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5 Shades that Work Great with Hubitat Canada

5 Shades that Work Great with Hubitat Canada

What is Smart Home System?

With the world transitioning gradually towards a Smart Home system it is important to understand how it works. Within a matter of few years, Smart Home is believed to become a part of every home. The convenience, ease of operation and time-saving properties of Smart Home is fast gaining popularity with homeowners and many others are expressing a strong affinity for an automated home system. So let us gain some clarity on their functionality.
You may have bought a smart bulb or a smart window treatment for your home and these can be operated independently through apps downloaded on your tablets or Smart Phones. This works well if you have one or two Smart appliances in the house. However, if you have multiple devices bought from multiple manufacturers then it becomes complicated as each will have a separate app and you will have to toggle between them to operate the devices. This will not make your Smart Home experience a hassle-free or enjoyable one. This is where a Smart Hub comes into play.

What Smart Home Hub?

A Smart Hub may be defined as a “gadget that connects the Internet of Things (IoT) devices within your home. Many hubs use Zigbee or Z-Wave protocol, which operates via wireless radio frequencies (RF) to create a mesh network of devices that can communicate with each other and with your mobile device.” This implies that all your Smart appliances will operate with the same frequency as your Smart Hub. And through a single Smart Hub you can control all your devices. Smart Hubs operate through the Wi-Fi network of your house.

You may ask whether your home needs a Smart Hub at all. If your devices or appliances are controlled using your home’s Wi-Fi network, a hub may not be required as they use the same protocol. You can operate through apps like IFTTT, a free platform allowing you to connect the different apps. If you have smart devices from the same manufacturer they may use a proprietary hub to operate. However, if you have multiple devices from different manufacturers then a stronger and more versatile hub is needed to control them through one single app. Some of the popular Smart Home hubs that you may use for your homes are Samsung SmartThings Hub, Amazon Echo Plus, Google Nest, Apple Homepod, Hubitat Elevation, etc. Most of them work with Zigbee or Z-Wave protocol or both, while others have their own proprietary language.

Hubitat Elevation Smart Hub

Hubitat Elevation C-7 Hub is a popularly used hub in Canada. They work with Zigbee, Z-Wave, IFTTT, Wi-Fi etc. The Hubitat Elevation itself is small but is capable of both Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. It needs to be wired to your internet in order to function.

Shades that Work with Hubitat Smart Hub

If you have a Hubitat Smart Hub in your house and are planning to get yourself new Smart motorized window treatments, you may want to know which ones will be compatible with the existing hub. This will make integration easier. ZebraBlinds brings to you a range of Smart Shades and blinds that use Z-Wave protocol to operate and as Hubitat works is compatible with Z-Wave we will list some of the shades you can choose.

Blackout Z-Wave Motorized Ultimate Graber Roller Shades

These are a brilliant pair of shades from your favorite blinds and shades manufacturer, Graber. Roller Shades as we know are among the most versatile window treatments in the market. They are sleek, smart and elegant and blend well in a contemporary or minimalist home. They consist of a single fabric layer and you can choose from different colors and textures to suit your style. Blackout Roller Shades are a fantastic choice for rooms where you need complete light blockages like bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms. The smart motorized control of the shades make them easy to operate from any part of the house using remotes or from your Smart Phones even when you are not at home. They are perfect for large windows or high-to-reach windows. They work with Z-Wave and can be controlled through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Graber Mezzanine Smart Z-Wave Layered Zebra Sheer Shades

These are absolute stunners for your homes. The layered Zebra Sheer Shades come in different colors and help create a magical ambiance inside the room. They allow natural light to pour in but reduce the glare. The light control depends upon the fabric chosen for the shades. When shades are fully closed, the translucent fabric offers privacy from prying eyes. When the stripes are aligned to open, you can see through the sheer stripes. Made by Graber these Smart motorized shades can be controlled remotely without hassle. They work with Z-wave and also with home assistants. Enhance the luxurious appeal of your homes with these beautiful shades.

Smart Motorized Z-Wave Cellular Honeycomb Shades

If you are looking to enhance the insulating properties of your windows opt for these Smart Motorized Cellular Shades. The shades are designed to trap heat that prevents warm air from escaping the rooms during the cold winter months. This allows the heaters to operate without consuming too much energy and help maintain a favorable and pleasant temperature inside the house. The smart motorized control allows you to control the shades remotely from any part of the world through your Smart Phones. They are compatible with home assistants and with Z-wave hub. A compatible Z-wave hub that supports different rules is all that is needed to operate these shades.

Smart Motorized Z-wave Dual Shades

As the name suggests these motorized shades incorporate two different types of fabrics in one shade. They are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures and fabric options including room darkening and blackout features. They consist of roller and solar shades providing excellent control over privacy and light. The blackout roller shade will help to block out light completely while the solar shades can be chosen in different degrees of openness which help to preserve your view and also allows some amount of light to stream through with reduced glare and UV rays. These shades can be remotely controlled and are Z-Wave compatible.

Smart Motorized Z-Wave Roman Shades

Roman Shades are timeless classic beauties. They have been around for as long as we can remember. They have the luxurious appeal of drapes with the functionality of a blind. They create a stunning look in your house and are quite unparalleled in beauty. The motorization of Roman shades allow you ease of operation and the smart feature allows you to control them remotely from anywhere. They come with a Z-wave remote with an option to choose an additional multi-channel remote which lets you control large wall of windows, or tall hard-to-reach windows individually or in the group.
All these shades can be controlled using a Hubitat Smart Hub as they are all Z-wave compatible. Opt for any of these and enjoy the hassle-free experience of automated window treatment solutions.

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