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5 Simple Ways To Use Window Pelmets To Add A Dramatic Flair To Your Decor

5 Simple Ways To Use Window Pelmets To Add A Dramatic Flair To Your Decor

What are Window Pelmets?

A pelmet is a flat fixture or frame that is installed above a window. The use of a pelmet is to hide the curtain rods and add some design to the room and windows. They are decorative accessories that can enhance the look of a room in an instant. Another key feature of pelmets is that they insulate the window, trapping heat within and ensuring warm room temperature. This, in turn, benefits users from not having to incur expenses on energy to induce artificial warm temperatures.

A pelmet is usually fashioned out of timber and plywood. Users have a choice on whether they want to cover the pelmet with a cloth or have it painted. Many historic structures sport pelmets above their windows as a decorative accessory. Pelmets have also evolved to adapt to the modern demands of style and aesthetics to rooms. Pelmets can be made out of any leftover wood which can also be decorated and designed.

How Do Pelmets Act as Insulators?

The fact that pelmets are considered to be a fashionable addition to windows tends to overshadow the unique ability of these pieces to be good insulators. Their function as regulators of temperature is simplistic, but also very effective.

It is fairly common knowledge that hot air tends to rise and rest above the cold air. In homes, the heating systems and thermostats regulate the temperature from the origin point of the said hot air. Slowly the hot air begins to rise above as the cold air occupies the bottom. Eventually, when the hot air reaches the top of the windows, it begins to cool down. As we know, this cool air starts descending to the bottom. As the cool air falls, it pulls additional air behind it, causing the rest of the air to cool as well. This causes a cycle that repeats and forms a thermal current. Hot air is pushed to the top, becomes cold and moves back down and so on.

A pelmet becomes a barrier to the flow of air. The air behind the curtain is relatively cold and the curtain shuts this air out. However, as a very minute amount of air is reaching the top of the curtain, the cycle is effectively stopped, resulting in a warmer temperature of the room.
Window Pelmets

What Are The Ways in Which Pelmets Can Be Used to Change the Look and Style of a Room?

There are many ways in which one can treat their pelmets. All pelmets help in insulating rooms and saving on money that otherwise would have been spent on energy. However, not all pelmets suit the aesthetic of the room and supplement the ambiance of the room. With a little bit of planning, it will be very easy to dress up pelmets in a fashionable way.

1. The conventional look – Pelmets have been featured in buildings having historic significance. That doesn’t mean the conventional method of treatment borrowed from these buildings will not look appealing in modern times. The sleek plywood and timber can go very well with the rest of the room under the right circumstances. That would depend on the color of the walls and whether the pelmet matches the furniture. It can be especially good looking in winter cabins where plywood and timber pelmets without any additional design will fit the aesthetic of such cabins. It also makes perfect sense to have a pelmet in places where people stay during the winter.

2. Giving it a modern approach – People can have their own take on the classic pelmets and give them a makeover. This can happen in many different ways. First off, a pelmet need not necessarily come in its usual rectangular shape. As long it does not compromise on its ability to insulate, they can come in different shapes. People can pick whichever shape fits their aesthetic. For example, pelmets with the inverted triangle pattern shapes have been quite trendy. A dome-shaped one can work really well too. Another modern approach is giving pelmets a coating of paint to match the color of the walls. They can be painted in a color that contrasts to the color of the walls as well. For instance, the white walls in contrast to black pelmets can work wonders.

3. Covering up the pelmets with fabric – Adding some fabric to the pelmets as a coating as opposed to paint has certain benefits of its own. Firstly, it helps in repelling dust from the surface of the pelmet as it will get retained on the fabric (depending on the type of fabric). The fabric can be washed when the curtains under the pelmet are washed as well. Secondly, the fabric can be changed periodically to match the curtains whenever the curtains are changed as well. The fabric can be anything from cotton, wool to polyester. They can even be the same fabric as the curtains themselves. The fabric can be a source of goofy elements in bedrooms and playrooms of children. Attaching the fabric onto the pelmets and changing them from time to time takes lesser effort than painting over them. This is a really good option for those who want to constantly keep changing the look of their rooms. The simplicity of the addition of the fabric along with the benefits is a highly recommended method of modeling pelmets.

4. Building on top of the pelmets – A totally different point of view regarding the treatment of pelmets is building extensions upon them. These can be used as shelves for keeping books, potted plants, accessories etc. Essentially, they act as storage units as well as insulators. This can work especially well in the study and kitchens. Books or kitchen appliances can be kept on these shelves. Moreover, it gives a very urban vibe to the room. It takes the management of space to a whole new level. People having problems with too many things to keep and not having an efficient way to store them now probably have a really good alternative. There are some things to keep in mind though. Firstly, the pelmet should have the strength to support the shelf. Understanding how much weight it can support is important. Secondly, if the pelmet is too high up, it is important to store things that the occupants would not use often. Reaching up for these items each time can be problematic.

5. Getting the half pelmet – A half pelmet or a partial one is where the pelmet doesn’t cover the entire breadth of the window but only half of it. It is also possible to get other sizes. People can choose to cover One-fourth or three-quarters to the breadth of the window. This is amongst some of the latest trends for pelmets. The intention behind this is that people want to have pelmets, but at the same time also want to expose their curtain rod as they feel it adds to the beauty of the beholder’s viewing experience. With pelmets such as these, it is possible to see both the pelmet itself and the curtain rod.
You can choose whichever style suits you the best. Pelmets have continued to enjoy popularity among homeowners. However, they reinvented themselves for a period of time. They have become more sleek and elegant. The design is modern and contemporary and does well with the minimalist decor of most households.

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