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5 Waterproof Bathroom Window Ideas for Inside the Shower

5 Waterproof Bathroom Window Ideas For Inside The Shower

Designing Waterproof Bathroom Windows That Will Last

Whether you are planning to build a new home or remodel your existing bathroom, windows are the primary thing to consider because they can be both blessing and curse. Keeping them open will allow natural sunlight and fresh air to keep moisture and mold away. But at the same time, it will hamper your bathroom privacy, and thus some serious cover-up is also necessary. Pampering the windows with right window blinds is the perfect way to liven up the entire space while achieving various benefits.

Renovating a bathroom is all about making the most of what you have. But challenges come which creates a barrier between the decoration process. There are high chances to get your window blind crack or break in the touch of water and moisture. And hence you require something i.e. both water-proof and moisture-proof so that they can withstand without any warp or damage. Getting the right balance of natural light while adding warmth and maintain the privacy level, all can be done by selecting the right bathroom window solution. But how do you know which is right for you? Beyond just exploring all the blind styles, or should you consider function? Well, we can help you with the right dressings that are suitable for your bathroom windows and will maximize the working functionality.

Top Waterproof Bathroom Blinds

When choosing for bathroom blinds, style is an important factor to consider, but make sure to select the material that will hold up against high humidity. There are a few things you need to consider before deciding the final product:

  • High humidity and water can damage wooden material. So, strictly no to wood blinds and shutters. You can opt for faux wood or other premium quality window blinds.
  • Your bathroom requires both sunlight and privacy. In such a scenario, top down bottom up blinds are preferred which will give the windows the perfect coverage.
  • Stop mildew by cleaning the bathroom blinds with a vinegar-water solution. Of course, you should ensure that your blind can withstand this treatment.

Below are the top suggested blinds and shades which will meet all the requirements of privacy, light control, and durability. Embrace the windows with these below selective and distinctive window solutions –

  • Faux Wood Blinds

These are the top bathroom window blinds because of their extreme versatility, and give you the elegance of real wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are uniquely designed and their water and moisture resistant properties protect the windows from warp, mildew, and crack. Proper customization and installation will give your bathroom a clean and classic look while adding a finishing touch.

Faux Wood Blinds

  • Roman Shades

These fabricated roman shades are popular for their fashionable and textured look. But they are functional and practical too, and installing them on the bathroom windows will create a statement for your home décor. From controlling sunlight to providing privacy, the shades add a softness to the windows. Their range of colors and design options helps them to coordinate with any décor style. But while selecting the fabric style, make sure to get one that is resistant to mildew and water and can be easily cleaned.Curtains for Bathroom

  • Window Curtains

Curtains are considered to be one of the stylish and elegant ways to dress up your windows. But what about bathroom window curtains for the inside shower? If style statement is your basic requirement then these solutions are ideal, but these dressings offer moderate privacy and outsiders can easily peep through the windows. In that case, layer other window blinds such as roller or roman shades for maximum efficiency. The material of curtains often makes them too fragile for inside a shower, so be aware.

  • Shutters

Shutters are an elegant and traditional way to add a rustic feel to the windows. These window dressings are made of wood, faux wood, and vinyl material. But for bathroom windows, wooden shutters are not recommended. Go for vinyl or faux wood shutters which won’t warp or crack at any condition. They will create a clean and clutter-free look when installed properly.

Faux Wood Shutters


Whether you are decorating a small bathroom or guest bathroom, window treatments should create an aesthetically pleasing look while being sturdy and long-lasting. And the above-mentioned dressings will fulfill all your desires.

If you can’t decide which one you should go for, you can mix and match them with other solutions. For example, layer curtains with vinyl or faux wood shutters for enhanced look and double benefits. You can add valances or cornices as well to emphasize the beauty to the next level.

Make sure to choose the fabric which can withstand excess moisture and mildew. Take the necessary precautions to protect your product from all types of damages. Explore all the bathroom window blinds to achieve your favorite look along with more versatility and reliability!

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