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Tips On Dressing Floor To Ceiling Windows In An Elegant and Simple Way

5 Tips On Dressing Floor To Ceiling Windows In An Elegant and Simple Way

In our modern times, window designing has taken a whole new leap with the concept of floor to ceiling windows. This style of window has gained tremendous popularity all across the globe. Most often, these elegant windows use transparent or translucent glass panels and can make any room look grandiose. But they can become an issue if they aren’t dressed properly. Floor to ceiling windows can let in a lot of light and a lot of height, so it’s important to know how to dress floor to ceiling windows in a way that enhances their look while also providing additional functionality and comfort.

So, in this article, we’re going to share with you 4 tips on dressing floor to ceiling windows in an elegant and simple way. Read on.

  • Curtains

Curtains may be the most common way to decorate and beautify a window. Be it a traditionally styled horizontal window or a modern and trendy floor to ceiling window; curtains can surely make a window look so much better instantaneously. It uplifts the entire look of your living room or bedroom without compromising on the natural light and privacy.

The right color of the curtains and the adjacent walls can make a great fusion and make your floor to ceiling window appear magnificent.

  • Drapes

Drapes are a bit different and a little less common than the usual curtains. That’s why it has made it to number two on our list of “how to dress floor to ceiling windows.” The term drapery tends to refer to thicker materials that block more light. A heavy drapery hanging gracefully from the high ceilings of those stunning windows could actually change the entire ambiance of your abode. Drapes are made of much thicker fabrics and are generally stiffer than most curtains. That is why drapes do not soar in the breeze like curtains. If you are looking for that classic look for your place, you should definitely go for draperies.

  • Elegant Cornices

A window cornice is undoubtedly one of the most decorative and elegant pieces of window décor that one could imagine. So, it comes third on our list of tips. A window cornice is a wooden framework just above the floor to ceiling windowpane that helps to cover and accent the top of the window opening. They can be used with curtains for an added accent.

The curtain hangs beautifully with the cornice at the top. It adds a substantial amount of beauty, class, and lavishness to a living room, bedroom, or any area per se. The sheer simplicity of a cornice is what makes it so very posh. The intricate woodwork on the edges of your cornice, like some beautiful patterns, is also what makes it so artistically exquisite. So, if you are looking for minimalistic window treatments, you should take a look at cornices.

  • Colorful Valances

Well, window valances come forth on this list. Talking of window valances, let’s be fully honest here. A colorful window valance on an already magnificent floor to ceiling window is an eye-catcher to every guest stepping in through those doors of yours. A well-matched wall-to-valance color combination would attract your visitors’ attention without fail.

Like a crown above the window, it magnifies the beauty of a blind or a curtain and even the window itself. With the perfect color and design, it blends surrealistically with the falling curtains like a cherry on a pie. Your visitors would come to you for window treatment advice and recommendations, and you could well show off your gorgeous ideas to them.

A pretty window valance with the pretty backdrop of an open garden, countryside, or a cityscape would change the outright feel of your room.


Keep the above-mentioned ideas when thinking of how to dress your floor to ceiling windows. Go for an option that accents the window without taking away its inherent beauty.

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