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5 Reasons You’ll Be Glad To Have Motorized Blinds

5 Reasons To Have Motorized Blinds

Motorized shades and blinds are some of the most useful and versatile window treatments you can find. Being able to raise and lower your blinds at the touch of a switch or a button is something that has far greater applications. Much like most of the other technology in your home, motorized shades are not just a choice, but part of a lifestyle. And we’ve even taken convenience up another notch with smart blinds, which you can adjust and time with an app on your phone. But where does one use these blinds? How would you justify having to use them in your home? The answer: You don’t need to justify a thing, it’s your home and you and you get to decide. But in case you need some convincing before you decide upon remote control shades or blinds; there are some places where having motorized blinds can be particularly convenient and advantageous.

1. Convenience in your bedroom
Unless you’re a flawless creature with perfect habits, there’s a good chance you’ll forget to close the blinds in your bedroom window. Imagine laying in your bed, ready to let your dreams take you, only to realize you haven’t closed your blinds. Now you could either grumble and get up to close your blinds, or just say you’re too tired and be woken up way too early by the sun hitting your face through the blinds you wish you had closed the previous night. A better option would be to simply touch a button by your bedside and close the electric shades, so you can enjoy a good night’s rest. Using a timer or smart blinds can enhance this experience: You’ll be able to set a time for when you want your blinds to open, letting the sun in and waking you better than any alarm clock ever could (unless you’re a heavy sleeper!). With these blinds, you also ensure privacy in your sleeping hours.

Motorized Shades for Bedroom

2. A simple yet sophisticated living room
The living room is where you can show off and relax all at once. Dazzle your guests with your convenient and sophisticated remote controlled blinds and how well it matches the rest of the colors in your home. Of course, these blinds aren’t just for showing off. With a set timer you can control the amount of sunlight in your living room even when you’re away. This helps keep your living room from fading due to over-exposure to sunlight and helps keep away the mouldiness by controlling sunlight instead of denying your living room any possible natural light.

Motorized Shades for Living Room

3. Conquer those hard-to-reach places
The technology of motorized blinds, the reason we can build smarter houses as well as put in electric blinds to handle light-control in higher places with less accessibility. Now you can install these blinds in your higher windows and your sky-light and activate them with just the push of a button.

Skylight Blinds and Shades

4. Take a Private moment
Motorized blinds and shades also come with designs that grant home-owner privacy at the touch of a button. Smart shades let you link your blinds to a schedule around when you’ll be home so your blinds will automatically open and close based on your own routine. Do you leave at 9 in the morning and come home at an exhausting 7 or 8 PM in the evening/night? Set up your routine on your blinds schedule and come home to a place that’s ready with the temperature and light-control you prefer. And if you have a smart home, motorized smart privacy blinds are an excellent option that offers a more complete privacy setting.

Google Home Window Shades

5. Anti-theft scheduling at your disposal
Going out on a vacation? Worried your alarm system may not be enough of a deterrent? Set your automatic blinds on a clock and have them open and close at regular intervals in the day. You can make this more effective with smart blinds and using a more randomized schedule that will make it look like someone is home, making it a more believable deterrent. When combined with a smart home where everything ties to your smartphone, your home will look completely lived in with opening blinds and active lights. Of course, it’s also important to have an alarm system to protect one’s home/property, but wouldn’t you prefer no one ever thought of your home as a target in the first place?

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