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5 Things You Need For “Work From Home” Comfort

5 Things You Need For "Work From Home" Comfort

What is Work from Home (WFH)?

Up until the year 2020, the practice of Work from Home (WFH) was restricted to a handful of sectors. It was considered a privilege for employees to be able to enjoy working from home. It meant that the employees could work from the comfort of their homes without suffering the pain of a daily commute and dealing with traffic. Even then, this privilege was restricted to a few days a week or month and people resorted to them when they had an emergency or urgent requirement at home which demanded their presence. Most companies were skeptical about providing WFH regularly as they were apprehensive about data leakage, loss of confidential information, and even the productivity of the employees. A home after all is a home, which cannot provide the atmosphere needed for official work. There are tons of distractions, a lack of proper infrastructure, etc.

Pandemic Gives a Boost to WFH

Little did the employees and the companies know how the year 2020 was going to change the entire perspective of how offices should operate. The world found itself in the grip of a terrible virus that changed the entire world order and way of living. The novel Corona Virus posed an enormous challenge before the world medical fraternity as hundreds and thousands and millions of cases got reported around the globe. In these challenging times, companies were confronted with a critical decision regarding how they were to operate seamlessly, hassle-free without posing threat to the lives of all their employees. With lockdowns declared in several countries, it meant that people had to stay in their homes and go out only for food and medicine. Emergency service officials like doctors, nurses, police, and all those providing frontline services were the only ones who could step out. This is when WFH got an enormous boost. Most companies resorted to WFH to stay afloat, to ensure continuity in work. Guidelines were put in place. Many had no choice but to repose immense trust in employees against breach of contract and leakage of confidential data. People across the world began to work from the comfort of their homes as the virus continued to wreak havoc outside.

Over the next several months and even now, WFH has continued to be the norm, the new normal way of working. After initial glitches, hiccups, and challenges, companies, and employees have reached a stage where they are comfortable and some have even reported a significant improvement in productivity. Homes are now home, office, and school all combined into one. Hence it is important to create the right environment where people can work with full concentration.
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How to Create Perfect Ambiance for Comfortable WFH Experience?

We have shortlisted 5 essential things that are needed to make your WFH experience a pleasant and comfortable one where work gets the priority.

Work Table and Chair

Before you can even start working at home you must see whether you have the right accessories to support you. In this case, a sturdy work table and a comfortable chair are extremely important. A good, sleek work table, placed near an electric outlet is important to ensure that your computer or laptop can get the necessary power supply as and when needed. The table should be big enough to accommodate your laptop and other accessories like a printer, additional screens, etc. a good comfortable chair is equally important to help maintain a good posture. The height should be good so that your eyes are at level with your laptop. The seat and armrest should be adjustable so that you can adjust them according to your height. The cushion should be soft but firm at the same time. If you live in a humid zone you should avoid materials like leatherette as they can cause sweating. Fabric and mesh are a good choice for work chairs.

Lighting: Natural and Artificial

When you are slogging 8-10 hours a day at your work table, lighting must be perfect. It should be bright enough to ensure that your eyes do not have strain themselves. Natural lighting is very important as a dark and gloomy room will not ensure optimal productivity and also not create the mood needed for work.  A room with a large and wide window facing a garden or some greens is perfect. Apart from natural light, the room should have adequate artificial lighting to light up your workspace once the sun goes down. The lights again should be bright sans the glare.

A Vibrant Colorful Workspace

When you are creating your workspace at home you must remember that ambiance has an enormous impact on the mood. If you are surrounded by dull colors it will do nothing to enhance your mood and also affect your productivity and concentration. A vibrant room with the right use of colors is crucial. If you have a room that is done up in neutral shades, make sure that you add some pops of color in the form of colorful window treatments, a matching rug and cushions, and even a colored lamp to create a cheerful and joyful ambiance that will give much-needed energy and create happy vibes where you will look forward to work.

Effective Window Treatments to Control Light and Heat

Window treatments like shades, blinds, and curtains play an important role in creating a comfortable environment inside the room, offering protection from heat, cold and harsh rays of the sun. While natural light is welcomed we do not want the harsh and glaring rays of the sun and harmful UV rays to fill the space that will make focusing on your laptop a challenge. Moreover, windows are the source of heat and cold air. During the summer months, the windows get heated up which causes the temperature inside to rise. During winter the same windows can cause loss of energy. Window blinds and shades and curtains help to conserve energy and maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere indoors which will help you to work better. Solar shades and light filtering shades and blinds are perfect for controlling the amount of light that enters your space and also cuts out the glares. Window treatments are also needed to maintain your privacy. It would be disconcerting to have outsiders peeping through your windows while you are at work.

Noise-Free Ambiance

The room you select for your home office should be away from all kinds of noises and distractive sounds that can interfere with your work. Choose a room that is not near the children’s room and kitchens. Conference calls and video calls require a completely calm and quiet ambiance where you can concentrate on what is being said and you too can present yourself without accompanying sounds. A combination of blackout shades and curtains can help to keep the noise out.  They will seal off your room while you are at work. Paired with noise-canceling headphones and a decent microphone will help you to get your job done without untoward challenges.

Go ahead and create your own comfortable and cozy workspace for enhanced productivity and concentration.

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