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5 Ways to Create an Open and Bright Space with Window Treatments


Is there is a room or space in your house that looks just too dim due to small windows? Do you feel dull just at the thought of sitting there and working? Well, how productive or comfortable can you really be in such dark surroundings? Of course, not much. On the other hand, if there is a room in your house that receives just too much of daylight, making you squint your eyes every time you enter, would you really feel that comfortable? Would you have your privacy in that space either? Of course not. The right amount of daylight entering through a window has substantial impact on your health as well as the interior of your house.

The significance of windows in a house can never simply be understated for three crucial reasons: 1) ample ventilation, 2) bright light, and 3) open space. Hence, every window demands a perfectly complementing window treatment. Without a doubt, considering the latest trend of smart home automation, you would instantly opt for smart blinds, shutters, and shades that give your house a creative modernized touch. But no degree of innovation can overshadow the magical touch brought by classic and authentic sheer curtains.

In the modern times of automation, these classic sheer curtains are often neglected as window treatments, but they are indeed versatile, and when designed thoughtfully, they can make stylish window coverings. Additionally, sheer curtains are extremely functional and beneficial. Why? Due to the following reasons:

  1. They make any room look brighter and more capacious
  2. They are lightweight and translucent, hence perfectly diffuse the sunlight and soften the overall lighting
  3. They ensure daytime privacy in the house
  4. Their softness, texture, and breezy movement enhance the ambience of any room
  5. When chosen appropriately, they blend in with your décor, making your house look rich and artistically designed
  6. In case of more than one windows, sheer curtains restore uniformity
  7. They do not entirely block out light, air, or view, but do keep some of the outside heat and harmful sunrays at bay

So, how do we correctly and creatively install them to achieve that pleasant look? Here we have decoded some of the secrets exclusively for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to create an open and bright space with sheer curtains.

  1. Color choices: making or breaking the space

Light colors efficiently brighten up a dim room as they reflect more light than dark colors. So, sheer curtains should be of neutral, pastel, and light shades that reflect more of the daylight entering and brighten up the space. Also, for aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, the color of your sheer curtains should be in sync with the color of your décor, walls, and/or other curtains in the room. So, choose colors that are in harmony with the interiors of your room. Nevertheless, if you wish to bring out your best sheer curtains as the focal point of the room, opt for a hue that contrasts well with walls and the rest of the décor.

  • Selecting the right fabric

Sheer curtains are made out of broad spectrum of fabric, such as gauze, cotton, voile, velvet, brocades, linen, chiffon, lace, silk, and polyester. The fabric type plays a critical role in setting the look of your room and ensuring bright lively aesthetics. There are two main aspects to be considered while choosing the right fabric:

  • The quantity of natural light you wish to receive
  • The room setting and décor, such as heavy fabrics often perfectly complement authentically stylized and well-furnished rooms, whereas sheer fabrics are known to work best in minimalistic rooms
  • Scarfing up the sheers

With sheer curtain scarf, you now have the freedom to add style and elegance to any window in the house. Due to their lightweight and breezy qualities, they can be easily draped over curtain rods, whereas extra fabric hanging over the sides offers modern rich look. When it comes to scarfing, you can always use two or more sheer curtains together wherein their colors and texture complement each other. The window scarves can also be enriched with many drapery panels to give you enhanced functionality and ample yet subtle natural light.

  • Jazzing up with thick curtains/drapes

If your room receives too much direct sunlight, then sheer curtains alone may not suffice. A combination of sheer curtains with thick block-out curtains, block-out roller blinds, or roman/venetian blinds could be a great way to control lighting and have privacy.

On sunny days, sheer curtains diffuse and soften the entering sunlight, which ensures perfectly bright and open ambience, whereas thick block-out curtains block majority of light. Thus, an ultimate blend of the two gives you optimum light control and enhanced energy efficiency. This dual curtain style also offers insulation benefits as well as privacy without fully blocking out light when the block-out curtains are open. In the daytime, you get easy access to plenty of sunlight through transparent sheers. Contrastingly, in the night or during movie time with your family or friends, you get complete privacy as the outside light is fully blocked by thick curtains.

Of note, the color combination of the duo is an important aesthetic feature. Consider opting for contrasting colors, i.e., light shades for sheers and darker ones for block-out curtains. Also, for making the best of your windows, let this contrast be in accordance with the color of walls and décor.

  • Illusion of higher ceiling

If you have an enclosed room with small windows and/or low ceiling, opt for sheer curtains that are wider than your windows. Hang multiple long sheers right from the top of the ceiling to the floor. This strategic design creates an illusion of high ceiling and large windows, making the room appear bigger and much brighter with ample place. Also, for ensuring such bright and big space illusion, place tall furniture and décor on a wall such that it is perpendicular to the window. In small closeted environment, this ensures maximum inflow of daylight and spacious appearance.

Pro tip:

To bring out the best of your dim room, design it with reflective surfaces along with light-shaded sheer curtains. Consider installing decorative mirror on the wall opposite to the window to optimize the sunlight. You can also consider using semi-reflective surfaces, such as glass-top coffee table, glossy vases, and lamps. This hack makes your room look much more extensively spacious.

Classic sheer curtains are known for proffering soft enthralling natural lighting that is probably difficult to achieve with any other curtain type. When it comes to decorating windows with sheer curtains, creativity knows no bounds. There is not really one standard way to install sheer curtains. While formal rooms and houses might be better complemented with silk curtains and velvet ropes, when modern smart homes are concerned, interior designers often prefer experimenting with sheer fabrics that add artistic fascinating charm to windows and make rooms and dimly lit spaces appear brighter, airier, and more spacious than usual. So, let your creativity run wild to reflect your artistic finesse or simply consult interior designers and professionals to get more ideas.

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