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5 Tips For Using Pelmets As A Perfect Designer’s Accent


Home interiors constitute the heart and soul of your house. It is no wonder that people go to great lengths to ensure that their homes are well furnished, decorated, and instill a sense of calm and warmth in the eyes of the visitors. Various elements come together to create the final, seamless visual experience that every homeowner yearns for.

When you are designing the interior of the house, it is important to give enough attention to fine details and accents that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interiors, i.e. furnishings, décor elements, and architectural elements. Hence, going the extra mile while decorating the windows is not a bad idea at all.

Importance of Window Décor In Home Interiors

Imagine a house without a window. It would surely be nothing short of an aesthetic disaster besides being highly uncomfortable and unhomely. Windows not only ensure proper air circulation but also brighten the interiors and provide visual relief to the overall architecture of the house. However, barren windows don’t look all that homely or heart-warming besides hampering the privacy performance and energy efficiency of the house.

Decorating the window frame with window treatments not only enhanced their visual appeal but also helps improve their energy efficiency, privacy performance, and light control capability. Window treatments also provide you the flexibility to fashion your home décor the way you want with huge variety of window covering options available to you.

What Are The Other Options To Accentuate Your Windows?

While window treatments are a great way of decorating your windows, you can also explore other ways of accentuating the windows. Décor elements such as valances, cornices, and pelmets can be used to give a distinct look to your window frame. You can also use them to complement and heighten the aesthetic appeal of the window treatments, be it curtains, blinds, or shades you are going with.

What are Pelmets?

Pelmets are a type of decorative drapery that forms the top of the windows. You can use them as a standalone window decoration or can use them to complement the curtains, blinds, or shades in your home. Pelmets can be a great choice if you want to add height to your windows and soften the room a bit. With a hint of luxury, pelmets surely give a finished appeal to the interiors of the house.

Pelmets are similar to valances and cornices in the sense that they can be used to hide away the ugly-looking window treatment fittings, curtain rods, etc. However, pelmets are not just limited to being an aesthetic add-on to the interiors. They are just as functional too. Pelmets effectively block out light coming from the top of the window by providing coverage to that section of the window.

Depending on the style of the pelmets you opt for, you can use them to add structure to the window décor or soften the interiors up a bit if you want that. At the height of fashion during the 90s, pelmets have continued to stay relevant in the present day and have become the go-to option if you have a taste for classic interiors. So, in a nutshell, pelmets are a handy option to give an extra edge to your home décor. No wonder, these are an interior designer’s favorite.

5 Tips For Using Pelmets As A Perfect Designer’s Accent

Windows form the focal point of any home interiors. Hence getting the window décor on point becomes particularly important. Window treatments are a perfect way of dressing up your windows and enhancing the décor of your house. But being so popular and familiar has a downside too. If you want to add an edge or a distinct appeal to your home’s look and feel, only opting for blinds, curtains, or shades may not be enough.


To add a distinct appeal you need something more, an add-on that can enhance the impact of the overall décor. This is where pelmets come in handy. You can accentuate the visual appeal and efficiency of the window coverings with some creative use of the pelmets.

To help you get started, here are some of the tips for using pelmets as a perfect designer’s accent:

Consider the Ceiling Height

Pelmets are generally used to decorate the top of the windows and to add height to the windows. However, if you want to get the desired impact, you need to consider other aspects such as the ceiling height. If the room has a low ceiling, it will not be advisable to use pelmets for decorating the windows. The low height of the ceiling will not create a symmetrical appeal if the window frame looks larger. In that case, you will be better off using a simple rod to mount your window coverings.

Get the Depth Of the Pelmets Spot On

The depth of the pelmet is very important and getting it right is all the more crucial. If it’s too shallow it will look poor and unappealing. On the other hand, if it is too deep, it will look way over the top and out of proportion. Hence it becomes important to take a balanced approach towards the depth of the pelmets.

Vertical Windows Vs Horizontal Windows

Just as certain window treatments are more suitable for vertical windows and others are more apt for horizontal windows, pelmets boast aesthetics that make them more ideal for vertical windows. Vertical windows look taller and adorning the top of such windows with pelmets makes them look more symmetrical vis a vis horizontal windows.

Picking the Shape of the Pelmets

Every house has a certain type of décor. It can be modern, luxurious, traditional, or simplistic. The shape of the pelmets should be decided bases on that. A fixed and shaped box pelmet will be ideal if you want to keep the overall effect modern and elegant.

Likewise, if you want to soften the tone and want to add a more traditional note, softly gathered pelmets will be a great choice. These pelmets will contrast nicely with the paneling on the walls and exude a charming appeal. You can go with tasseled endings if you want to impart an extra ornate appeal without it appearing over the top.

Deciding the Pattern of the Pelmets

While there is no dearth of prints and patterns you can choose from, it is advisable to go with pelmets that complement the window treatments and the rest of the décor. If you have put curtains on your windows matching gathered pelmets will be great.

However, you can always infuse some vibrance into your home décor by opting for expressive patterns that add a pop of color and exuberance. From fun prints to intricate and luxurious patterns, there is no limit to how creative you can be with the pelmet design.

Every other household you visit has some type of window treatments installed on the windows and hence, at times the houses may start to look more similar than they are different. Pelmets are an awesome add-on to help your home décor stand out without you having to make too many changes to your interiors. Pelmets are pretty easy to work with and install and the above tips will surely help make the experience all the more pleasing.

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