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5 Unique Home Decor Ideas for the Spring Season

Spring decor in the home.

Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your home and its decor. As the winter snow gives way to April showers and May flowers, you can do as nature does: bring changes to your house. There are many ways to bring about changes to your decor, from getting fresh new furniture, repainting your walls, to getting new window treatments.

Windows are the ideal place to get a new home accessory. They provide you a canvas of sorts to create a beautiful new look for your home, and there are so many ways for you to do this too.

Today’s window treatments come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. We would like to share our 5 favorite options with you that fit with the theme of spring.

Classic Throwback Window Shutters

Sometimes old school window coverings are the best approach to bring a new look to your home. Plantation shutters are made from wood, allowing you to bring the feeling of nature into your home. As flowers bloom and green leaves return to trees, bringing in a touch of nature into your house adds to the feelings of revitalization and new life.

The theme of nature can be created in a lot of ways aside from just new wood shutters. You can get new potted plants, wall art of natural landscapes, and colorful new crafts like pottery. You can literally bring spring into your home as the season arrives.

Plantation shutter louvers are mounted inside a window frame, and are controlled by a tilt rod. This gives you perfect light control as needed and will allow you to enjoy the spring sunshine as you desire. Among window treatments, shutters are the perfect compliment to spring, but they aren’t the only option available.

Shutters leading to beautiful scenery.

Real Wood Blinds for that Spring Feeling

Shutters are a permanent fixture on your windows. If you don’t feel like committing your home to a single window treatment for its lifetime, a great alternative is wooden blinds. Like custom shutters, they come in different louver sizes that you can customize to suit your windows.

Wood blinds are made of natural wood and are also a great choice for bringing nature into your home. They are of extremely high quality and bring a majestic appeal to your home unlike faux wood blinds. Wood blinds bring an enriching quality to the windows they dress, especially if you have them in common rooms like living and dining rooms.

Nature Comes Home with Natural Window Treatments

Like wood blinds, natural shades are made from materials that are found in nature, like wood, bamboo and jute. Natural shades bring a sophisticated design into your home, as they are made in the roman shades style. This style means that they fold in large pleats as they are closed, creating an appearance similar to that of drapes as the shades are opened up.

Another exciting aspect of natural shades is their environmentally friendly process of manufacturing. You can help reduce your carbon footprint with natural shades and add something spectacular to your house’s windows. Combining nature with your home and protecting it has never been easier.

Roman shades with an outdoor overlook.

Floral Design with Roman Shades and Custom Drapes

If your home is filled with flowers and plants and you want to really embellish the look, you can dress your windows with either roman shades or drapery. Both are different types of window dressings, but they both can come in floral patterned fabrics.

As discussed above, roman shades fold in a special way that really distinguishes them from roller and cellular shades. With the floral designed fabrics, roman shades really bring an extra oomph to your home’s decor and design. 

Drapes consist of large flowing fabrics that are mounted onto a curtain rod and installed above the windows. Drapes are usually placed right above the window, and flow all the way down towards the floor. They really allow you to display the floral pattern you are trying to show.

Another advantage of drapes is that they use an outside mount. This leaves you the inside of the window frame to add any other window dressing. It can be any dressing, from shutters, shades and blinds. You can find the perfect combination to really take your window decor to the next level.

Really Taking Spring Indoors

With nature’s beauty growing and taking off during the months of April and May, you don’t want to miss out on it while you are indoors. Long business days can leave you tired, wanting to rest and relax. You can still bask in nature by bringing it inside your home.

Window coverings allow you to both take nature indoors and enjoy it when it is outside. They let you make the most of your window spaces and take your home decor to the next level. Aside from giving you the ability to add a new look, window coverings can open your home to the outdoors, allowing you to bring the beautiful spring weather inside.

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