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5 Ways To Create The Perfect Staycation at Home


If there is one thing this pandemic has made us miss the most, it is the thrill of vacations. Laying on the beach, tanning in the sun, sipping a piña colada while being away from the busy round-the-clock schedule of life. Vacations are always full of laughter, relaxation, and adventure. They are a must nowadays to catch a break and blow off some steam. It’s been over a year since the pandemic began, and you have been eagerly waiting to set out in the open again to get away, unwind, reconnect with nature, and enjoy your own and loved ones’ company. So what if we told you that you can have just the perfect vacation at your home itself? A staycation, if you will! Sounds impractical? Wait. First, hear us out!

By using home design elements, perfect décor and furniture, theme, and  chic window treatments, you can now have the luxury and fashion vacation features within the walls of your house! So, pull out some sunscreen and pour some daiquiris because it’s time to turn your house into staycation getaway.

  1. Decluttering to destress

Start by tidying up your house to feel more relaxed and stress-free. Decluttering goes a long way to give you a resort-like perfection. To begin with, sort through your décor, miscellaneous items, and storage to get rid of unwanted, not-in-use things. While decluttering, keep an image of a well-sort open resort in your mind, as it is open and spacious which highlights decorative and aesthetically pleasing items that make the most of the space. As simple as it may sound, decluttering helps create a sense of lightness, spaciousness, freshness, and clarity one needs.

2. Colour palette

To bring out the staycation look, focus on using bold colours with soft shades that complementtheairy textiles and wooden décor. Be it on décor, walls, or window treatments, colours immediately alter the overall mood of your house, creating a perfect vibe. Shades, such as blues, lavender, greens, turquoise, yellow, whites, or dusty earthy tones, will remind you of ocean getaways or holidays spent silently among nature, which effectively induces relaxation. Although the colours are bold, consider using their soft shades, as stronger colours create a feeling of a busier and crowded household, whereas soft tones help to keep it light and comforting. Considering using a different window and door finishes for highlighting materials or creating a stylish blended natural, yet subtle look.

3. Adding window treatments

Imagine you are on a beach surrounded by golden sunshine, gorgeous golden–purple–red hues of oceanic sky, and the warmth of sand under your feet as you lay underneath palm and coconut trees.You don’t just have to imagine.With window treatments and perfectly complimenting décor, you can bring the same feeling into your house with perfect optimal day lighting and ventilation.

There are several window treatments you can invest in. Resorts and five-star hotels often install blackout curtains coupled with sheer drapes for an ideal night’s sleep, where the sheer drapes allow a scenic, panoramic view and natural light during the daytime. If authentic curtains do not stand up to your taste, you can simply go for fiber-woven, wood, rattan, or roman shades along with a fabric-lined curtain panels for creating the perfect light pattern in your house.

Be it being on a beach, secluded among mountains, or some remote location away from city life, you can recreate your staycation experience at home just the way you want it. Although you might not have actual vacay-views outside your window, you can anytime create spellbinding focal points by sorting out and rearranging your layouts for making the most of beach or mountain-like art with fascinating architectural elements for your window treatments.

4. Draperies and curtains

Lightweight and neutral-coloured drapes and curtains are one of the best staycation ideas for highlighting windows in your home. They flow freely with the breeze, without letting excess direct sunlight in. Layer them up with each other or couple them with window film, tint, shades, shutters, etc., to get better sun protection without having to sacrifice on a nice cool breeze and soft daylight.

Draperies are an amazing traditional window treatments. If you have dark-coloured or heavy draperies, swap them for something lighter and fresh, with resort-inspired patterns and designs in mind. Sheer fabrics with island-inspired colours create the feel like the ocean, whereas tropical or floral prints bring out the soothing experience of being in a remote mountain trail while enjoying the full-blown spring season. Simultaneously, you might want to consider blending sheer curtains with thick black-out draperies, or bright window shades to give you more privacy and relaxing hours with your loved ones, just like they have it at resorts.

5. Classic beachy window shutters

What is more iconic for creating a beach feel than a wooden element on window treatments, such as woven wood shutters with bright window shades such as faux wood blinds? The beautiful timeless façade of wood makes you feel as if you are surrounded by the nature itself, which is substantial in creating relaxing, calm, and vacation-like feeling. For your shutters, choosing soft calm colours, such as earthy brown, white, or hues of light blue enhances the tranquility you wish to flow across the house. Swing the shutters and windows fully open to bring in maximum sunlight or close the shutters with the slats open tilted down to create your own daytime vacay-mood. Amazing light-control functionalities of vintage and plantation shutters make them an awesome staycation home idea for window treatments.

Soft sandy bright window shades and blinds

The colour brown has its own magic when incorporated tastefully across the house. Coloured shades such as earthy or sandy brown and tans, make you feel like you are lying on a remote island with your family and enjoying paradise. But when these same colours are highlighted across the house on roman or cellular shades, you are bound to feel like being on a staycation. Woven wood shades and blinds create a great tropical natural feeling. With a plethora of colour, designs and weaves to choose from, you can now design your home to feel like anywhere from the Fiji Islands to the Bahamas.

  • Turning the bathroom into a spa

Vacations are incomplete without having a relaxing spa session. So, why not get a traditional spa experience in your personal bathroom at home? Indulge in scented bath oils, candles, and a glass of rich wine while you pamper yourself with a self-care routine surrounded by elegant bath decorum. For a resort-like experience, put plants in your bathroom, some relaxing music, and perfect lighting with smart window treatments for setting the right mood. Aromas such as bergamot, lavender, or chamomile essential oils in a diffuser help set the perfect tranquil ambience you crave while on a vacation.

  • Getting your greens right

So far, you have understood everything you need to turn your house into a perfect staycation spot: trendy lighting, appropriate window treatments, bathroom therapy, vintage yet modern furniture, and art pieces hanging on your wall. But wait, do you still feel your home lacks that real-life touch which connects you to something deeper in nature or within yourself? If yes, then it is time to get some houseplants and breathe life into your walls. Although plants bring serenity, a peaceful vibe, and fresh feel into the house, it is extremely important to pick the right plants for the corners you wish to spruce up.

Layer up several plants potted in various sized pots in corners, or hang them from the ceiling to highlight a tropical setting right in your house. Go ahead and place a bowl of oranges and lemons on the tabletop with a crisp, lively fragrance for a hint of touch .You can also dedicate a small room/balcony exclusively with plants. In case your house lacks this green thumb, go a little unconventional and put on wallpapers, art pieces, or other relevant items with the green, natural, outdoorsy vibe. Rattan, wicker, and such natural elements are in demand as they give out strong resort-like vibe. Blend your indoor green surrounding with chairs and tables designed with natural elements for soothing results. Oh, and don’t forget, open your windows wide open and let the sunshine and breeze in for a fresh feel!

As social distancing and quarantining have become common due to the ongoing pandemic, our homes are transitioning. Places such as offices, entertainment zones, gyms, and even staycation spots, are becoming part of the new home-centered lifestyle. You thus deserve a vacation every single day! For this, designing staycation spots throughout your home will surely help you fully relax, refresh, and connect with yourself and loved ones.

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