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5 Ideas to Convert Your Bay Window Seat into A Home Office


If you suddenly find yourself in middle of a hunt for a quiet corner to turn into a home office, you are one of the thousands around the world who find themselves in similar predicament. Not all homes have the spare space that can be turned into a home office. Many of us have to do with whatever space that is available.

Most of the time, the available space is hiding in the plain view. It could be that corner which is now occupied by a lonely houseplant, or the forgotten wall that stands beside the closet, or your bay window.

There is more to bay windows than just architectural variations. These windows are deceptively wide and enclose a space that has a huge potential. The tricky angular space is usually considered too small for any serious purpose other than storage or a cosy little seat. But the space is ideal for squeezing in a small table and a bit of a storage area. There are many reasons why a bay window space is ideal for getting converted into a home office. Let’s take a look!

Bay Window Seat – A Connection with the World Outside

Work from home can save you travel time, as well as let you enjoy your home comforts. However, it can also deprive you of your time spent outdoors. Looking out of the wide bay windows can keep you connected with the world outside, relieving the boredom and monotony of working from home. The view of the nature will also be a huge benefit for your eyes, which are otherwise glued to the screen.


Abundance of Light

The three windows that open in three direction provides an abundance of natural light. Natural light is very important for health and a big source of Vitamin D. If you have your workplace in the bay window space, you will definitely get your daily dose of natural light, as well as enough light to work without having to rely on electric light.

Utilization of Space

As the bay window space provides just enough space to put a table in, your workspace will not take up precious living space that the rest of the family might require. With your table tucked in withing the enclosed space, your room will still have enough space to fit other furniture, enabling you to use the room for other purposes, for entertainment or sleeping, when you are not working.

5 Ideas to Convert Your Bay Window Seat into a Home Office

If your home office needs just a desk and a few storage units, you can easily turn your bay window area into a home office.

A Window Desk

The market is full of innovative solutions for bay window desks. These desks are made to fit into the bay window space. For larger bay window areas, you can get a semi-circular desk, that also come with plenty of storage. Place your chair and computer at the middle point to give yourself loads of legroom.

For smaller bay window areas, just push a small table into the nook and use separate storage solutions to place around or on top of your table.

A Dining Table

If space is tight, you can push your dining table into the space and turn it into a worktable. This idea would be ideal for someone who works only with one laptop and a few notebooks. After work, the table can be cleared up for a lovely dinner.

The Window Bench

Many bay windows are already fitted with a bench. In that case, you can use tables which come with two short legs, which can be mounted on the bench. This way, you can use the bench to support the table, while the rest of the bench space can be used to store books and other office materials.

Make the Windows the Backdrop

Many of you might prefer to have the sun at the back when you are working. This would be very relaxing if you are stuck at your table for long hours. Place your chair in a way that it faces the room, so that you can enjoy the steady stream of sunlight that is coming through the bay windows.

Place the Table Diagonally

If you have a round table, place your table diagonally. This will allow you to make most of the light and the view, while you can place the screen away from the glare.

How to Dress Up Bay Windows

When you are using your bay window as your office, you will have to pay special attention to how you are covering up your windows. Here we bring you some ideas that would enhance your comfort and help remove distractions from the periphery of your vision.

Top-Down-Bottom-Up Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are light weight shades that are great for insulation. With the top-down-bottom-up functionality, you will have greater control over both light and privacy. You can keep the top and bottom open to let in plenty of light, while the middle part of the windows remains covered to give you all the privacy you need. You can choose to have a light-filtering material or a room-darkening one. The unique combination of the material and the control mechanism will allow you to set the correct ambience for your workplace.


Dual Shades

Dual shades come with two shades, incorporated into one unique shade. The outer fabric is usually a blackout shade, while the one facing the room is a solar shade. With the solar shade you can enjoy the view, without the glare or UV rays of the sun. When you need to cut of light completely, you can pull the blackout shade down. Both the shades would provide adequate insulation to keep your workplace cool and comfortable.


Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are another unique shade that comes with alternating stripes of sheer and solid material. You can get the benefit of view and light, while the solid vanes can be aligned to reduce and filter the light.

Use these shades to convert your bay window sitting area into a comfortable and relaxing home office, where you can peacefully immerse yourself in work.

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