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5 Fancy Window Treatments for your Fancy Windows

Fancy Window Treatments

Fancy or Unique Windows

Every house has windows and there is nothing new or unique about that. But some houses have windows that defy the set norms of how a standard window should be. They are differently shaped and designed, they may be larger than normal ones, or positioned differently in the room. All these windows are fascinating to look at and make a stunning addition to a home. They can change the home’s look and feel, they allow more light into space, they can help add dimension to a room and more often than not they become the focal point of that particular room.

Window Treatments for Fancy Windows

So, irrespective of your existing home décor and the type of window treatments you have chosen for other windows, these fancy windows demand special treatment. They give you the opportunity to experiment with the look and feel, dress them up differently and help them make a bold statement. It is an opportunity to get creative. You have to choose window treatments that will help balance visual appeal with functionality. At the end of the day, these are windows and you have to cover them up to prevent loss of energy, protect your privacy, diffuse natural light by cutting down the glares, etc.

Types of Fancy Windows and Window Treatment Ideas

We will take a brief look at the type of fancy windows you can have in your home and how to treat them so that their aesthetic appeal is enhanced without compromising with their functionality.

Differently Shaped Windows: Arched, Angular, etc.

Unlike the standard rectangular or square windows that we are familiar with, these are shaped differently and you can choose from a wide range of shapes. These are windows with arches, angles and rakes. The arched windows which are reminiscent of the old cathedrals look stunningly beautiful. Why only arched windows? They can be half-circles, hexagonal, octagonal, quarter circle, angled top, half rake, full rake, etc. Most of the window treatments available in the market can fit standard shapes like rectangular or square. So, do you leave these windows naked and bare? Not at all. Use Specialty Shaped Shades and Shutters that can be customized to meet any differently shaped windows.

How amazing is that?

Over-sized Windows
Anything that is unconventional and unorthodox feels exciting and interesting. The same concept applies to windows. The regular standard-sized windows are something we see each day and wherever. What if instead of these your house had some over-sized large windows? Wouldn’t it be stunning to have a large expanse of glass giving an unobstructed view of the outside, particularly if you had an outside view to behold? They would be real stunners adding a whole new dimension to your living space. At the same time, the thought of finding the right window solution for these windows could be enough to give you cold feet. But you can’t leave them untreated as well. That would pose security hazards, raise privacy issues and allow unobstructed flow of harmful UV rays into the house. The best news is you have loads of options to choose from for your beautiful windows. Cellular, roller and solar shades are lightweight with a variety of lift options. Soar shades with vinyl mesh material make a perfect choice for large windows. Roman shades look classy and beautiful. These shades can be customized to come equipped with motorized lift systems which make operating the over-sized window coverings easier.
Oversized Window Treatments
Bay Windows
Bay windows are windows anyone would love to have in their house. These windows jut out of the outer walls of an apartment or building. From inside they appear like creeks that are separated from the main space of the room. They add light, drama and dimension to a room, allow better air circulation, and offer loads of possibilities for using this extra space that is created. You could use it as storage, a reading nook, a comfortable seating area by adding a bench, some cushions and some warm light. They can be used as a focal point in the room. Bay windows are generally 3 or 5 sided windows with a number of angles. The entire window can be treated as a single unit or every side can be treated as a separate unit.
Bay Window Coverings
Skylight Windows
Skylight windows are another fancy window that is very interesting. These windows are fixed into the roofline and they cannot be opened. They are also referred to as ‘rooflite’ windows. They help to light up the darker spaces in the house and allow three times the amount of light to enter compared to standard vertical windows. They cut down energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lights. They add dimension to space. There are different types of skylight windows like a dome-shaped, pyramid, fixed, tubular, etc. Given the position of the skylight windows, you cannot use the standard window shades for them. You have to use Retractable blinds that can be stored out of the away when not in use. They help block out harmful UV rays and glares and provide great insulation to the skylight windows. You can opt for Aluminum Skylight Blinds or Cellular Skylight Blinds.
Skylight Blinds and Shades
Awning Windows
Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards from the bottom part of the windows. They are perfect for rooms with slanting roofs and also work well for vertical walls. Most of the office buildings opt for awning windows. Vertical blinds look good on awning windows. The best part is they can be opened to the degree to which you want to. If you want to open completely it will appear that there no window treatments. You can close them partly depending upon the amount of light you want in the room. Natural Roman shades also work well to cover these differently designed windows.

Awning Window Coverings

These are some of the many fancy windows that you can have in your house. Each of them is different and adds to the visual appeal of the house. They become the highlight of a house and hence they should be dressed suitably to do justice to the beautiful windows.

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