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5 Things to Look Out for When Customizing Looped Roman Shades

Customizing Looped Roman Shades

Window treatment products add a fun edge to the home interiors besides protecting them from the heat and glare. Window shades, blinds, shutters and other window coverings have been available in all kinds of shades and styles. But, getting something customized to match up to your expectations, is very special and makes the shade certainly irreplaceable. Custom shades will have a stamp of your personal style and preferences. Moreover, customized shades fit your windows and doors more snuggly and blend in with the color scheme of the interiors of your house. Custom drapery has a lot of style and drama when compared to the regular options. But before going ahead with custom shades, you should also aware of your priorities, the features you want and the styling that will suit the interiors in your house.

The Elegant and Classic Roman Shades

Roman shades have been around for ages and are one of the most preferred varieties of shades you find in households. These shades lend themselves perfectly well to customizations and there is plenty of scope for the same too. Roman shades look gorgeous and blend in with any kind of home décor. Even if you change the interiors around these shades, they still manage to look the part.
Looped Roman Shades

What makes Custom Roman Shades Great?

While Roman shades make for some of the best looking window coverings, many other things are going for them. The looks matter but that is not everything. Let us look at the advantages that Roman shades have over other shades and blinds:

• Versatility: The Roman shades are highly versatile and can be used in almost any room. These shades provide good insulation, light-filtration and are homely enough to be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. At the same time, the Roman shades have a clean and somber look which makes them ideal for professional spaces such as the offices and the conference rooms. This versatility saves you the hassle of picking specialized shades for each individual space in your home.

• Ideal for tight spaces and oddly-shaped windows: Roman shades don’t take up a lot of space and hence these shades are ideal for windows that are in tight spaces or in cases where there is some furniture or other kinds of clutter around the windows. If the windows are oddly-shaped or in hard-to-reach spots, the Roman shades are perfect.

• Use of natural material: These days, shades are made from all kinds of material but nothing can replace the natural fabrics. These create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the room. The benefit of having custom Roman shades is that you can choose the fabric that you want. Depending on which room the shades are going to be installed in, you can opt for light fabrics or blackout fabrics.

• Better heat and light control: With the Roman shades, you get better insulation against the outside heat and also get greater control over the degree of light-filtration that you want. These also block harmful UV radiation and protects you and the furniture in your house from its ill-effects. The temperature inside the house becomes much more comfortable and the natural linen used in the shades ensures the air is fresh and pleasing.

• Cost-effectiveness: The use of natural fabric and minimum components ensures that the Roman shades are cheaper when compared to heavier drapery. Custom solutions also minimize any chance of wastage or undue expenses. You get exactly what you want or need with no unwanted or expensive additions. Moreover, by keeping the air cool inside the house, it also assists the air-conditioning system inside the house in performing more efficiently. This saves you money on your energy bills.

• Better privacy: Custom roman shades allow you to have a customizable fabric lining through which you can achieve the level of blackout that you want for your specific rooms. You can go for a thin lining our a lighter shade if you want to let the light enter inside your house or you can opt for thicker or darker lining in case you want to block more light for better privacy. Bedrooms and bathrooms are very private spaces and blackout fabric will be great for them. Similarly, you want your living area to be a bit brighter and you may also want to enjoy the outside view. Lighter or thinner linings will be suitable for such scenarios.

• Easy maintenance: Roman shades, in general, are not that demanding as far as maintenance is concerned. You can clean the shades with a basic brush or you can vacuum them. Easy cleaning and maintenance is always a great plus point to have.

• Operability: With custom Roman shades you get to choose the operation mechanism. You can replace the pull cords which hang loose and pose a safety hazard with a looped mechanism. However, you need to ensure that the loop is not loose and is beyond the reach of children and pets alike. With this taken care of, it will vastly improve the security and operability of the shades.
Blackout Roman Window Shades

Customizing Looped Roman Shades: Things You Should Look Out for

Customized looped Roman shades are great options for your home décor as well as for keeping the interiors of the house comfortable. Custom options provide unmatched flexibility and control over every aspect of these shades. However, you need to keep a few things in mind while you are customizing the Roman shades or are contemplating the same. Let us look at them in greater detail:

• Styling is the key: When going ahead with any kind of customization, you need to be aware of what you want the customization to achieve. Hence, you need to decide if you want the Roman shades to be fancy or to be a bit more subdued. If you want them to look fancy, you need to pick components including the fabric which have a fun twist to them. A beautiful mounting mechanism, artistic prints on the lining are some of the options you can look at.

• Consider the overall home décor: Before deciding the look, shade or styling of the custom shades, spare some time to analyze the design principle followed in the rest of the room. If the room has too many things going on with vibrant color schemes and motifs, you will be better off by keeping the shades simpler. This will balance out the décor otherwise it will look like a chaotic mix. On the other hand, if the room is a bit too plain in its décor, go with bright or big prints on the Roman shades as these will become the focal point in the room. This will again, provide a perfect balance of pop against subdued overalls.

• Hiding the mounting mechanism: When customizing the shades, you need to ensure that you can hide the mounting mechanism well without jeopardizing the overall look of the Roman shades. You can take the help of back or front valances depending on whether the mounting mechanism is on the front of the shades or at the back.

• Choice of fabric: Depending on the room in which you are going to install the customized Roman shades and specific expectations that you want these shades to meet, you can choose the kind of fabric. For living areas, lighter or thinner fabric lining will be preferable while for more private spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. you need blackout or thicker lining which can better protect your privacy. You can pick either of them or instead, opt for a combination of the two with dual-layered lining.

• Secure the looped mechanism: Replacing pull cords with the looped mechanism is better and a much safer option. However, you need to ensure that it is secured, the looped cord is not loose and away from the reach of the children. You can use a looped cord guide and secure the same with cleats. This will help eliminate the risk factor to a large extent.

Roman shades are highly customizable and always a great option for all kinds of household. Great looks, affordability, effective insulation against the heat, good control over light-filtration and other such benefits explain why the craze for such customized window treatments has continued to rise. Roman shades are versatile and can surely match the specific expectations you have for shades in your house.

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