour palette to take this style to the next level. This is a great way to add some excitement to your home design without going crazy.

Sheer Layered look 

Pairing thin curtains with thicker window coverings like draperies and wood blinds are a traditional look. This not only changes the appearance of a room but it also gives a touch of decoration and privacy. Heavy curtains and blinds can be opened during the day to allow natural light to filter through the sheers, and closed at night for seclusion and insulation. This multi-layered coating improves the appearance and functionality of your property. String lights along the curtain rods can give your sheer curtains.

In order to achieve a balance between seclusion and natural light, sheer curtains and shades are the ideal options. 

Because thin curtains disperse light, you won’t miss the sunshine even when they’re closed. Custom curtains may be created by selecting the right fabric colour, pattern and texture. 

All of these options allow you to design your own unique environment. 

This style is perfect for your bedroom so you can install this forget a better experience. 

When you install exotic blinds with different styles, you should pay attention to looking out your room’s nature and window size. 

Go with Exotic Wood Blinds 

Wood is the perfect material that can also last for many years. Blinds and curtains can go hand in hand to create an amazingly attractive appearance. Mix these with a set of curtains and blow your guests away.

Installing them is easy. Various colours generate various responses from the viewer. You should certainly attempt this if you have wood floors. 

Both will look great when together, and wooden flooring and bamboo blinds can be enhanced with furniture and other decorative elements. 

When it comes to wooden blinds, cleaning is simple. It only takes a short dusting, and you’ll be enchanted by the minimum light that comes through the small gaps. 

Velvet curtains 

Velvet is used to add a touch of luxury to anything from sofas, chairs, and drapes to headboards, blankets, and even lampshades. This thick, woven, and the tufted fabric is more effective at blocking light than silk, and provides better insulation from cold and moisture. 

It also keeps dust and pollutants out, so it’s a better choice for those with allergies. Another benefit of velvet curtains is that they are soundproof, making them ideal for creating a peaceful environment, particularly in the bedroom. 

Velvet curtains are an excellent way to give a touch of soft elegance to a space.

Crushed velvet curtains make a beautiful impression when draped over a window. 

Choose from a wide range of patterned and embroidered materials, including animal print, floral, and abstract patterns. 

Textures, densities, and colours all play a role in adorning a window.

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