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5 Ways to Improve Your Patio in 2021


How to Use your Patio Space

A patio in the backyard of your house is a great space that can be put to multiple uses when the weather permits. A nice sunny day outside is what most of us crave for after the prolonged spell of cold. As spring sets in the weather starts to improve. The trees start getting their leaves back and little flowers start to blossom again as the world around sheds off its white shroud and embraces colors again. It is the perfect time to leave the four walls of the house and steps out in the open. The breath of fresh air, the greenery all around and the chirping of birds is rejuvenating and refreshing. In the last one year, with the pandemic ravaging through the countries, this slice of outside space has become the only connect people had with the outside world. It is the space where kids play, adults spend their ‘me’ time reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee or where you bond with friends over beer and barbeques on a warm afternoon or evening. It is the area to entertain people and enjoy and you will find that between lounging, family meals, barbequing and entertaining, the patio is utilized frequently and becomes a much loved part of the house.

How to Enhance the Look & Feel of your Patio

Given that patio is an important part of your house, like the rest of the home they do deserve much attention. Update and upgrade them occasionally as an old and out-dated patio will not be attractive. It should be well maintained and taken care of so that it can make you time outside an enjoyable and comfortable one. We are here to help you in upgrading and revamping the look and feel of your patios.


Color Palette

Choose the color palette for your patio wisely. You would want to create a cheerful and joyful ambiance outdoors that will make the most of the sunshine to transform your outdoor space into a happy oasis for you and your family. Bright whites and neutral sand tones are the preferred choice of colors of the patio as the sunlight gets reflected on the white paint, reducing heat absorption creating a tranquil ambiance.

Safeguarding Privacy

Peeping neighbors and passerby can be a big nuisance and trespass on your private moments with your family and friends. You feel your space has been intruded upon if you find outsiders taking a peek into what you thought to be an intimate time. You can try adding high fences to cut out view from the outside or for the sitting space you can try adding some outdoor blinds and shades. These are perfect for protecting your sitting area from the natural elements like harsh rays of the sun, sudden rain and wind. Exterior solar shade, outdoor roller shades and exterior roll up shades are best suited for patios, porches, decks and pergolas. They will help control the temperature within and keep the prying eyes out. They also add a touch of elegance and class to your outdoor space.


Outdoor space is associated with lots of greenery. After being cooped up within the four walls of the house, the reason why you want to step out is to take in fresh air and to let your eyes feast on the gorgeous greenery that has a calming effect on your mind and soothes the eyes. Apart from grass you can try adding landscape detailing with potted or hanging plants. You can grow flowers and that will add pops of color to the space. You can even create a wall garden on one side to create a beautiful eye soothing ambiance outside.

Breakfast Nook or Outdoor Dining Space

If you budget permits and you have a preferred corner in the patio you can create your own outdoor dining space that will make eating and dining a classy and enjoyable affair. Even if you cannot go for an elaborate fine dining set up you can create a breakfast nook. Invest in some weather resistant furniture and a small table, throw in some cushions and surround the space with some decorative plants and you have a beautiful set up to enjoy your meals. You can make it a point to have your breakfast outside each day with your newspaper, fresh up of coffee and bowl of fruits or at least once a week you can arrange for a family meal outside to make it special, as and when the climate permits.

Outdoor Lighting

To create a cosy and elegant patio ambiance proper lighting is important. During the morning hours you have natural light but once the sun goes down you will need lights to light up the dark space. Nothing too bright but a soft warm glow is a great way to create an ethereal ambiance. When you are entertaining guests or if you want to sit out to enjoy the gorgeous weather you can use lanterns or string lights for added interest and beauty.

These are but few of the many ways you can spice up your patio space and create added interest to make your stay outside a comfortable, enjoyable and soothing experience.

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