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5 Reasons You Should Get Large Slat Shutters

5 Reasons You Should Get Large Slat Shutters

A shutter comes with sound-reduction, light-control, privacy benefits, and amazing insulating properties, all rolled into one. Now add to it the beauty and elegance of the by-gone days, and you have the perfect blend of class and modern functionalities for your windows.

Natural wood or faux wood shutters, come with slats attached to frames that sit on top of the window frames. The proximity of the shutters to the window frames leaves a little gap between the frame and the window. This feature of shutters provides better insulation and light-control benefits when compared to blinds. When you wish for more light, you can open and position the shutters to let in as much light as you wish. The thick slats also preserve the privacy of the interiors, while you get to enjoy the beautiful views outside.

Other than the design, homeowners also benefit a lot from the materials of shutters. The natural wood or faux wood shutters form an excellent insulating layer on the window. As a consequence, the room remains cold in summer and hot in the winter. Other than insulation, the thick material also helps reduce the noise. Neighborhood noise is a constant source of annoyance for most modern homes. To reduce the impact of noise on your daily life, opt for hardwood shutters for your windows.

Does Shutter Size Matter?

While selecting a shutter, you will have to spend some time deciding on the shutter size. While both small and large shutters come with a range of benefits, your choice will be influenced by factors that are unique to your preferences and necessities.

What Size Will Fit My Window?
Your slat size will depend a lot on the distance between the frame and the window. Even if you have a deep recess, the slats need some distance from the window to allow the slats to open and close without any obstructions.
Each manufacturer comes with some detailed guidance about how to measure for slat size. However, if you wish to have bigger slats, select an outside mount for your shutters, which will give you ample space to fit your shutters.

How Much Light Do I Want?
If you wish to have more light in the room, select a large slat size. As the slats leave a bigger gap when open, your shutter will let in more light into the room when open. You can now enjoy the full glory of the sun on a chilly day, getting a taste of spring at the height of winter.

How Much Privacy Do I Want?
For more privacy, you need smaller gaps and dense placement of slats. So, if you wish for more privacy, go for smaller slats. However, with heightened privacy, you will also have to compromise on the view.

How Big is My Window?
The overall size of your window will also have an impact on your choice. For smaller windows, a small size would look much better. If you select a big size slat for small windows, you might end up with one or two slats, which would not look good. On the other hand, if you try to cover a large window with small shutters, you might end up with too many slats, giving your window a cluttered look.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Large Slat Shutters

Large slats are becoming more and more popular with new-age shoppers. Let’s look at five top reasons that are driving the trend.

Classic Vs Modern
Your slat size will have by decided by the type of look you are wishing for your shutter. If you have your heart set on the traditional, classic look, you might wish to go with smaller slats with a central tilt-rod. However, if you have a modern décor, complete with smart lines and neat, open spaces, you might want to accentuate that look with larger slats.

Modern houses tend to adhere to a minimalistic, clear look. As larger size slats come with a neat and uncluttered look, many homeowners prefer larger slats to smaller slats.

If you have grand, long windows, go with large slat shutters. In keeping with the long lines of the window, large slats would give your window a clean, proportionate look. The large slats will also accentuate the overall size of the window, imparting a sense of grandeur and class to your room.

If you love to have some light in your room, go for large slats. As these slats leave a bigger gap when open, they let in more light. The frequency of the slats is also less, which allows the light to slip in with more ease. Enjoy the full glory of summer and lovely spring with these large size slats. When the temperature starts climbing, just close the slats to enjoy a soothing, cool room.

Just as with light, larger slats also allow you to enjoy the view better. If your room opens up to a gorgeous view, don’t let your shutter get in the way. Enjoy the scene of sun-washed valleys or a bustling street through these large shutters, while the frame and slats work to preserve energy and prevent heat-gain. Now you can enjoy the view without having to worry about the energy costs.

If you wish to create a deep visual impact through the color scheme of the room, go for wider slats. Smaller slats look great in light colors, but when it comes to accentuating a bold and smart color, wider slats are the best.
A large-slat shutter would provide greater surface area for the colors to weave their magic. As large-slat shutters automatically add a sense of grandeur, they will automatically become the focal point of your room.
Use large-slat shutters to add charm, grace, and grandeur to your room, while you get to enjoy an abundance of light and beautiful views whenever you feel like it.

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