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5 Spring Makeover Tips For Your Kitchen

5 Spring Makeover Tips For Your Kitchen

Spring season is upon us! Snow has started melting on the green grass. Days are getting longer and warmer. Pink lilacs, red tulips, yellow daffodils, and purple–blue hyacinths are blooming outside your window. You are sitting on your dining table in a kitchen, enjoying freshly brewed coffee with your loved ones NOT being able to enjoy the gorgeous view due to inappropriate kitchen window treatments. But don’t worry! With sheer kitchen window treatments, you can now liven up with your kitchen to replicate and invite in the changing seasons into your home. So, while welcoming spring sunshine into our homes, let’s talk about 5 spring makeover tips for your kitchen.

1. Classic wooden touch

  • Faux wood blinds and shutters

Nothing feels like spring more than a touch of natural elements in the kitchen. Shutters made from wood can be installed right over the sink to maintain privacy, and blinds can be installed on kitchen windows to maintain daylight. You can of course dress up your windows as per your kitchen requirements. Faux wood is known for durability as it can withstand the damage caused by water stains, dirt, and regular kitchen grease. Both faux wood blinds and shutters can be cleaned with a damp cloth that doesn’t distort its shape or colour. Along giving with a spring-like feel, faux wood gives a creative touch and an overall sophisticated façade to your kitchen. The latest faux wood shutters are durable so as they do not warp, crack, chip, fade, or peel, despite the heat and moisture. They can also be painted in multiple colours contrasting or matching the rest of the décor to maintain consistency in the theme of the house or kitchen premises.

  • Woven wood shades

Made from natural materials, including bamboo, jute, reeds, and grass, woven wooden shades will literally keep the fresh, warm, spring-like feeling alive throughout the year. If you wish to soften the bright sunlight directly entering your kitchen, or mellow down the shiny metallic look of stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, your best bet is none other than woven wood shades. These shades are crafted particularly to minimize fading, braking, bowing, and stretching. The shades can be installed alone or in combination with a room-darkening liner, which enhances privacy as well as creates a gorgeous contrast with natural fibers on the shade.

2. Light control and sun protection

  • Blackout shades

If you are one of those people who enjoy artificial lighting and extreme privacy in their kitchen, then the most crucial window treatment you need is blackout shades. They all of the sunlight entering your kitchen and they prevent outsiders from seeing what is inside your house. You can also let your imagination and creativity run wild as you decorate the kitchen as you like it with artificial lights.

  • Opaque blinds

But if you don’t want complete darkness yet need privacy, then go for opaque blinds. These types of blinds filter out excess glare and soften bright daylight entering your kitchen. Choose the right colour and design that either complements or contrasts your kitchen décor. Install the blinds over the sink for a perfect look and optimum lighting that will revive the overall the look of your kitchen.

  • Solar shades

If you are installing blackout shades and opaque blinds, then you have to keep in mind that they require a bit of maintenance and timely cleaning. If you are not keen on the maintenance, go for completely hassle-free solar shades. Considering their easy-to-clean feature, you can just wipe and shine them with a damp cloth. They give a tinge of a modern façade to your kitchen, keep out the glare, and let you indulge in an outside view while cooking or enjoying meals.

  • Cellular honeycomb shades

Apart from achieving light control and sun protection, if you are concerned about energy conservation, then look no further than Cellular honeycomb shades. They are the right solution for you by providing an extra layer of insulation, and they will help you curb your energy consumption and maximize energy efficiency throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer. With this feature, you can easily control the temperature in your kitchen while cooking and dining as the shades occlude nearly 75% of UV rays. Available in variety of fabrics, colours, textures, pleat sizes, and opacities, these shades are designed to complement any kitchen décor. The fabric used is often moisture-resistant, and does not allow the settling of grease stains, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth, warm water, and mild detergent. You can also combine two fabrics on one shade for optimal light control and energy conservation.

3. Modern touch

  • Roman shades

For a modern look, get rid of your traditional window treatments and install Roman shades! This classy and elegant substitute brings out a crisp, fresh, and vibrant vibe to your kitchen, especially when combined with chic drapery. Considering today’s modernized, white, lustrous kitchens, Roman shades are a fantastic choice that highlight the neutral palette and texture. These are available in a wide spectrum of fabrics and in hardware often wrapped in fabrics. Choose a fabric and colour palette that contrasts and matches the kitchen décor. Combine the shades with a room-darkening panel for a clean, aesthetic appearance.

  • Vintage and plantation shutters

Although a classic design, vintage shutters and plantation shutters still manage to modernize your kitchen in a stylish way. Available in various patterns and louvre sizes, these shutters can be used to cover half or full windows. You can customize the shutters to widen or shorten the slat gaps per your window design and convenience. Shutters covering only half or the bottom part of the window let in optimum light while maintaining your privacy. Popular since the colonial era, vintage and plantation shutters make your kitchen look trendy.

  • Roller shades

If you have a trendy kitchen with a breakfast nook and island bar with an intimate dining room at one side, then you can decorate your kitchen windows with roller shades to spice up the surroundings. Available in plethora of fabrics, other materials, colours, textures, and patterns, roller shades can be installed to fit every window size. They can be easily rolled into a frame to enhance overall setting of the kitchen, outside view, and sunlight.

4. Retain the view

  • Sheer shadings

Unique sheer blinds are crafted using horizontal vanes that are suspended in between two sheers of fabric. They are designed to blend the functionality of authentic blinds with richness of sheer fabrics. Sheer shadings seamlessly transform direct harsh sunlight into a warm peaceful glow, which soothes over the glow of shining kitchen platform or floors. Sheer shadings are known for their graceful lineated fabric vanes that open and shut with single sheer backing approach.

  • Vertical blinds

If you want to maintain a traditional look along with proper privacy in your kitchen, then vertical blinds are a great option. Due to their functionality and versatility, vertical blinds work like a sheer kitchen window treatment. They are available in variety of colours and textures to highlight your kitchen interiors. Their elegant design allows the slats of the blinds to be adjusted at different angles for receiving the proper amount of light and having a great view, all the while maintaining privacy.

4. Try something new this season

  • Window films

If you have small windows in your kitchen, then it is finally time to try something new. Use a window film that gives a similar look to etched glass to make the most out of it. Window films can be installed to cover the entire window, or half of it. Window films available in opaque square-like texture maintain privacy by covering bottom of the window, whereas you can still enjoy the outdoors through the upper half. You can choose any film design, such as single, obscure, or colourful, from the available variety that suits your kitchen décor. If it’s a duct window with no outside view, then opt for frosted or a motif texture for enhancing the look.

  • Curtain awnings

Curtain awnings are known for gracefully finishing up your kitchen windows halfway through at the top. When you compare curtain awnings with traditional curtains, these are bound to be more space-efficient and practical for kitchen use. Often designed exclusively for sheer kitchen window treatments, they add cheerful zest to your plain kitchen surroundings. The most commonly installed curtain awning patterns that bring in the gleeful spring season is the bistro-textured, fabric-made awning with strips. When installed over the sink, it prevents sunlight from hitting your eyes directly.

  • A pretty shelf

Just place a simple shelf above, under, or next to your kitchen window. Select a colour, texture, length, and width that complement the theme of the kitchen décor. You can at any time populate the shelf with potted plants blooming with seasonal flowers and make a stylish throw.

Cooking or no cooking, we will surely love to spend time with our loved ones in this floral dining area. This gala time won’t be possible without sheer kitchen window treatments, which lets you enjoy sunshine, breeze, and changing seasons.

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