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5 Ways To Create A Warm Welcoming Home

5 Ways To Create A Warm Welcoming Home

Window Treatments – A Key Determinant in Creating a Pleasing Home

A home is the physical manifestation of a person’s or a family’s comfort zone. Homes extend beyond the notional and functional concept of shelter to a place where you develop a sense of belonging. People dedicate months of their time in giving their home the right aesthetic so that its soothing to the eyes and puts people in the right headspace. Naturally, it also helps that a warm and welcoming home can help with making your guests and visitors feel comfortable too.

A major aspect of creating a warm and nurturing home involves the usage of decorative elements to enhance and change the ambience of any room. A key part of these decorative elements are window treatments. They have a massive impact on the beauty of a home because of the unique and integral position they occupy. They have the ability to control the amount of light that enters a room. Illumination or the lack of it can completely change the perspective of a home. Furthermore, window treatments come in different designs, fabric, material, colours, pattern, and textures, giving you the ability to add a graceful twist to the vibe your home already has. Not to mention, you also get other key functional benefits like privacy and insulation. With home automation doing the rounds, smart window treatments can be a wonderful quality of life update too.

Tips on Determining the Right Window Treatment to use to create an Inviting Home

Before getting into specific window treatments that you can consider getting for your home, it is necessary to discuss some general tips on improving the aesthetic of your home with window treatments. This is primarily because you can use almost any window treatment and your options are endless. Additionally, each room is different and everyone’s personal preferences vary too.

  • Using Bright Colours – The benefit of using bright colours is not just that its ornamental but it also implies that you don’t lose too much brightness when the shades, curtains or blinds are lowered or drawn. The lack of sunlight can make a room look dull. However, you may have no choice but to counter excessive sunlight by using the window treatment to block them. If your window treatment has bright colours, the lack of brightness will not be an issue.
  • Keeping the décor of the room in mind – One of the straightjacket ways of ensuring that you have a stylish and artistic presence in your home is through the coordination of your décor. For instance, you can go for different shades of the same colour to match your walls, furniture and window treatments. On the flipside, you can use contrasting colours to match the décor and your window treatments. The aim is to make sure that everything in the room must be equally represented without overpowering anything else (unless you want to hide a part of your room or highlight something as the centrepiece).
  • Consider longer window treatments – Have you ever felt like your room is missing something despite having everything you wanted? This can be fixed by adding some volume to the room. You can try some ceiling to floor window treatments like drapes and sheer curtains to add some shape to the room. You can even use valances for this job as well. If you don’t have this problem, sticking to custom window treatments is highly recommended.

Window treatments that can help you create a warm and welcoming home

  • Sheer Shades – Sheer shades are associated with warmth and a sense of cosiness. They are also considered to be extremely beautiful window treatments. This is not only attributable to their classic and elegant design, but also because of the overall impact on a room. To put it bluntly, sheer shades are selfless. They filter the sunlight in a manner which helps you strike the ideal balance between excessive sunlight (which can be harsh) and no sunlight at all. This brightens up the whole room and highlights the rest of your décor and the sheer shades can greatly complement any room. They are prevalent in kitchens and dining rooms.
  • Curtain – The airy nature of curtains automatically gives them the reputation of being a part of a nurturing and soothing home. Adding vibrant fabric can always do wonders to any room. What is also great is that curtains are extremely versatile. They come in different colours, patterns, texture and fabric. There are also different designs you can use as well. For instance, you can look into single panel curtains, café curtains, pleated curtains, grommet curtains etc. There are many sub-categories within curtains itself. For example, pleated curtains include pinch pleats, box pleats, goblet pleats etc.
  • Natural Woven Shades – Woven shades present an interesting aesthetic to a home because of their natural touch. There are a lot of people who prefer a rustic and slightly primitive look to go with their modern homes. A key element of bring beauty into a home is incorporating decorative elements that represent nature. Natural woven shades can do just that. They are also light and easy to use. These kinds of window shades can adapt to any room (bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms etc).
  • Faux wooden blinds – If you’re interested in the rustic look and are looking for something along the lines of natural woven shades, faux wooden blinds are also something you can consider. Unlike real wooden blinds they are made out of PVC. However, this makes them more durable, lighter, and affordable- without having to lose out on the natural look of wooden blinds. They also come in different finishes, ensuring versatility.
  • Vertical blinds – A key aspect of maintaining a natural aesthetic is ensuring that your window treatment is symmetric and fits proportionally with your windows. If you have larger windows or patio doors, vertical blinds make for a much better fit than traditional venetian blinds.


The best advice that is often giving to anyone looking to decorate their home is not to over think it and not to sacrifice functionality for beauty. For instance, if you’re in need of a room darkening window treatment like blackout blinds, you can get a lighter shade to offset the darkening. It boils down to personal preference. Hopefully you have a clearer idea on how to create a warm and nurturing home.

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