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5 Tips For Dressing Your Vaulted Ceiling Windows

5 Tips For Dressing Your Vaulted Ceiling Windows

Vaulted window ceilings are an architectural wonder that adds classical beauty to the house. These window designs were very popular in yesteryears in cathedrals and basilicas, particularly in the Gothic or Roman style of architecture. Technically speaking, vaulted ceiling windows make the room look bigger and better. They also make the rooms well ventilated and provide a spacious vibe to them.

What is a vaulted ceiling window?

A vaulted ceiling is the one that rises typically high above the head and creates a vaulted layout. High placed vaulted ceiling windows and wood beams are an integral part of a structural design of a vaulted ceiling. The vaulted ceiling is thus created with a self-supporting arch. They certainly provide grandeur and royalty to the room. Vaulted windows let in a lot of sunlight, which is always welcome. They were once a prevalent choice with homeowners, but their use is not very widespread in contemporary times. It is so because the high and widespread window glass allows a lot of sunlight to enter the room directly. It can make the overall stay in the uncomfortable, especially during summers. Covering them with window treatment is the only feasible option as it lets the owner decide the amount of sunlight entering the room. When dressed up and appropriately protected, these vaulted ceilings add spectacularly to the aesthetic appeal of the house.

5 tips for dressing your vaulted ceiling windows

  • Blinds for Vaulted Ceiling Windows:

Vaulted ceilings windows ensure that the room gets a lot of sunlight and a great view of the outside scene. It seems a blessing during winters, but it can become problematic during summers when they allow excessive sunlight to enter the room. Blinds can be a go-to option for such an issue. For example, one might opt for an aluminium blind, or wood blind, faux wood blind or a composite blind. All the blinds are durable, easy to install and convenient to maintain.

  • Plantation Shutters for Vaulted Ceiling Windows:

Plantation shutters are great for vaulted ceiling windows. It is because once they are installed, the owner can have the desired sunlight control. However, one of the most significant areas of concern for homeowners with vaulted ceiling windows is to devise a mechanism to operate the window treatment. With plantation shutters, this problem is solved because the owners generally set the louvres at a specific angle to have sunlight protection and privacy. If frequent adjustment of the louvre angle is required, the plantation shutters come with a pole to help manoeuvre the tilt rod.

  • Curtains for Vaulted Ceiling Windows:

Curtains are an excellent option when it comes to vaulted ceiling windows. They can be custom made to suit the specific requirements of individual vaulted ceiling windows. Curtains can also be made with angled headings which makes them well suited for such types of windows. Furthermore, curtains can make the vaulted ceiling windows incredibly stylish as they are available in various shades, styles, textures and patterns. The soft appearance of the curtain fabric complements the rugged look of the structured ceiling. In addition, the curtain provides good sunlight protection and gives a comfortable interior with privacy. It also provides the room with a grand and spacious look.

  • Cellular Shades for Vaulted Ceiling Windows:

High vaulted ceilings no doubt make the room look grand, but at the same time, they tend to make a dent in the owners pocket in terms of electricity bills. They allow a lot of sunlight to enter the room, and the Air conditioning unit has to work overtime to maintain a uniform temperature inside. In addition, vaulted ceilings increase the total space, so it takes more time to cool the place. The easy solution to the conundrum is the installation of a cellular shade. In addition, they have specially designed honeycomb structured air pockets that trap the incoming heat and prevent the inside air from escaping. Thus, they keep the rooms cool during summers and warm during winters.

  • Motorized Window Coverings for vaulted Ceiling Windows:

Motorized window coverings are a great choice for vaulted ceiling windows. The vaulted windows are not easy to reach, and the motorized window treatment makes it easier for the owner to operate them. Once installed, the owner can either operate them through a Cell Phone or wall-mounted remote. The owner has to tap on the smartphone screen to cover the vaulted ceiling automatically, with the window treatment giving the owner sunlight protection and privacy at will. Thus, they add luxury and style to the house and add functionality to the vaulted window ceiling.

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