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5 Unique Ways You Can Decorate a Treehouse

5 Unique Ways You Can Decorate A Treehouse

While your home is always close to your heart and you like spending time there, you don’t want to stay confined within the walls of your house all the time. This is the reason why people like to take a break, go on trips or undertake a fun excursion, etc. The idea is to break the routine and do something quirky to keep every day exciting. A treehouse is a great place to chill and get away from the humdrum of daily life. Although they are loved and adored by children, they aren’t only for kids! Treehouses can be a great and innovative way of living close to the beauty of nature.

Why Decorating the Treehouse is Important

Just like your home, treehouses also have architectural interests that captivate your imagination. However, before you can start enjoying your time climbing up and staying in a treehouse, you need to make the interiors of the treehouse comfortable and hospitable. There are various factors involved in making the treehouse hospitable such as ease of access, space, headroom, ventilation, etc.

One thing that many people fail to realize is that while comfort is paramount, the décor of your treehouse plays just as important a role in making the place welcoming and hospitable. From decorating the walls to doing the flooring, from dressing up the windows to getting furniture and other such items that go well with the treehouse spirit, there is so much you can do to turn your treehouse into an architectural marvel and the perfect place to be.

Some Awesome Décor Ideas to Make Your Treehouse Your Favorite Blissful Getaway

Treehouse is meant to be a place where you can get away from all the worries and tangles of routine life. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, in the lap of nature, the treehouse is a luxurious way to chill and enjoy the greenery and serenity around. To make the treehouse what it is meant to be, you need to design and decorate it in such a way that there is something cool and fun for everyone in the family, especially the children.

Whether you want to use the treehouse as a vacation spot or as a place in your backyard to relax and chill, adding decorative and playful elements will only make the space more fun to be in. Let us look at some of the awesome décor ideas for your treehouse that you can never go wrong with:

Use the Space Creatively
The treehouse can not be made into a sprawling living space as it is built around a tree or in case of a treeless treehouse, it is built on a raised platform. Hence, it is necessary to make the best use of the limited space available. You can make the indoor area spacious so that people who want to stay there for a while don’t feel cramped for room. You can also add a deck around the treehouse which you can use as an open outdoor space to enjoy the view or for the children to play.

You can leave the outdoor deck unpainted with a natural grainy wooden texture so that it complements the greenery around it well. You can use convertible furniture as it takes up less space and can be used for multiple purposes. A cozy section by the window to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing view would be great.
Treehouse Decor Ideas
Dress Your Windows Up
Accentuating the windows is another excellent way of enhancing the décor of your treehouse. Window treatments not only enhance the appeal of the windows but also protect you against the heat during the hot sunny days and help keep the temperature inside the treehouse warm and cozy during the winters. This can prove to be especially useful for a treehouse since the treehouse is out in the open and that increases the exposure to inclement weather conditions or uncomfortable temperatures.

The bright sunny mornings are sheer pleasure and are totally worth enjoying from your treehouse. However, sometimes the bright sunlight can become a bit too much to handle. Window treatments help reduce the glare and having this option inside the treehouse will surely enhance its comfort value. With so many diverse options at your disposal, you are never in dearth of excellent choices.

If you want to impart some regal charm to the décor, you can opt for Roman blinds or shades, Venetian blinds, etc. If you want to stay consistent with the natural theme, wooden blinds or woven wooden blinds will work exceedingly well. You can also go with cordless roller blinds to match comfort with modern appeal, incase, that is what you want to run with.
Treehouse Window Decor

Hang String Lights
String lights are absolutely gorgeous and will surely spruce up the decorative appeal of your treehouse. You can hang the string lights from the trees and the glowing lights in the beautiful backdrop of trees will seem like glittering starlets lighting up your evening like never before. The effect will be truly magical and definitely pique the curiosity and wonder of the children too.

Use Light-colored Wood
Light-colored wood is ideal for constructing a treehouse. In the picturesque backdrop of the trees, a treehouse built from light-colored wood will surely stand out. You can create beautiful contrast inside the treehouse when you fill the walls with your favorite décor items.

Add a Slider or a Swing to the Treehouse
Children love to play and the good old slider is always a favorite. Adding a slider to the treehouse will not only enhance its décor but will also make the kids love it more. You can also add a swing if the slider seems to be a bit of an overkill according to you. The awe-inspiring backdrop of a treehouse surrounded with lush green trees will enhance the appeal and excitement of swinging on the swing. A fun place to play and rejoice, the treehouse will quickly become the favorite vacation spot or children and adults alike.

Working on the décor of your treehouse goes a long way in making it the cool place for relaxing and reconnecting with yourself that the family that it is supposed to be. These fun ideas will surely enhance the decorative appeal of your house and shall give you more reasons to get excited about your next treehouse retreat.

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