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5 Most Common Types Of Shutters For Modern Homes



When it comes to home décor, especially the window treatments, we normally go for the regular drapes, blinds, shades or curtains. Many of us even prefer delicate sheer curtains as they look and feel more amazing. But if you are looking for unique ways to protect your window, then you may consider exterior shutters as ways of adorning your windows and doors. They are perfect even if you have large sized windows.

There are multiple types of shutters for houses which you can choose from. A conventional window shutter features horizontal or vertical louvers that come set within the frame.

Let’s Look at Five Most Common Types of Shutters for Modern Homes-

  • Raised Panel Shutters- Panel shutters look very traditional and are perfect for huge mansions. You have options to choose between a raised panel, shaker panel, ogee panel, flat panel or recessed panel. Many Georgian homes prefer to have raised panel shutters. Since they are good with their insulation properties, they will keep your energy bills low. If you own a country home made in Federal, Colonial or Manor style, then we are sure that you will go for these types of shutters for houses. They are perfect if you own a home in colder regions.

Raised panel shutters became popular in 1800s and even today their charm has not diminished. The three-dimensional features of these shutters will remind you of Southern plantation architecture.

  • Louvered Shutters- You will find home owners in the US using louvered shutters. Louvers can be opened or closed in operable louver shutters or they can even be fixed at a certain angle. You can see overlapping uniform slats of wood which are normally small in size. They give a country-like look, and often are installed in homes which are located in the outskirts of the city specially farm houses and vacation houses. The size ranges from 1.25″ to 4.5″ usually, however it is up to you to make them broader.
  • Board & Batten Shutters- Board and batten shutters are a more primitive design compared to the panel shutters and louvered shutters. They are available for arch-top or square windows.

These shutters are made from individual boards joined together. All you needed to do was to just attach a row of planks (boards) lengthwise. The connector planks (battens) needed to be connected horizontally at the top and at the bottom.

  • Café Style Shutters- Cafe style shutters offer you privacy, light, and an outside view, all at the same time. These are half-height interior shutters situated at the bottom half of the window. They got the name as they were used in the cafes of France, Italy, Germany and other European countries. They are also known as half shutters. Some cafe owners prefer to cover 3/4th of the window to provide more privacy to their guests.

They are made of composite wood, natural wood or polymer. They are even perfect for high humidity rooms like kitchens and bathrooms as they allow the steam and gas to move out easily. Since in olden houses exhaust chimneys were not there, this was quite a popular design a couple of decades back. However, even in today’s modern era, many home owners prefer to use them for some of their rooms.

  • Tier-On-Tier Shutters- These shutters are made up of two shutter panels, and one sits above the other. You can open the top or bottom part of the window separately. Hence you will have complete privacy over light control and privacy. Most of the home owners prefer these types of shutters in natural hardwood material.

  • Plantation Shutters- The plantation shutters use the larger louvers which give them an elegant look which is perfect for modern homes. You can hang them comfortable in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. They are even perfect for store rooms, dens, foyer rooms and kitchens too. 2.5” to 5” wide Louvers are normally used for plantations shutters.

Let’s look at the most common types of shutters for houses:

  1. Graber Traditions Plantation Shutters- Graber Plantation Shutters are charming and come with multiple color options. The colors are very close to the natural wood colors, and look very authentic and classy. These types of window shutters for houses provide you with the ultimate control of light, temperature, noise, and privacy to make your room relaxed and more comfortable. Graber Shutters are made of premium quality wood that will give your home a smooth and finished look.

You can choose from pale pink and white shades and also dark wooden shades like Cognac 1465, Knotty Pine 1515 or Walnut 1012. Graber Traditions Plantation Shutters are perfect for sliding glass doors, arch shaped windows and doors and larger bay windows.

Plantation Wood Shutters bring an artistic, classy and aesthetic feel to your home. They are priced close to $150 for a 24×24 inch window covering. The polished finishes will give a different look to your interiors, as they are meant to be installed inside the home. Since they are made of natural woods, plantation shutters are an excellent investment which will last almost a lifetime.

  • The louvers are available in an assortment of rich colors and they will match any kind of home decor you have in mind. You can choose from the assortment of colors like Cappuccino, Honey Maple, Wheat shades, Cherry Wood, Designer White, Dover White, Espresso, Golden Oak etc. These types of shutters for houses are ideal in warm locations as keeping the shutters open will ensure the flow of natural air.

  • The natural goodness of the wood gives a soothing feeling to the interiors.

  • Supreme American woods are used in the making of these types of shutters for houses. This ensures that they will last for years together without any wear and tear.

  • If you thought installing these shutters was cumbersome, then think again. You can call our contact center and speak with the friendly specialists there who will explain the entire process of installation to you. These types of shutters for houses can fit into any window or a door of your home perfectly.
  • These types of shutters for houses are durable and eco-friendly.

  • For normal light control in your home, tilt the louvers of the shutters and enjoy the outside view. If you slant the louvers, then it can completely close the shutters and make your home completely dark. You can get ample privacy and hence these shutters are suitable even for bedrooms and media rooms.

Based on your needs, you can choose one of the above-mentioned style of shutters. They are blend very well with modern homes, especially if you have a huge house.

Maintenance of Interior Shutters-

Now since you have checked multiple websites for various types of shutters for houses, and have made up your mind to buy them for your house, the worry of cleaning and maintaining is lurking around the corner of your mind.

In order to clean or dust some of the exterior shutters, you might have to use a ladder. If those are interior shutters, then it might be easier for you to clean them. For regular cleaning, just use a vacuum cleaner and get all the dirt off the shutter slats. For thorough cleaning, if your shutter is water immersible, then you can use a hosepipe and use water to clean it. Use a mop and clean it thoroughly with some soap water. Then do not forget to wipe it with another dry sponge or cloth. It is better to clean a shutter on a sunny day so that the sun dries up the material faster and it does not catch and moulds or mildews. If your shutter is made of real wood, you would need to use a wood cleaner to properly clean it and avoid too much moisture.

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