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5 Ways on How To Create A Modern IOT (Internet Of Things) Home

5 Ways on How To Create A Modern IOT (Internet Of Things) Home

What is Internet of Things (IOT)?

The IOT phenomenon is something that is rapidly developing over the last few years and the full potential of an IOT home or workspace is something that cannot be fathomed to its entirety. Nevertheless, as the world moves towards the IOT trend, it is natural that everyone must inevitably gravitate towards it sooner or later. In order to do that, a conceptual understanding of IOT is quite relevant.

To put it in its simplest form, IOT (Internet of Things) is the immersion of software, sensors and any other components that has access to an internet connection on everyday home and office appliances along with other devices. The purpose of this is to achieve home automation. It enables your devices and things to make decisions for themselves, saving you time, energy and increasing the quality of your life. It basically makes sure that you don’t have to care about the little things and that burden being lifted off you can be quite liberating.

Application of IOT in homes and your guide to having an IOT home

Rather than engaging in a list of pros and cons, it might be better to show you where and when you can use IOT technology in your home so that you can get a sense of how you can use it to fit your needs.

  • Smart Lighting – Not having to get up each time to turn on the lights can help ward off distractions. You can either remotely control your lights through your phone or voice command.The lights can turn on automatically depending on when the sensors are triggered. You will notice that this eco-friendly and energy efficient too.
  • Automated Thermostat – It can control the temperature of the home and find the optimal conditions for living without human intervention. They can be set to turn on and off when you enter and leave the house as well.
  • Bathrooms – IOT technology has changed the perception of bathrooms. They are no longer restricted to being a place that focuses on personal hygiene. Apt temperature for the water and dispensing exactly the amount of water you need is something that smart bathrooms can do amongst other things.
  • Smart window treatments – Having smart shades, blinds and curtains can be extremely useful. Sometimes windows are little higher on the wall and can be difficult to reach. If they can be controlled remotely or with voice command, it becomes much more convenient. It is also a safer option if you have kids and pets at home, considering that smart blinds don’t need cords anymore, doing away with the risk of strangulation.
  • Smart security systems – If you have a smart security system, you can always check whether your windows and doors are locked and remotely lock them too. Even if you are an extremely careful person, having a smart security system that you can rely on can give some much-needed peace of mind when you’re not at home. No one wants doubts about whether they locked the doors to keep gnawing at their heads while they’re at work.

If you want to get started on IOT technology and move towards home automation you might want to look into smart home automation systems that give you the full package. It also makes sense to get a z-wave system that helps to integrate your IOT devices together. When your IOT devices feed off information from each other, you will notice a drastic improvement in their performance.

How Smart Window Treatments can improve your quality of life

Some of the benefits of smart window treatments have been mentioned earlier. But, the benefits of smart blinds or shades is not just restricted to ensuring that you don’t have to exert yourself. It also includes the ability to make your home environment as comfortable as possible.

For instance, the integration with the thermostat can be a good indicator for the shades to be drawn open or close. This also can work vice versa if need be. Integration with security systems can make sure you can remotely close your blinds too. With IOT technology it is possible for your smart lights to turn on when your smart shades close. All of this can be done without human intervention.

The most interesting aspect of IOT technology in general and smart window treatments specifically is the ability to control them through voice command. Even if your hands are busy with chores or if you don’t have your smartphone around you, you can still control your IOT devices (including window treatments with your voice).

You can use the voice command operators like Google’s Assistant, Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon’s Alexa in particular is known to be quite convenient in-home automation. With the help of an App and an Alexa voice control device you can interact with the virtual assistant to control your devices. This includes access to smart speakers, laptops, PCs, smart lights, smart kitchen appliances, thermostats, security systems and window treatments.

The commands are quite simple. In the context of window shades, your commands can be, for instance ‘Alexa, “open the blinds to 15 percent’. You can use Z-wave shades and a Smart Hub system equipped with WiFi to connect your shades to Alexa. The process is not as complicated as it sounds, and instructions are readily available.


The benefits of home automation and IOT technology is almost unparalleled in the sense that they can create a comfortable environment for you while making sure that you don’t have to manually engage in such a process. While the world moves to a full-fledged IOT home, it is important that you go right ahead and gain a first movers’ advantage.

An IOT home is almost self-sustaining in the sense that energy it may consume is energy that it previously saves by efficiently managing devices and uses them only when required. This makes them eco-friendly too.

It is natural that it may seem new and slightly daunting to engage in a completely new style of managing homes. But remember that a small step like this can give you a lifetime of comfort.

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