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5 Ways To Use Dark Blinds To Accent Your Windows

5- Ways To Use Dark Blinds To Accent Your Windows

Have you wondered how to give the décor in your home a makeover to accentuate the look and feel of the interiors of your house? There are many aspects you can change, enhance, or experiment with. Windows can be an important cog in your bid to add some gusto to the appearance of the interiors. However, people often overlook the importance and effectiveness of well-decorated windows.

If you dress-up your windows right, you can make the décor of your home stand out. There are various creative ways in which you can adorn the windows in your house. A wide range of window treatment products and related drapery is readily available. You can take your pick depending on your requirements for the house and your style quotient. If you have a specific look in mind that you want to achieve for the interiors of your house, it will be a good starting point for further considerations.

Why Dressing Up the Windows is Important?

Windows aren’t just our doorway into the outside world or an inlet for welcoming the morning Sun or the pleasant breeze of fresh air. Windows also form an integral part of the home architecture. Windows are the focal point of the décor inside a room. Barren windows can ruin the look but if you dress them up well, the windows can elevate the appeal of the interiors. Dressing the windows with window coverings also allows you to block the outside heat, filter the light entering the house to reduce glare and damage due to UV exposure. This ensures a comfortable environment inside the house.

Blinds are a good way of dressing up your windows. Not only do these window coverings look elegant and classy but they are also easy to install and maintain. Blinds are versatile and never look out of place, irrespective of whether you install them at your home or workplace. Since these blinds are available in a large variety of materials and colors, finding the ones which you feel are the right fit for your place, isn’t a problem. Dark Blinds are a popular choice and are favored by many for spotlighting the interiors of the house. The key is to know how to work with the dark blinds. You can be creative and use various combinations with the dark blinds to heighten their effect.

5 Ways to Use Dark Blinds to Accent Your Windows

Dark blinds look just as graceful and elegant as any other type of blinds with an added advantage of reducing glare or heat gain more effectively. But, thinking of adorning your windows only from the perspective of what window coverings you dress them up with can be uni-dimensional and less fun. You can achieve a greater effect if you also include situational awareness, the background, and use other things to pair them up with the blinds. To help you get started on that, here are five unique ways in which you can use the dark blinds to make your windows stand out and look more agreeable.

• Paint your wall white or in a lighter hue: Light background helps the dark blinds stand out. White or light-colored walls not only make the room look brighter but also bigger. This will also make other items of decoration inside the room look more prominent. With a white or light background, items such as the furniture, showpieces, etc. around the window together with the dark blinds create a good contrast and help you achieve the desired effect.

• Use curtains or drapery along with the blinds: Dark blinds by themselves are a great option to accentuate and dress up your windows. However, if you add curtains or similar drapery on both sides of the blinds, the blinds look more prominent and hence their effect also gets heightened. You can use contrast curtains or even sheer or semi-sheer curtains for better contrast. You can play with various exciting color combinations as replacing the curtains is pretty straightforward and not so costly either. This is a great advantage to have as you are not limited by your initial choice. You can always make subsequent changes whenever you feel like altering the décor of the room.
Installing Curtains Over Blinds
• Use printed or patterned blinds: Solid blinds are somber and have aesthetic prudence of their own but sometimes you can get bored out of minimalism. Using printed or patterned dark blinds can prove to be an exciting change. You can opt for unique and bold patterns if you want an offbeat vibe or can go for more mainstream or classic prints and patterns as well in case you want something more subtle and less unconventional. You can also use printed curtains to pair with solid dark blinds to create a beautiful contrast that will surely accent your window.
Roman Blinds
• Keep the area around the window, less cluttered: If you want to do the interiors of the house in a way that makes the windows in the room, the focal point of the theme and décor, removing the distractions will be a good idea. You can do this by decluttering the area near the window. If you have overcrowded the space around the window with showpieces, paintings, furniture, etc., just move some of that to other parts of the room or the house. Doing this will lend a more open look to the window and if you dress it up with dark blinds, the windows will get all the limelight.

• Add valances or cornices to the windows: Another way to highlighting the windows is to add beautiful valances or cornices to the windows. Doing this has twin benefits. On one hand, the valances or the cornices accent the windows and at the same time, these also hide the mounting mechanism and the headrails of the dark blinds you have installed on the window. This will give a clean look to the windows and also make them more dramatic. If you want to give a structured and classic appeal to the windows, you can opt for wooden valances. These wooden valances look great and can be modified in various shapes for a more ornate allure.
Scalloped Valances
Dark blinds are high on utility, protect your privacy and at the same time give that aesthetically stimulating edge that you want for your home décor. You don’t always need to do things the usual way; sometimes the unusual is way more fun. You can try decorating your windows using interesting and creative ideas you come up with. The above-mentioned ways are just a few and can be a good point to start.

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