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5 Tips On Preparing A Bedroom For A Newborn Baby

5 Tips On Preparing A Bedroom For A Newborn Baby

Baby is on its Way!

The news of the arrival of a baby sparks off celebrations in any household. Babies are referred to as a bundle of joy not without reason. They fill hearts with hope, love, anticipation, and a wide mix of other emotions. The countdown begins from months before. For any mother-to-be, these months are filled with anxiety, anticipation, and love. They are constantly worrying about the well-being of the unborn child that is growing in her womb. She is careful of what she eats, how she moves, and how she feels. She nurtures the little soul with so much love and care and promises to give it the best of everything that she possibly could. As she gears up to welcome her child into this world, it is also the time to prepare the home for the arrival of the newest member. Decor and aesthetics of other rooms take a backseat as the baby’s bedroom or nursery becomes the focal point of the parents. How to do it up? How to make the room safe and baby-proof? Apart from color, theme, and aesthetics, it is important to create an ambiance that will help to soothe and comfort the baby. It is the room where the baby will take her naps, food, and spends the first few years of her life.

How to Prepare Nursery for your Baby

For first-time parents, getting the room right and ensuring that all the safety checks are done can be a big challenge. They are amateurs and may require a little hand-holding till they find their way.

Choosing a room and cleaning

The first step towards preparing a room for your baby is choosing a room. a sun-filled, cheerful and well-ventilated room is much desirable and should also be close to your bedroom for easy access. A gloomy dark room will hamper the growth and development of the child whereas a happy cheerful ambiance that receives an abundance of natural light and air will allow the child to get a healthy environment to flourish. It will energize the child and fill him/her with positive vibes.

Once a room has been identified it is time to clean it up and remove all unwanted clutter. Give the surfaces, floors, and walls a thorough cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals. Replace any carpets if you need them as carpets collect dust and allergens over time which can harm the baby.


Once the room has been given a thorough wash and cleaning, it is time to paint the room. Always stick to soft pastel shades for the walls as excessively bright colors prove to be overstimulating and can cause problems during sleep times. If you want to follow the usual blue for boy and pink for girl norm then go ahead. Or you could settle for neutral colors like pale yellow, soft purple, and orange. If you want you could introduce intense colors in the form of soft toys or curtains. You can also pick a theme for the room like the animal world, ocean world, bird world, etc. you may choose not to have any theme at all.
Cordless Blinds for Nursery Bedroom


If you are investing in new furniture then make a list of must-haves which will include a crib and a cradle that will be used for the first few months. Cradles are smaller than a crib and make a snug fit for the baby which makes it feel secure. Include a chest of drawers for storing baby essentials, a diaper-changing table where you can place the baby while changing diapers, and a big comfortable armed chair where the mother can feed the baby or put the baby to sleep. Do not cramp the room with more furniture than required at this stage.


Lighting is very important. During the daytime, the room should be receiving natural light. But once the sun goes down artificial lights come on and you have to choose judiciously. Do not use harsh bright lights in the room as that could hurt the baby’s eyes and also overstimulate them. New-born babies sleep throughout the day and hence a soft dimmer light is preferable. Choose a light that will fill the room with a warm soft glow that will lull the baby to sleep.

Window treatments

This is a very important part of preparing a nursery. You are choosing a room that allows a lot of natural light in the room. while this is the best possible choice for your baby, remember that too much sunlight can heat up the room, cause UV exposure and the harshness of the light can prevent the baby from falling asleep with ease. It will keep the baby awake and make him/her cranky. Choose a window covering that can diffuse the sunlight and fill the room with a warm soft glow or one that can block all light as needed. A blackout sheer roller shade is a great choice. The sheer shade will filter the light while the blackout rear shade will block out light completely as and when needed. A dark room is preferable for deep sleep and good rest for the baby. You can also opt for layered window treatment. You can opt for blackout cellular shades which will block out light and offer enhanced insulation for the room during the winter months. Pair these with sheer curtains for filtering sunlight as needed during the morning hours. Noise-cancellation is another important requirement for the nursery, particularly if the room is street-facing. The noise of cars, people talking and dogs barking can keep your baby up which is not desirable at all. Blackout curtains can help to keep the noise out considerably.
Blackout Blinds for Nursery
Apart from these do a check of all the safety measures required for the room. Install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the room if you don’t have one. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and the detector will help to alert you if there is an increase in the gas level. Carbon monoxide can be emitted by a malfunctioning appliance, ductwork leaks, etc.

Oil the door hinges so that they do not creak noisily when you are trying to shut or open the nursery door. Some babies are light sleepers and even the slightest of noise can wake them up. Once you are a parent you will appreciate the importance of this. You can use any lubricant for this purpose. Avoid unnecessary clutter. Open spaces look better.

We hope we could be of some use to the new would-be mommies and daddies out there. For your baby, nothing feels enough. Even after doing everything you will identify new challenges each day once the baby comes. That will require spontaneous handling and is part of the whole baby experience.

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