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5 Things to Consider While Buying Discount Blinds


Why Stores Give Discounts

Almost all companies and brands choose a particular time of the year when they offer handsome discounts on their wares. Clothes, shoes, bags, home decor, furniture etc. are made available at a cheaper price than usual. Lower price tags do not mean companies are incurring losses. It is their way of increasing sales by attracting customers. Most often than not discounting items enable stores to free up room and making space for new arrivals and products. They have to find ways to dispose of the existing older stuff so that new products can hit the market. Buyers have displayed a love for discounted stuff over the years as they feel that they have got what they needed at a price less than they expected. With the same amount of money, they can now buy more stuff thereby increasing their purchasing power. Buyers love discounts and stores survive on this mentality to clean up their old stock.

Buyers Must Be Cautious

Buyers however must display caution. It is easy to get seduced and lured by big discounts. Decide whether you actually need it or buying it simply because it is cheap. Advertisers and marketers have one goal and that is to make us spend. We are not discouraging you from investing in discounted items but good sense should prevail so that you can take an informed decision and buy the product only after you have weighed the pros and cons and not only because you believe you are making a profit by buying for cheap.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Discounted Blinds

Stores selling blinds and shades, offline and online, resort to a similar practice. They offer significant discounts and sometimes it becomes difficult to resist. It lulls you into thinking that you are doing a great job of saving money but it may not always be the case. Let us see what tips to keep in mind when buying discounted blinds.


Discounted blinds don’t have to be cheaply made. Make sure that you are not compromising quality for a cheaper price. It doesn’t help in the long run. The blinds may function well for few months and then problems start creeping up. They don’t operate smoothly. Blinds go up but refuse to come down. They rise unevenly. The fabric wears off; wood loses its shine and lustre. Before a year is up you may have to invest in another pair which means that the savings you had with the discounted blinds go waste and proves to be more expensive in the long run. Check the product before buying.
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Every product must be covered under warranty so that if you face any operational or quality issues within the given time period you can approach the company for resolution. This means that you are assured of quality and the brand gives its commitment on its products. Check if your discounted item is covered under warranty. Many times, we are carried away by the huge discounts that stores offer us and forget to check these important aspects of purchase. If no warranty is provided it is better to refrain from investing money in such blinds.


A discount of 25% or 30% can sweep us off our feet completely and very often buyers lose their power of reasoning and practical thinking. It happens with most of us. So much so that little but essential details are overlooked. For example, your windows may be of specialty shapes or may be bigger than the standard-sized windows. Find out whether the discounted blind can be customized as per the requirements and measurements of your windows. After purchase, these queries become meaningless as the store will have no accountability or liability.
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Who doesn’t love discounts? The prospect of saving money is enough to create frenzy among buyers. But this should not blind us to the practical concerns. Is the discounted blind cordless or motorized or comes with cords? If you have small children in the house or pets you must avoid corded lift options as they can become a hazard and can be dangerous in the long run. Make sure that you have complete clarity on the product you are buying.
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Return Policy

If you are buying standard-sized blinds which do not require customization, find out about the return policy and how it works. It is possible that once you take the blind home you may face some problems with fitting, installation and mounting or with the quality of the blind. You may want to return the item but many discounted items do not qualify for returns. Many customized blinds or shades do not offer returns at all, since they are made to order. Be very clear about the policies and what you are entitled to.

Go ahead only when you are satisfied with the policies and the product. Discounts are great but don’t let cheaper prices or heavy discounts solely guide your decision.

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