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5 Unusual Blinds Sure to Catch the Attention of Your Guests

5 Unusual Blinds Sure To Catch The Attention Of Your Guests

Window coverings hold a special place in the scheme of things when you set about furnishing your new home or redoing the interiors of your old house. For your ‘home décor’ to reach its full potential, and to provide effective coverage to the windows, window treatments become an indispensable accessory. Whether you want to protect the interiors from the harsh summer sun, bitter winter cold, or the glare and UV exposure caused by the sunlight, window treatments always come in handy. With a markedly improved energy efficiency of your air conditioners and thermostats, better light control, and privacy performance, window coverings prove to be an excellent way of accentuating and enhancing the appeal of your windows.

What are Blinds?

Blinds are one of the oldest and most widely used window-covering solutions that have been in use since the 11th century A.D. The simple yet elegant design and the effectiveness in terms of providing coverage to the windows and protection to the interiors have contributed to the immense popularity that blinds gained and continue to enjoy even today. These are lightweight, ideal for both home and office settings and can be easily installed on all types of windows, including the skylights and other hard to reach windows.

The blinds consist of a set of blind slats placed one above the other or side by side depending on the orientation. These blind slats can be adjusted to change the amount of light that enters the room or to ensure better protection against the outside heat. You can operate the blinds quite easily using a pull cord, though, they can get a bit messy and look untidy sometimes if not managed properly. There are other variants such as the cordless blinds and the motorized blinds wherein you don’t have to deal with the pull cords at all. Cordless blinds can be operated using a controller switch placed right next to the blinds. In the case of motorized blinds, it gets even easier. You can control your motorized blinds via a remote or even through your smartphone.
Electric Motorized Blinds

What are the Advantages of Blinds?

There are many unique benefits of using blinds as your go-to window dressings. Lets us look at them in greater detail:

To begin with, the blinds are quite affordable and are available in all sorts of price options. So, no matter what your budget limitations are, you can be sure of getting a viable set of blinds for your house. Window coverings are a long-term investment, and getting coverings for all the windows in your house can result in a significant expenditure. Hence, having an option that is not only affordable but is also quite efficient in terms of features is nothing short of a dream come true.

Blinds are highly versatile in every aspect, be it the color options, designs, orientations, choice of material, or the suitability to different kinds of home and office settings. If you are purchasing window coverings for the first time and are not sure as to which type of window coverings will be ideal for your place, you can surely go ahead with blinds. Blinds are a value proposition and a safe choice for all kinds of home and office settings, both in terms of visual appeal and features.

Heat Insulation
Blinds not just provide coverage to the windows but also provide effective heat insulation to the interiors by preventing heat gain during summers and heat loss during the winters. The heat insulation performance may vary depending on the choice of material used in making the blinds and its openness factor. Sheer or semi-sheer fabrics won’t be that effective in insulating the interiors but will give you a good view of the outside while ensuring your privacy. Room-darkening or blackout fabrics will provide better heat insulation and privacy performance but you may have to sacrifice the view of the outside. Wooden and metallic blinds are also good options for heat insulation.

Light Control
Blinds have adjustable blind slats and they allow the blinds to provide you greater control over the light that enters inside the house. You can adjust the blinds to either completely block out the outside light or keep the blind slats at varying angles to allow just as much light inside the house as you are comfortable with. This helps reduce the glare and also protects you and the interiors from harmful and unwanted UV exposure.
Light Filtering Roller Shading

5 Unusual Blinds For Eye-Catching Interiors

While the blinds are quite elegant and sophisticated in their own regard, the regular variants of blinds have become too common. While this testament to the immense popularity that the blinds enjoy, it also makes it harder to differentiate your home décor so that it stands out. Some people have a taste for the unusual and the uncommon. Here are some of the unusual blinds that will surely catch the attention of your guests and win you accolades for your aesthetic sense:

Vertical Blinds

While horizontal blinds are the most common orientation you find blinds in, vertical blinds are a worthy alternative that will surely make your windows and doors stand out. These blinds are particularly suitable for big windows and doors. If you have a big sliding glass door or a big patio door, vertical blinds will be the best option for you. These blinds have wider slats that provide better coverage to the large surface area of such doors and windows, thereby ensuring that the interiors are well shielded from the outside heat and glare.
Another good thing about vertical blinds is that they can be mounted directly on the window frame or the door you want to dress up. Since they are directly mounted on the frame, you don’t face any difficulty in opening or closing the doors and the windows or in operating the blinds.
Vertical Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Custom Blinds

Sometimes people opt for unusual window shapes to enhance the architectural value of the house. But, you also need proper coverage for the windows to ensure that the interiors are comfortable, elegant, and well-shielded from the outside heat and glare. You also don’t want to hide the decorative molding of the windows behind the window treatments that are mounted outside the window frame and on the wall above the window. So, the best solution for your specific needs will be custom blinds. You can get the modified to resemble the exact shape and size of the windows so that you can ensure good coverage to them without having to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of such windows.

Wooden Blinds

Wood has a peculiar grainy texture and a sturdy structural appeal. Wooden blinds derive that aesthetic value and provide a sophisticated yet unique kind of decorative element to the window frame and the interiors of the room these are situated in. Due to the nature of the material used, i.e. wood, these blinds provide excellent heat insulation and light control but can be a tad expensive. If you find it difficult to accommodate the wooden blinds into your budget, you can opt for their affordable alternatives; the faux wood blinds. These blinds are made from synthetic material but look just like the wooden blinds and unlike the wooden blinds, these are not susceptible to moisture either.
Horizontal Wood Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are another variant of blinds that is very much affordable but that does not take away any of the aesthetic value that blinds are usually known for. Aluminum blinds are quite durable if made from good quality aluminum and provide you excellent heat insulation and light control. The best thing is that you can paint them to resemble the exact shade you want for your window coverings. So the next time you want to give a makeover to the interiors, you won’t need to change the blinds, you can just paint them in a new playful shade to give that extra kick to the interiors.
1-inch Aluminum Blinds

Motorized Blinds

These blinds stand out not because of a different look or design factor but for the way these blinds operate. These future-ready smart blinds lend a modern and dramatic appeal to the interiors. Imagine being able to remotely operate your blinds using a remote, your smartphone, or even through a simple voice command. Your guests will surely be impressed. The ease of usage and the scope for automation and programmability make these blinds an appealing proposition.

When you set out to put together the interiors of your home, every little element including the furnishings, showpieces, window treatments, and other decorative props play their part in completing a cohesive look and in imparting a unique flavor to your home décor. The blinds discussed above are different from the regular and the mundane but never out of place. You can opt for any of the options to create a look that is seamless, charming, and welcoming.

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