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5 Trendy Kitchen Window Treatments For A Cool Summer Look

5 Trendy Kitchen Window Treatments For A Cool Summer Look

The kitchen is one of the essential spaces in every household. By providing stylish treatments to your kitchen space, you can upgrade the look of your kitchen. Before you choose any trendy kitchen window treatments, you need to ensure that they complement your area well. Whether you cook a lot of food or binge on some packet food, it does not matter. What matters the most is how you feel when you come to your kitchen.

This article will discuss the five trendy treatments that can provide a cool summer look to your kitchen.

Easy to clean treatment

In all kitchens, one can find a window stove and a sink. These are the two places where most of the cooking, preparation and cleaning are done. Hence one must incorporate window covers that are easier to clean. You can look for some of these coverings that you can clean easily.

  • Solar shades

It is the best alternative for no-hassle kitchen window treatment. Solar shades are one of the easiest to clean window coverings. You need to wipe them with soap and water in a gentle manner. Once you do this, it will regain its shine like before. Solar shades offer a modern look to your kitchen. Also, it helps to keep the sun’s glare in control. You can also enjoy the outer view while you cook in your kitchen.

  • Faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds are one of the best choices for every kitchen. Faux wood cleans quickly and is resistant to grease, dirt, and water stain. You can also install it over the sink area. You can also clean it using a damp cloth. It would not distort the color and shape of the blinds. If you want to provide a sophisticated look, you can try and add faux wood. It can offer a unique style statement to your house.

Colorful treatment

  • Roller shades

If you are using a modern kitchen, the roller shades can spice up the overall look of your kitchen. You can buy it in a variety of solid colors or cheerful patterns. It can fit appropriately in every window size. While cooking, you can roll this up into the frame that can provide you a good view. These window shades can brighten up your mood instantly.

  • Cellular shades

You can avail of this in a variety of colors. It can offer you the best window treatments with bold statements. Moreover, it helps to maintain the temperature while you use the kitchen for cooking.

Play with the design

For a modern and stylish kitchen, it is equally essential to maintain the design. Most interior designers recommend textural or organic material for your kitchen. However, you can also use a plushy and soft cloth to provide a stylish look for your kitchen.

  • Roman shades

If you are looking for a fashionable window covering, then you must consider the Roman shades. They are one of the inexpensive alternatives with light-blocking features. You can get the elegance, the softness and the contemporary look of draperies. You can get this in a variety of patterns and colors.

  • Woven wood shades

These shades are one of the most popular among interior designers and homeowners. The tactile and hand-spun shades counterbalance both the stainless steel and hard surfaces of your kitchen.

Control the amount of light

If your kitchen experiences excessive exposure to sunlight, then it can harm the decor of your kitchen. The ultraviolet rays can increase the inner temperature of your kitchen. It can fade out the cabinets and wooden floor. If you want to block out the amount of light with trending kitchen window treatments for a cool summer look, then you can consider these options.

  • Opaque blinds

Opaque blinds help to filter out the sun glare. It let only soft natural light for your dining and kitchen area. You can also get these in a variety of designs. These opaque blinds can uplift your kitchen look.

  • Blackout shades

If you want to create an ambiance only using artificial lights, the blackout shades can do wonders. These shades are known to block out the sunlight completely. It can help you to play with your imagination for a modern and beautiful kitchen look.

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