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5 Reasons You Should Dress Your Gazebo with Outdoor Curtains or Shades


Gazebos: An Architectural Pinnacle

Gazebos are an intricate part of residential architecture. They help in getting you to come outside and relax in the open fresh air while shielding you from excess sunlight, or even in some cases, rain. Gazebos are the perfect place to hang out in spring evenings or summer afternoons. You can even bring the whole family out for a mini picnic in your gazebo or make it the drinks and grilling station at one of your pool parties. Either way, a gazebo is a fantastic addition to any home, making it all the more important to maintain.

While there are many benefits to having a gazebo, there are obviously certain minor impediments that come with it. Fortunately, you can not only correct these issues but capitalize on them to take your gazebo from ‘unique’ to ‘spectacular’. This blog post will address these problems and outdoor window treatments as a solution to them.

Reasons as to why you may have to dress your gazebo with window dressings

1. Harsh Sunlight – There is no denying that gazebos are an avenue for a beautiful view and fresh air. That being said, when the sunlight gets a little too extreme, it can cause glare and discomfort to people sitting inside. Fortunately, there are ways to counteract this without losing access to a beautiful view.

2. Exposure to UV rays – It is common knowledge that there are certain concerns with UV rays and how they can be harmful to the skin. You can obviously diminish the risk with a good amount of sunblock. However, incorporating window treatments can help you take your preventive measures a little further. One can never be too cautious and leaving it up to sunblock and other similar products needs to be supplemented with an alternative method of addressing UV rays.

3. Heat – Unlike your home, gazebos are not prone to air conditioning or a central temperature control system as they are open structures. This means that hanging out at the gazebo on a lazy summer afternoon might sound fantastic, but the prevailing heat might have other ideas. Shades and curtains with the capabilities to insulate can be perfect and can easily help you out.

4. Privacy – The fact that you want to spend some time outdoors and get some sunlight doesn’t also mean that you want to be in public purview. The constant reminder that you may or may not be being watched will eventually affect your ability to relax. Using blinds, shades and outdoor curtains can solve this issue quite well.

5. Sprucing up your gazebo – If you’re dealing with the problem of having to wonder why the gazebo, despite looking really good, might be missing something, your answer might lie in adding some décor to it. Window treatments are highly recommended because they can complement your gazebo while also have a great functional aspect attached to them as well.

Recommended Window treatments for your Gazebo

1. Sheer Curtains – Once you decide to address the aforementioned impediments and to fix them with window coverings, the immediate conflict you will face is how much of your view do you want to cover up for privacy and protection, and doesn’t too much covering defeat the purpose of having a gazebo? If you are from this particular school of thought, sheer curtains are perfect for you. The sheer fabric makes it so that it filters the sunlight and dims it to a tolerable level. The fabric is soft and can complement open wooden or concrete structures like gazebos. The fact that they are also translucent means they won’t obstruct your view but will still give you some much needed privacy.

2. Bamboo Shades – Gazebos are mostly going to be surrounded by a garden, pool or a lawn. This means that there is always an element of nature around these open structures. In order to stick with that theme, you can consider bamboo shades to give it an authentic natural look. You can even make the gazebo feel like a cabin. Added to this unique look, bamboo shades are also very useful. They are affordable, durable, block sunlight, provide privacy and help in insulation as well. They are an all-around fantastic choice that is highly recommended.

3. Exterior solar shades – Exterior solar shades are a staple for any outdoor structure. They are made out of a combination of polyester and fiberglass. They come with different levels of openness and give you multiple options from which you can choose to get the privacy and lighting that you personally prefer. These shades are made specifically for open structures like gazebos and are designed to withstand harsh temperatures, making them a worthwhile purchase.

4. Outdoor Roller Shades – Since gazebos have bigger open spaces than a home, the window treatments that cover them up will also be naturally huge. You will need a window treatment that can be handled easily despite the size and dimensions of the fabric. As an extension of this logic, outdoor roller shades are also highly recommended. They are simple and easy to use. Furthermore, they give you all the conventional qualities of exterior shades, making them a really good candidate.

5. Motorised and smart roller shades – The last thing you would want to do when your relaxing in the gazebo is to get up and adjust your shades. If you can control the shades via a remote or voice command, that would make sure the disruptions are kept to a minimal. If these shades had a smart feature, they could also operate according to a schedule, which would be made all the easier with smart home integration. These additional benefits to conventional window treatments can change the way your home functions.


Gazebos have a lot of potential and people don’t utilize them to their fullest extent because they feel like it’s impossible to use all year round. After a few years of neglect, they feel the need to revive the glory days of the gazebo and then, they get reminded of why they stopped using it in the first place. If you find the right window treatment, you can make sure none of this happens and you can tap into the full extent of your gazebo and enhance your home décor experience as well.

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