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5 Things To Add To Your Home Office For High Work Productivity


The year 2020 was a watershed in the contemporary history of humankind. It is o because it is in this year that life came to a standstill due Covid 19 virus. With the uncontrolled spread of the virus, the pandemic affected every walk of life. Bee it public or private sector, all were locked down to contain the virus. It introduced the masse to working from home, which created the need to have a work homeoffice.  Working online from home has its share of advantages, but one of the biggest challenges is maintaining high levels of professional productivity. It is so because the office environment is very competitive and people remain motivated to give their best. But when sitting at home, one can be disheartened and dejected, which negatively affects our productivity. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce and incorporate things and procedures to increase productivity while working from home.

What Prompts Productivity in You?

It is the central question that has to be answered before one decides to set up a homeoffice. But, of course, it is subjective and will vary from person to person. For example, it might be a function of achieving their goals for some people, while satisfaction is derived from doing a particular thing for others. Still, others might get that productivity kick by being in a clutter-free environment, whereas some are at their productive mess in a great big lot. Therefore, it is a very personal and individual matter, but an important one, which decides the location, appearance and overall theme of the work home-office.

5 things to add to your home office for high work productivity

Some of the things which can be incorporated in the work home-office to increase productivity are as under:

  1. Window Treatments in Home Office for  Enhanced Productivity:

Window treatments are an essential component of any home office. It is so because choosing the correct one can control the amount of sunlight entering the room and create a specific look and feel in the home office.

  Following are some of the ways in which the window treatments can help one enhance productivity:

  • Solar Blinds for Effective Lighting in the Home Office:

Through window treatments, one can get the desired amount of lighting in the home office, which increases the productivity of an individual. As per a survey done by the American Society of Interior Design, “68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices”. Almost similar is the case with home offices. It is so because they are situated in our homes which are not designed and structured specifically to be used as offices. In such a scenario, only window treatments like blinds, shades, and curtains can provide us with the requisite mix of natural and artificial light to increase productivity. Solar blinds, which allow some sunlight to enter the room, is the best choice for the home office. The automatic option saves the time to operate the shade. Further, it gives good sunlight protection without depriving one of it completely.

  • Double Roller Blinds for Reduction of Glare in Home Offices:

Through effective window treatments, the uncomfortable glare of the sun can be reduced quite a lot which can potentially increase one’s productivity. Reduced glare also has the advantage that eyes are no longer strained, which can help an individual work for longer hours. In the same vein, constant glow falling on the computer screen will make it very tough to work. In such a scenario, a double roller blind fits the bill. It can block the glare during the day without disrupting the view.

  • Cellular Blinds for Maintaining a Comfortable Temperature in Home Offices:

Window treatments go a long way in maintaining a comfortable temperature in home offices. In summers, when the temperatures become very high, window treatments can provide good insulation and can ensure a cool atmosphere in the home office. Thus, in turn,it makes it easier for the owner to give their best professionally. Cellular shades are the best in business as they trap the air in the honeycomb structure and does not allow the exchange of air from the inside to outside and vice versa.

  • Venetian Blinds for Increased privacy in Home Office:

Window treatments can ensure the desired amount of privacy to the owner. It becomes imperative to have privacy, especially in a home office, because professionalism can’t be attained without it. Furthermore, there are chances of distraction if the family members can easily see what the person is doing in the home office. Therefore, Venetian blinds can provide one the desired privacy to work professionally from the home office.

2. Plants in Home Office for Enhanced Productivity:

After ensuring the requite sunlight control and adequate privacy, the next thing that a person can do to enhance productivity in his home office is to decorate it with some plant. They make the office visually more appealing and create a healthy and vibrant atmosphere. Traditionally plants have been considered one of the best ways to change the negative vibrations to positive ones, and they help the person remain upbeat even in tough times. Much more importantly, plants help people to calm their nerves and concentrate on the matter at hand. This enhances the productivity of the owner. They also help the owner to rid himself of anxieties, stresses and tensions, both personal and professional, which allows him to perform well in all areas of life.  One of the proven advantages of having plants in the home office is that they help reduce dust and bacteria in the office space and spread clean air.

3. Declutter the Home office Space to Increase Productivity:

One should try to identify the things which are required to do the daily professional work. Anything else is a potential distraction and can be dubbed as clutter. To increase productivity one I advised to get rid of the clutter from the home office. Even if the owner loves to own many things, there will still be some things in the office space, which will be of no value. Such items should be dispensed with. It has been observed that most people working in a disorganised office areprone to anxiety and stress. To increase productivity, try to get the home office organised. If one believes in minimalism, then there is no harm in having just the bare minimum required stuff in the home office to increase productivity.

4. Boundary Setting to Reduce Distractions and Increase Productivity:

One of the biggest challenges that the student faced was creating a specific place to do the office work. In the absence of a specific home office, people try to manage the job from any place they get. Such an approach never lets a person be a true professional, and ultimately the productivity starts to drop. One of the best ways to enhance work productivity is to have a dedicated office space wherein no one should disturb you. It might be tough initially because even the family members are habitual of roaming around. So boundary setting to create a home office is a significant step. Suppose the designated room has a big window through which one can be seen working. In that case, they should be covered with a suitable window treatment to have the perfect working environment to give one’s best professionally.

5. Set Regular Work Hours:

To set regular working hours is one of the most important things that a person can do to increase work productivity. While working from home, sometimes,a person is tempted to adjust the working hours because of familial constraints. It is a sure shot remedy to reduce productivity. One should not treat work from home as a paid holiday. Thus, a person should follow the routine as s/he followed before lockdown and give the requisite number of hours to maintain professional productivity.

In the current scenario, it becomes crucial to opt for practices that can increase work productivity when most of us have to work from home. Productivity can be increased by creating a comfortable home environment by using the appropriate window treatment. In addition to it, one can add plants, try to declutter, have a designated place for home office and follow set working hours to increase work productivity. In the absence of these things, a person will be easily distracted and can be a victim of stress, anxiety and tension. These things, if incorporated will create a healthy and comfortable home office environment, which will increase the work productivity of the owner manifold.

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