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5 Important Rules When Cleaning Fabric Roman Shades

5 Important Rules When Cleaning Fabric Roman Shades

If you are in love with Roman shades, be rest assured you are not the only one. For decades, Roman shades have held on to their coveted position on homeowners’ shopping list, despite the tough competition provided by modern window treatment solutions. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is their classic look. The stacked-up style really adds a whole new charm to the windows, transforming the entire look of the room. Available in numerous prints and designs, you will find something that suits your style.

However, there is more to Roman shades than just looking. The following practical reasons have kept up the popularity of Roman shades.

Great for Tight Spaces
Unlike curtains and drapes, Roman shades don’t get in the way of a furniture. Contained within the window, Roman shades do not overwhelm the room. The folds of the luxurious fabric provide a graceful alternative to curtains while taking up only a fraction of the space taken by curtains.

Full Coverage
When the shades are drawn to their full length, they provide complete coverage. This feature gives you total privacy, enhanced insulation, and some protection against outside noise and interference. They can also be made to fit windows of different shapes and sizes, making them a one-go solution for the whole house.

Easy on the Budget
Roman shades can be considerably less expensive than other fancy blinds. The fabric of your choice will determine the cost, but you can still get them at a competitive price. This makes Roman shades an ideal solution for the whole house.

Suitable for All Rooms
Roman shades are a versatile solution for every room. Whether it is the living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom, Roman shades can be customized to suit the varied requirements of each room. This also makes it easy to maintain the curb appeal.
Flat Roman Shades

5 Rules for Cleaning Fabric Roman Shades

Maintenance is another plus point. Cleaning Roman shades are easy. But there are a few rules which make the job easier.

Clean them Regularly: Cleaning them regularly is what the doctor prescribes. It is best to get rid of any loose dust or particle that gathers in there before it settles in. Giving them regular cleaning will save a lot of trouble later on.

Cleaning Method: Select a cleaning method that is most appropriate for the stain and for the fabric. Sometimes stubborn stains require different methods.

Consider the Material: Roman shades can be fashioned out of a wide range of materials like cotton, silk, suede, linen, or wool. Different fabrics need different methods. Check with your manufacturer before you proceed any further.

Moisture Tolerance: Many Roman shades do not react well to moisture. Make sure that you select an appropriate method for cleaning such blinds.

Protect the Hardware: When you are cleaning your shades, make sure that the hardware of the shade remains undamaged. Don’t use strong chemicals on the hardware. This is especially true for machine washing. Remove the dowels, and if possible, the strings, before you put your shades in the washing machine.

How to Clean Roman Shades

Roman blinds need some careful handling. Depending on the fabric design and style, you will have to select your maintenance method accordingly.

Vacuum: If you have a regular printed Roman shade, you can use the brush attachment or a handheld vacuum cleaner to give it a thorough cleaning once every fortnight. However, if your windows face a busy street or any environment where dust are common, you might need to clean your shades twice a week.
Vacuum cleaning is the best solution for regular cleaning. You will not even have to bring the shade down for it. Just open the shade to its full length and gently move the brush across the surface in a downward motion. Pay special attention to those corners and edges, which seem to have a knack of gathering dust and debris.

Dusting is another method you might like to adopt as a regular cleaning method. Some shade fabrics come with intricate embroidery and delicate needlework. Using a vacuum cleaner on them might damage these. For such shades, you can use a light duster to give them a nice clean once a week. A feather duster or a static-fabric duster is best suited for the job.

There are some special sprays that can be used with these fabrics. An upholstery cleaner is a good option for non-washable fabrics. Once the fabric is dry use a gentle vacuum cleaner to remove the residue from the fabric.

Treat the Stain
If your fabric is washable, then life becomes a bit easy for you. It is very common for Roman shades, or any other shade for that matter, to get a stain. For stubborn stains, you need to treat the stain itself. Club soda works fine with most non-greasy stain, provided you apply it without a delay. The solution for oily stains lies in stain-removers. But do keep in mind that harsh chemicals may leave a paler spot on the area you apply it. Before trying any of these methods, check with your shade manufacturer on what they recommend.

Machine Wash
If the blind is very dirty, machine cleaning would be great. Firstly, check with your manufacturer if your shade is machine washable or not. Also, remove the dowels and if you wish, the strings.You will have to go through the process of bringing them down, but your washing machine will do the rest. Use a gentle washing liquid and give them a good soak. Use a shorter drying cycle and use a towel to soak out the excess moisture. Hang the shade back on the window and let it dry naturally.

Professional Cleaners
If your shade is not machine washable and needs a thorough cleaning, let professional cleaners take over. Some materials like silk, wool, or fiber-glass are sensitive to water and might need dry cleaning. Some stains might also need professional attention.

Cleaning Roman shades regularly and with proper care will keep them looking new for a long time, saving you the expenditure of getting new window coverings.

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