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5 Tips For Summer Safety At Home

A person adding safety devices to her home.

The sun and heat are dangerous, full stop. Yes, it is very inviting, yes you associate it with a lot of fun activities such as picnics, hiking and barbeques. But, without proper precaution, the sun and the heat that summer brings can cause you any number of health issues. So to stay safe, we would like to provide you with a few summer safety tips that you can apply both indoors and outdoors so you can fully enjoy the season.

Protect Your Skin

Even on cloudy days, the sun and its ultraviolet (UV) rays are still known to peek through and still be very dangerous. To prevent damage from the sun, wear long-sleeved clothes that expose your skin less or if it is too hot, make sure to have some sunscreen on hand. UV rays will damage your skin cells after too much exposure, and if you don’t take any protection, the cells can become cancerous. So make sure that you have something covering your skin when you are outdoors, especially in the peak sunlight hours of 11 am to 4 pm.

Take Shade

If you are having a picnic outdoors for lunch, try to find a nice tree or trees to set up around. If you are enjoying a day at the beach, try to set up a few umbrellas to create a shaded space. When enjoying a day out at the park, find a nice gazebo or again, some trees to hang out near when the sun becomes too oppressive.

If you have a deck or a patio at your home and you want to set up a hangout space or barbeque area, consider building your own gazebo or use awnings to create a shaded space. This way, you still have the ability to be outdoors on your own property while enjoying the benefits of warm weather. 

Cover Your Interiors with Window Treatments

The sun can do more damage to your interiors than you probably imagine. It can damage your furniture, flooring, and other belongings if exposed over prolonged periods. What you can do is cover your windows with treatments like blackout blinds to help drive the sunlight away from your interiors. 

Blackout cellular shades in a bedroom.

Light control over your interiors does more than simply keep out the sun, it can help you with energy efficiency as well. As the sun starts cooking during the peak hours of 11 am to 4 pm, it can really increase the heat inside your house if it is shining directly into your windows. Glass amplifies the heat, sort of like a magnifying glass, creating an effect called “solar heat gain” and causes a greenhouse effect in your interiors. With blackout cellular shades, or blackout roller shades covering your window frame, you will have something to keep this direct sunlight out.

Should window coverings prove to be out of your budget range, you can pick aluminum from your local supermarket and tape it onto your windows. Aluminum’s reflective properties will deflect the sunlight out and help keep your interiors cooler. Similar to using aluminum foil, you can use cardboard to help keep the sunlight out. You don’t even need to buy it, you can just use it from empty food cartons like cereal boxes. Both these methods are inexpensive and should help you with summer safety at home.

Take Safety Seriously

Like wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle, you should find ways to protect yourself and your property when it comes to sunlight and UV rays. Even 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight without any sunscreen can do harm to your skin cells. If you find your skin reddening, it is time to find cover. Even then it may be too late, so it is better to perform preventative measures before it starts happening. Just like your person, your house needs its own “helmet” as well. Even a light filtering window treatment like sheer drapes is better than nothing. So remember the above tips when summer comes around and always protect yourself, your loved ones and your home as well.

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