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5 Tips to Getting Perfect Fit Blinds for Sliding Doors

5 Tips To Getting Perfect Fit Blinds For Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are the most reliable and versatile architectural structure of your aesthetics which add dimension to the overall home interior. They are a multi-purpose design element that offers a great outdoor view while letting fresh air and natural daylight. They are considered to be one of the most eye-catching aspects of any construction that enrich the value of a space in a dramatic way. Do you know that getting these doors done can create an impressive look when you choose the right decorative item? In order to add some functional and practical values, these doors need to be dressed with the proper window covering. There are plenty of ways to fulfill this job but blinds and shades are the most versatile way to cover them up.

There are endless design options available that are aesthetically pleasing and only manufactured to add a decor statement to your glass doors. Though there is a misconception that blinds act as a hindrance for your doors that also block out the view to the outdoors. But the fact is not true at all as choosing the right one can give these glass doors a rustic appeal, making it charming and highlighted. But no matter what window treatment you choose, they need to fit your sliding doors accurately in order to provide proper functionality. Perfect fit blinds can be a great addition to your sliding glass doors because of their excellent features and full coverage capability. There are many benefits when you get a perfect fit blind for your glass door, it offers maximum coverage against harsh daylight, efficient insulation, and ultimate level of privacy.

With just a couple of considerations, you can easily get perfect fit blinds for your glass doors that will embellish the beauty of your decor in a dramatic way. The key part of perfect fit blinds is measurement and if you take the dimensions right then there is no worry about having the wrong sized product. Go through this article and check out the best ways of getting perfect fitted blinds for your exclusive sliding glass doors!
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How to Get Perfect Fit Blinds for Sliding Doors

The most critical part of getting perfect fit blind is measurement. And the following tips will make your job done easier while ensuring the right fit for your glass doors.

  • Choose the Blind Type:

This is the first and foremost part of this process. The best-suited glass door blinds include vertical blinds, cellular blinds, and vertical cellular blinds. The mechanism of these doors is sideways and these window dressings operate efficiently in the same direction. These shades are effective when it comes to light and heat control and protection as well. Know your requirements and then choose the one that will match your interior type.

  • Mounting Type:

Depending on the preferences, choose the mounting type. There are two ways i.e. inside mount and outside mount. Inside mounting determines blinds are fitted inside the window casing and outside mounting denotes outside the window frame, where the blinds are fitted on the wall and cover the molding around the window.

  • Measurements:

Once you are done with choosing blind type and mounting, the most vital part comes which is measuring the doors. You need to take three measurements for both the mounting. To get the width, take three measurements across the top, middle, and bottom part of the door opening. And for outside measurements, check for where you want the blind edges to extend on both sides of the window.

To get the height, measure the door on the left, right and center and take the tallest measurement. And for outside mounting, you have to take the measurement from the top of the headrail to the down.

  • Double Check the Measurements:

It’s very important that you check the measurements one more time. Because a single mistake can lead you get the wrong size product that won’t fit your doors perfectly

  • Measurements for Side By Side Blinds:

If you have opted for side by side two window blinds rather than one, then you need to take special care while measuring both the sides. Make sure there shouldn’t be any gaps and you get the perfect fitted blinds.
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Essential Tips to Follow When Getting Perfect Fit Blinds

  • Take a steel tape measure and note down the right height and width. Don’t get confused while taking the measurements.
  • There can be more than one glass door of different sizes. So, measure them all and then place the order for your favorite blind.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions on both sides of the glass doors that stop you from getting the perfect fit blind.
  • If you get any obstacle like a handle or the doorknob, then take the measurements accordingly so that the blinds and the door don’t keep hitting against each other.
  • Follow the DIY measurement procedures to avoid mistakes. But it’s always suggested to take the help of the professionals.

Regardless of what blind you choose, make sure they fit the doors perfectly and they look just as beautiful as any other window in your house. Remember a badly fitted blind not only ruins the architecture of these doors but also affects the functional values. With so many colors and design options, you can customize your perfect fit blinds in order to achieve a seamless versatile aesthetics along with endless benefits. Consult with the designer executives to get the right fit covering for your glass door!

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