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5 Outdoor Roller Blinds that Help Block Dangerous UV Rays

5 Outdoor Roller Blinds That Help Block Dangerous UV Rays

Outdoor Open Space & Challenges

If you have an outdoor open space adjoining your homes you are among the fortunate ones. An outdoor open space variously referred to as a porch or a patio can be put to varied uses. It is a place for enjoying gorgeous weather, witnessing a fascinating sunset, bonding with friends over beer and barbeque night on warm pleasant nights or simply spending some alone time with coffee and a good book. It is an opportunity to be out in the fresh air after being cooped up in the office or home the whole day. While harsh cold winter makes it impossible to spend time outside, with the onset of spring and then summer, people to get spend more and more time outside.

While it feels good to be out in the open, there are a number of challenges that are often posed by unpredictable weather and extreme climatic conditions. While summers are a sure relief after the cold cruel winter months, as the months pass by it becomes more and more difficult to stay out in the sun. As summer progresses the mercury rises as also the intensity of heat. Staying outside in the heat and being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun can be detrimental to your health and cause irritation to your eyes and body. To make your outdoor experience a memorable one and to give you necessary protection from the sun and heat we bring to you one of the best window treatments in the market, namely Roller Shades.

Outdoor Roller Shades

Roller Shades are contemporary window shades that are extremely versatile. They are made of fabrics that range from light-filtering and room-darkening to blackout materials. They have straight neat lines, classy and sophisticated and give your windows a clean elegant look. While weaving magic indoors and keep the interiors sufficiently protected, these roller shades are also available in their outdoor variant. Outdoor Roller Shades are also available to give sun protection to your outdoor space. They are well suited to make your outdoor experience pleasant and comfortable. They help filter the glares of the sun and also give much-needed protection from the harmful and damaging UV rays.

Cordless Semi-Sheer Outdoor Roller Shades

These are premium outdoor shades that are made of heavy-duty PVC woven fabric. They maintain a wrinkle-free appearance for years. They are often equipped with an aluminum valance that helps to protect the fabric when not in use. These shades are perfect for patios, pergolas or any outdoor structure as they help to block direct exposure to UV rays and sun’s heat. The best part is as these are semi-sheer shades they help to preserve your outside view. So you get to enjoy your view of the outside without facing any discomfort. So any time you wish to spend time outside, get these beauties installed and you will not regret it for a day.
Outdoor Roller Shades

Solar Powered Motorized Outdoor Roller Shades

This is another brilliant variant of Outdoor Roller Shades for your outdoor space. They come with a solar panel that helps to recharge the built-in battery pack. This gives the batteries enough power to operate the outdoor shades. These motorized shades do not operate on electricity which helps save money and is also eco-friendly. These shades come with a remote which makes operation easy. They roll up evenly and there are no tangles or uneven slats. When you want to enjoy the sun, press the button to allow the shades to retract and on hot days lower the shades to create a comfortable and pleasant ambiance inside.
Motorized Outdoor Solar Shades

Outdoor Roller Shades with Knitted Fabric

These roller shades are made of breathable and knitted fabric. These are UV stabilized materials that help to block out 95% of the harmful rays. These fabrics are heat treated which makes them resistant to heat and UV rays. They successfully help to reduce the heat, cut down the glares and perfect for your patio and other outdoor applications. The material is extremely durable and do not warp, crack, chip or peel off over a period of time. Easy to assemble and install these outdoor roller shades are safe and perfect for your family and kids.

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Bamboo Roller Blinds are another interesting window treatment for your patio pr porch. They offer the much-needed shade from the sun rays. They allow diffused light to filter through while blocking out the harmful rays and glares that cause irritation to eyes. They successfully cut out view of the outsiders and keep your family safe from the prying eyes of neighbors. They are durable and affordable. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from and easy to install. The bamboo blinds are beautiful to look at and using them to cover your porch or patio is truly creative and decorative to address your needs.
Outdoor Roller Bamboo Shades

Polyethylene Outdoor Roller Shades

These polyethylene outdoor roller shades with roller clutch mechanisms come with 80% UV blockage. The shade components are UV stabilized for outdoor use. They offer protection from UV rays and glare from the sun, reduce heat and also provide daytime privacy from peeping eyes of the neighbors. They are perfect for enjoying your outdoor experience.

Outdoor Roller Blinds can be customized to fit your outdoor applications. You can choose from a range of lift options like wand, cords, cordless and motorized. So if you have a beautiful patio and reluctant to step out because of the heat and sun’s rays, opt for these gorgeous and elegant roller shades that will make your outdoor experience a memorable and pleasant one.

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