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5 Stunning Pink Blinds for the Summer Season

5 Stunning Pink Blinds for the Summer Season

This summer lets redefine pink! Pink has always found it hard to make its way into the living areas of the house. Mostly restricted to girl’s bedrooms and boudoir décor, pink has always been considered too risky for creating a modern and smart look. But home décor is all about being creative, to mix the unlikely with the mundane, and come up with something unique. With a bit of clever design and some smart accessories, you will be totally able to create a stunning summer look for your house with pink.

A modern rendering of pink has rediscovered subtle ways of introducing these beautiful colors to create styles that are both modern and chic. Some spicy design ideas are given here you to try out this summer.

Experimenting with Pink as a Decor Color

Go Metallic with Pink
Make use of the ultimate contrast of pink and metal to add a masculine aura to your room. Copper, silver, gold, bronze – you name it, and you can have it. No matter how dark the metal is, if you pair it with soft pink, the effect is balanced, matured, and refreshing. Use plush cushions and rugs to add some soft edges to the metallic tone.

Pair it with Wood
Wood and pink are an unlikely pair but can be just the look you are looking for this summer. The earthen tones of wood add a roughed tone to the soft feminine touch of pink on the walls. To complement the look, make use of soft furnishings, fabric sofas, and fresh flowers to unleash the full flavor of summer into the room.

Hot Pink with Stoic Grey
Summer is all about getting rid of grey. But grey can be a worthy companion when paired with hot pink. To highlight the contrast, paint the walls white and add a scattering of hot pink accessories and big splashes of grey in form of furniture and accessories. While the pink captures all the attention, grey creates a soothing atmosphere.

Make Pink the Focal Point
Just use pink once, and see how it turns out! For a lasting impact, use pink on a piece of furniture or the rug, so that a single-use is enough to dominate the room. Support the look by creating a backdrop of soft, glowing whites.
Pink Roller Blinds

Pink Window Treatments

Pink Blinds that Might do the Trick

As windows are the primary source of light, you can use pink blinds to add pink to the room. Blinds, with varied light-filtering capabilities, can add that extra touch needed to take your room from stunning to spectacular.

Printed Roller Blinds

The first option that comes to mind is roller blinds. The sheer variety of textures, patterns and designs available with roller blinds is mindboggling. If you are looking for a pink print, roller blinds can be your one-stop-solution. Along with a beautiful print, you can include features like blackout, heat-resistant, and sound blocking features with your roller blinds. These blinds are great for privacy and super-easy to fix. Match the print with cushions and throws, and you will have a new summer look with minimum expenditure.

Vertical Blinds

If you go for pink vertical blinds, they are automatically going to steal the show. Vertical blinds have the unique capability to make the room look tall and wide. Their larger slats allow loads of light in, and you get the flexibility to adjust the slats to have total control over the direction and amount of light reaching your interiors. With pink vertical blinds, you sure will create an impression, even when you keep the décor to the minimum.
Light Filtering Vertical Cellular Shades

Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds, also known as vision blinds, will offer you optimum flexibility when it comes to light control and privacy. Day and night blinds are made of two fabrics; the first one consists of an opaque solar shade, while the second one has slats like venetian blinds. It operates like a solar shade, which is why it is often called a cross between the roller and venetian blinds.

Their unique design enables you to adjust the amount of light that flows into the room. For maximum exposure, keep the slats in the open position. To cut of light completely and for total privacy, close the slats, just like you would in a venetian blind.

With day and night blinds, you have the option of selecting pink slats against a white or light background or different colored slats against a light pink background. Whatever is your choice, you will definitely make a style statement with these blinds.

Pink Venetian Blinds

Pink venetian blinds will be a practical choice. These simple, yet durable blinds can be ideal for those windows that get high exposure to moisture and sun. As Venetian blinds can be made-to-fit any window size, they are the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom windows. The slats allow you to filter light and provides ample privacy. These sleek blinds would instantly uplift the mood of the room, adding smooth color and dimension to your room.

Pink Perfect Fit Blinds

If you want a clutter-free pink look for your doors and windows, go for pink perfect fit blinds. Their best feature is that these blinds can be installed without any drilling or permanent damage to the window frames. So, if you are looking to put up some window dressing just for the season, perfect fit blinds are the ones to go for. Their brilliant design ensures that they fit perfectly on the frames, leaving a very little gap. This gives the windows a neat and tidy look, a perfect solution for small rooms.

These blinds are available in venetian, pleated, or roller blind option so that you don’t have to compromise on the style, while you get all the benefits of these perfect summer blinds.
Of, course these are just some examples of popular summer blinds. In fact, there is plenty out there to fire up your artistic flair. This summer, reimagine pink with these amazing blinds and craft a stunning new look for your lovely home.

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