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5 Tips Before You Buy Blinds on the Internet

5 Tips Before You Buy Blinds On The Internet

Over the past decade, e-commerce has expanded exponentially to dominate the market. E-commerce has revamped the retail sector to such an extent that many old models have found it difficult to stay operational without an online presence. Online trade has also opened up many opportunities, by pushing the market boundaries beyond geographical restraints and connecting business with consumers from all over the world.

As consumers become more net savvy and have less time to spare, companies are responding with many innovative ways to make online shopping a hassle-free and pleasurable experience. For anyone who is accustomed to buying blinds from stores, where it is so easy to feel the material, compare the colors, and look at the different options, online shopping will be an entirely different experience. Many of you must be wondering if it can be done at all? The answer is yes! You can! You just need to have a little knowledge of how it works and learn about the benefits and pitfalls associated with buying blinds online.
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Advantage of Buying Blinds Online

Browsing for Options
The sheer volume of information is one of the greatest benefits of shopping online. For the first time buyer, who is not yet decided about what they want, online sources can be immensely useful. They can access a huge volume of information from company websites, user-generated blogs and videos, and forums. This information is not only useful in finding the right products but also gives the opportunity to compare different products.

Company websites have become more user-friendly, with plenty of product information, augmented with videos and pictures. Interactive software also makes it possible to create simulations based on your description, which allows you to view how your window would look with the blind of your choice. Amazing, isn’t it?

Comparing Prices
The Internet is a great place for comparing prices. There are various dedicated websites, which compare prices of similar products marketed by different companies. You can also perform your own research for comparing prices. Companies are all open to queries, so in a single click of a button, you can connect to numerous companies at the same time and have your queries answered. Imagine the time you would have lost it you had to do all this by personally visiting or calling up the stores.

Realtime Update on Promotions and Sales
Companies can keep you updated about the latest sales and promotions available so that you do not miss out on lucrative offers. Companies also find it easy to keep the users posted about any new product launch or new innovative addition to existing products.

Customer Reviews
Honest customer reviews, along with products description, is also an advantage of online shopping. It gives you a chance to compares, understand, and make up your mind about a product. User-generated videos and blogs are also important in giving the buyer a much better idea about how things are going to look in real life and what are the likely problems that might come up.

No Pressure Shopping
On the net, the shoppers don’t feel pressured into buying a product. The tendency of impulsive shopping is also reduced online. As the medium is impersonal, the decisions are much more deliberate and reliable. This aspect of online shopping makes it a very good medium for undecided buyers.

Saves Time
There is no doubt that online shopping saves time. Not only are you saved the trouble of visiting stores, but you are also saved the trouble of fitting all that in your busy schedule. Time and convenience are perhaps the most compelling reasons fuelling the rising trend towards online shopping.
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Disadvantages of Buying Blinds Online

Although the balance seems to be tipped firmly in the favor of online shopping, when it comes to blinds, online shopping can spring up some nasty surprises.

Touch and Feel of the Product
When you are shopping online, the one thing that you cannot have it touch the product. This can be a real challenge if you are trying to find just the right color or textures. The colors on the screen can sometimes be misleading. A number of customers complain that the color of the product delivered does not really look like the one they saw on the screen. Some companies offer free samples to mitigate this issue.

Delivery Delays
Delay of delivery or the wrong package delivered is the biggest issue plaguing the online sale industry. If the package arrives damaged, it is difficult to ascertain who is to be blamed. Delivery delays can really put a spanner in the works. Imagine having to wait 4-5 weeks for a delayed package while you had already planned your week ahead around the fitting of the new blinds.

Fun of Shopping
We all shoppers know how fun it is to shop around. Going from one shop to another, looking at different products, interacting with customer care assistants, is really something that a lot of us enjoy. Online shopping is a more solitary endeavor, not a day-out that usually shopping involves.

5 Tips for Buying Blinds Online

Some useful tips for shoppers planning to buy blinds online

Order Samples
To get a look and feel of the product, order samples to be delivered to your home, so that you can look at them in different lighting and settings. Order only when you are satisfied.

Measure Correctly
Take the measurements correctly, following the guidance provided on the websites, and then order. You don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping all the products back.

Look Through the Return Policy
Returning unused items is very common for most stores, but for custom made products like blinds and shades, it is often not offered.

Look for Good Customer Service
Go for the company that provides great customer service. Customer service will be crucial when it comes to fast delivery, and product support.

Look at the Reviews
Do your research and see if the product reviews provided by customers. This will give you a fair idea about the product you are planning to purchase.

At the end, you will find that online shopping is more convenient than trouble.

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