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5 Ways To Take Advantage of Your Recessed Windows

5 Ways To Take Advantage of Your Recessed Windows

Windows are an important element of home decor that is also one of the most sensitive portions of the house. With time, we also learn how to design them for our benefit. However, there are certain types of windows that are unconventional and may pose an architectural challenge for us when we just move into a new living space. I’m talking about recessed windows: those that are recessed into the wall, creating a lot of empty space. This can either give you an opportunity to upscale this unique design space or pose a difficult situation. How do you prevent them from becoming a disaster? In this section, we tell you everything that you can do to take full advantage of the situation and make your recessed windows look all the more appealing and stylish. They can turn amazingly functional too. Just follow whatever I say in this blog, and a superb new space awaits you in your abode.

How Can You Design a Recessed Window Space for Maximum Benefit?

1. Build a Window Seat: A window that is recessed into the wall may be very advantageous if you want a space where you can just sit and relax, watching the front garden or the raindrops fall on your porch, with a coffee mug in hand. This might work just like a bay window. You may have some scope of including a window seat and creating an additional piece of furniture without taking up much space in the room. This will be a design marvel, and you can experiment with seat covers in different designs and colors to get you a perfect space for weekend relaxation. A few other things that you can do with a recessed window seat: get cushions and throw in some cushions.
Window Seat
2. Get the Right Window Treatments: Getting window treatments that cover the entire outside frame should work out well for recessed windows, although blinds an inside mount frame would also be good. It all depends on how aesthetic the design is, as well as the depth of the recessed window. Ideally, a window seat covered with suitable drapery panels should be absolutely fine. They create a modern appearance, and when complemented by design and a riot of colors, they will add a whole new dimension for your home decor.

What else, you ask? Maybe this is the right time for you to indulge in some mixing and matching of window treatments. There are few occasions when we get to style the windows the way we want, and recessed windows bring up this opportunity. Why not have shutters or wooden vinyl blinds mounted inside the frame, and then cover them up by contrasting curtains. There is no way you would compromise on the insulation effects a combination of these window treatments would bring, besides a fabulous play on colors and design.
Roman Shades for Recessed Windows
3. Build a Space for Plants and Flowers: Many of us want to turn our home into a hub of nature, but the quandary many of us face is in deciding where to keep the flowers and plants. A shortage of space is an issue in smaller apartments. A recessed window creates a good amount of space to bring in some indoor plants which will also be in direct exposure of the sun when you open your blinds. This is a rather inexpensive way to design your window space.
Indoor Plants for Recessed Windows
4. A Magazine Showcase: A recessed window space has a lot of space to store items other than flower pots or a little vegetable garden. A small bookshelf where you can stack your magazines and current reads would be a good idea. It would be easy to retrieve them and read simultaneously in the same seat. Imagine the convenience it entails and the amount of space it saves in the other areas of the house!

5. An External Window Treatment: Why not? It will serve as a delicious combination: a window etched deep into the wall recess, and an exterior roller shade or a plantation shutter protecting the indoors while also enhancing the curb appeal. The design and aesthetic element would work wonderfully well both ways. While you are at it, consider board and batten shutters or awnings too if you are in the mood for some experimenting.

Final note: Recessed windows offer a unique design in any home, and while they may pose a challenge to some homeowners, an interior decorator would seem tremendous potential in them for coming up with an unconventional and appealing indoor space. Choose the right window treatments, make use of the space to create a window seat with cushions and pillows, or add some indoor plants for a soothing and relaxing appeal.

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