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5 Options To Choose To Get Relaxed Roman Shades For Cheap


What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades have been around for the longest time. They have continued to weave magic in the homes and hearts of people with their simple yet elegant style, soft feminine feel and luxurious appeal. Roman shades are often regarded as a hybrid between drapes and blinds. They have the same luscious appeal and grace of fabric drapes with the functionality of blinds. Roman shades can be corded, cordless or motorized depending upon your need and of course, budget. They make a great choice of window treatment solution for any room and can up the style quotient of the living space in an instant. Made of fabric, you can choose from infinite range of colors, prints, textures and designs to suit the décor style and theme.

Relaxed Roman Shades

Roman shades come in different styles and very popular among them are relaxed Roman shades. Unlike the more traditional Roman shades that come with a straight-edge bottom, relaxed Roman shades have a curved bottom giving a softer look and feel. They help to emphasize the shape of the windows when partially woven and is one of the many reasons why people love them. Irrespective of the décor style of the house, organic, traditional or modern, relaxed Roman shades make the right fit. They are extremely versatile. Depending upon your need for privacy and light control you can also customize the shades to be made with a blackout lining.


How to get Relaxed Roman Shades for Cheaper Price?

Roman shades are superb for your homes but like most shades and blinds they can be a costly investment for your homes, particularly if you are looking to dress multiple windows. If relaxed Roman shades are what you have set your heart on but also want to keep it affordable, let us look at the various ways you can keep the cost down.

No Customization

We all loved to get customized products for our homes. These are made specifically to suit the specifications of the house. Customized blinds are preferred as they are tailor-made to fit the size and shape of the windows of your house. However, customization will always cost more. These have to be manufactured specifically for you and hence there is no bulk production. The cost of production goes up and hence the cost of the product as well. If you want to keep the cost of the relaxed Roman shades low stick to standard ready-made product. They are always cheaper and available in different varieties you will surely be able to find the one that suits your home.

Don’t be Choosy about Materials

Linen and cotton Roman shades tend to look the best. But linen and pure cotton is always more expensive. If keeping the cost if your main consideration, then opt for cheaper materials like polyester. While they are not in the same league as linen and cotton at the same time, they are not a bad choice. When chosen well, polyester fabric can look great on your Roman shades.

Lift Mechanism

Roman shades use different types of lift mechanisms for operation. you can choose from continuous loop cord system, cordless mechanism and even motorized and smart motorized lift system for your Roman shades. Motorized control or smart motorized lift mechanism are the best for your homes. These can be operated with remotes or from your smart devices. They are also safe for homes with kids and pets due to absence of cords. However, motorized control increases the cost of relaxed Roman shades by a huge amount. A regular corded system will be more economical and keep the cost within your preferred budget. You can use cord cleats to keep the cords away from the reach of pets and children.


No Lining

Adding blackout linings help to address issues like privacy and light blockage but it can also increase the cost of the shades. Blackout lining materials have their own cost and stitching them to the shade also involves an added cost. If you are looking to mount these shades in the living room or dining spaces, you can do away with the lining and also opt for a little thicker material. Dining or living spaces do not require as much light blockage as bedrooms. But if blackout functionality is a must have feature for you, don’t skimp out and get the liner as needed.

DIY Relaxed Roman Shades

If you have an artistic mind or are handy, you can even try making these Roman shades at home. It is not as difficult as it sounds but it requires a lot of patience. You can engage your family members to help you in this Do-It-Yourself project. You can save a significant amount of money by making these shades at home. There are tutorial videos available on internet which you can use to gather knowledge and an understanding and take on this challenge.

With the cost of everything around us going up in leaps and bounds we wish we could afford some things at a lower price. It will not make a dent in your savings yet make your home look new, refreshing and elegant. You can use the above tips to keep the cost of relaxed Roman shades low while enjoying their beauty and elegance.

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