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5 Ways to Bring Life to Dark Corners at Home with Window Treatments


We all have some rooms or spaces in our house that are lacking in natural light because of small windows. The very idea of sitting in a room lacking light and having to live or work there can be a depressing. With the right amount of daylight entering through a window, it can have a substantial impact on your physical and mental health.Whether they are small or big, windows are a significant feature in a house due to them providing ample ventilation, bright daylight, and opening up space that they occupy. So, every window demands a complimentary window treatment to brighten up a dull space and bring life to dark corners at home.

  1. Right material

Wood: There is something attractive and soothing about the presence, look, and feel of wooden window treatments. Such treatments include: a woven wood shade, faux wood blinds, and vintage wooden plantation shutters. Whether you are creating a classic timeless look in your house or going for a trendy voguish appearance, eco-friendly wooden window treatments are an excellent choice to liven up any window and room when handled tastefully. Considering their neutral impression, natural materials have a unique texture that cannot be achieved with any synthetic substitute.

Fabric: No matter the amount of innovation and automation, nothing can still beat the ambience created by sheer curtains, especially white ones. These are made out of a broad spectrum of fabric, including gauze, cotton, voile, velvet, brocades, linen, chiffon, lace, silk, and polyester. The type of fabric used for sheer curtains plays a critical role in setting the look of your room and ensuring a bright, lively aesthetic. While selecting the fabric, always consider two things; the amount of natural light you wish to receive and the room’s setting and décor. Heavy fabrics often complement authentically stylized and well-furnished rooms, whereas sheer fabrics work best in minimalistic rooms because they allow more natural light in. If you are keen on using window drapery or sheer curtains, it is crucial to consider that direct strong sunlight fades your décor and furniture. Also, although your window treatments might appear colorful from inside, they can seem dull, patchy, and faded from an outdoor view. So, for any material you choose for your blinds, shades, and shutters, make sure that you select the best kind that optimizes the light without overdoing it.

Metallic touches on the window treatments: You can always liven up dull dim-lit space with metallic touches. Irrespective of light fixtures, artwork, or decorative objects around the window, metallic surfaces reflect maximum light, making the room appear brighter and larger.

2. Styles and colors

Be it coloured roman window shades, blinds, or shutters, you can choose from a variety of colours, textures, and patterns to make your window treatments appear distinctive and fashionable. There are lots of styles available that give your shades a different kind of fold and draping pattern which exclusively focuses on maximizing light entering into the dark areas across the house. For a brighter light, consider neutral, pastel, or light coloured shades because dark tones often absorb more light than they reflect, making dark spaces appear darker. While optimizing daylight with window treatments, don’t forget to use styles and colours that suit or contrast the rest of your décor and furniture. Use some of the following tricks while choosing the perfect colours:

Colour tones contrasting with your décor is the best possible trick you can use to implement for brightening up a room while maintaining its aesthetic. If the room is dark, go for light-coloured curtains, blinds, or coloured Roman shades that reflect more light across the dull room, whereas if the interior is already light coloured, go for pastel shades that perfectly complement the tone while attracting more daylight. Additionally, despite opting for a single-layered fabric or colour, opt for brilliant blend of both.

Light colours efficiently brighten up a dim room as they reflect more light than dark colours. So, sheer curtains should be neutral, pastel, and light shades that reflect more of the daylight entering the room. Also, for an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, the colour of your sheer curtains should be in sync with the colour of your décor, walls, and the other curtains in the room. So, choose colours that are in harmony with the interiors of your room. Nevertheless, if you wish to bring out your best sheer curtains as the focal point of the room, opt for a hue that contrasts well with walls and the rest of the décor.

3. Experiment with patterns and prints in monochrome rooms

Bathrooms often exhibit single a coloured-display of tiles and ceramics, which often looks mundane and dull if there is not a kaleidoscopic pattern. If you are stuck with such a bathroom, you surely must be looking for a break. Well, try installing large patterns, pastel-coloured, arched, and freehandedly designed blinds, such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, and shades.The added patterns and colours will creatively break the geometric monotone look and immediately brighten up the interiors of your bathroom. Consider installing modern coloured Roman shades and blinds as they let you experiment with variegated patterns, textures, and prints.Large symmetrical textures of bright colours on blinds and shades look dynamic in dark spaces with muted or monochromatic hues. Although these textures and colours are not meant to be contrasting, they harmonize simplicity and boldness.

On the other hand, if your room does not receive direct daylight, then for maximizing natural light, consider using unlined fabrics for blinds and shades. Blinds with fine prints filter out natural light more effectively than their standard monotonic designs. Such prints help accentuate light and enhance visibility in the specific area. You can also opt for woven wood shades or rattan blinds for such spaces. Since blinds are not under the direct influence of sunlight, any material used on the window treatment in this space is going to be long-lasting.

4. Draw attention to the room size

Striped blinds often make a small dim room appear wider or higher than it originally is. If the dark space had the advantage of a high ceiling, use coloured Roman shades with horizontal stripes that call attention to the ceiling height. Additionally, if you have an enclosed room with small windows and a low ceiling, opt mainly for curtains that are wider than your windows. Hang multiple long sheers right from the top of the ceiling to the floor. This strategic design creates an illusion of a high ceiling and large windows, making the room appear bigger and brighter. Also, for ensuring the look of a bright and big space, place tall furniture and décor on a wall such that it is perpendicular to the window. In small closed environments, this trick ensures maximum inflow of daylight and it will give a spacious appearance.

When comes to accentuating the size of and light in the room, try illuminating it by focusing the incoming light on the walls or the ceiling. This helps reflect maximum light instead of simply focusing it on one point. For this reason, swap heavier window treatments with lighter ones, such as drapery and venetian blinds, as they help direct the incoming daylight upward on the ceiling.

5. Clean the surrounding space

Irrespective of the size of the room and the number of windows in it, you can always maximize the daylight entering your house by opening the windows wide open and uncluttering the room. Move any furniture and décor from beside the window, to a darker corner of the room, such that it doesn’t block natural light entering in. For brightening and livening up the room, you can also put plants on or next to the windowsill. Floating shelves, mounted one above the other on a wall, let extra light pass and reflect through them. Glass door cabinets and narrow-legged chairs also effectively create aluminous effect. Attracting more natural light into dark enclosed spaces isn’t as easy as it sounds, but with proper window treatments, strategic design, and decor skills, you can brighten up any dull room in the house. The biggest thing to remember is to bring in and reflect light through bright airy colours in the room.

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