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5 Window Covering Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings That Allow Easy Access and Control

5 Window Covering Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings That Allow Easy Access and Control

Vaulted Ceiling Window Coverings For the Ultimate Luxury

Vaulted ceilings are a great architectural element to any interior because of their incredibility and uniqueness. Basically, it’s a ceiling that is built with a self-supporting arch. Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, having a vaulted ceiling may be a great idea as it can make a space look bigger without putting too much effort. Drawing the eyes upwards to create a sense of interest and spaciousness, vaulted ceilings add drama to your place. They offer your space with certain grandeur while impacting your decor significantly, creating a wow-factor. Though vaulted ceilings are a great addition to your interior but they create some big problems too. They allow harsh sunlight and glare to enter your home. Imagine lying in bed on a lazy morning or when you are lounging on the couch after a long day at work, and looking at the bright vaulted ceiling can affect your sleep majorly. Covering them with the right solution can help you to get rid of these problems.

Vaulted ceilings are hard to decorate because of their unique construction and position. And we believe that nothing can beat the versatility and flexibility of window coverings in this scenario. When the direct daylight and heat fluctuation make your interior uncomfortable and unbearable to stay in, only a blind or shade can help you out. They will efficiently block out the harmful rays without ruining the beauty of your vaulted ceilings. Integrating modern technology and innovation will offer these coverings easy access and control of everything. Knowing the right design solution will solve all the dilemmas of the vaulted ceilings, providing luxury and a high level of convenience.

Take a look at these top five vaulted ceiling window treatment ideas and how to enhance the look and functionality of this stunning decorative element!

What are the Best Window Treatments for Vaulted Ceilings?

• Cellular Shades:

Cellular window coverings offer your vaulted ceilings clean and modern aesthetics that will build a long-lasting impression on your overall home decor. According to the interior designers, windows on vaulted ceilings allow a lot of heat to pass through, making your indoors overheated or cool depending on the outside climate condition. But these insulating window treatments will keep the inside temperature balanced and ideal throughout the day. What is most amazing about these shades is that they are available in motorized features that help you to move them smartly using a remote control or smartphone, giving you precise control of how much light is streaming into your home, preserving privacy and creating a comfy atmosphere.

• Natural Shades:

If you are planning to give the interior a nature-friendly retreat through vaulted ceilings, then opt for natural woven shades. They create a refined look for your interior, bringing the ultimate warmth and sophistication. From blocking the sunlight to providing insulation, the shades work smoothly and efficiently for your arena. Made of non-toxic elements make them safe to use. Customize them from a range of colors and design choices to give your ceiling windows a phenomenal stylish appeal. Want your shades to flawlessly move up and down at the push of a button? Then integrate motorization into the coverings and enjoy easy access and control from anywhere in your room.

• Drapery:

Window draperies are the most traditional way of decorating vaulted ceilings as they look dramatic and regal. To create a grandeur feel, customize them with the right decorative hues and texture choices. Though they are popular for their fashionable look, in terms of functionality, they do a wonderful job for your place. Adding valances will help in styling your drapery to the next level. Drapery may be a bit more complicated to control as they aren’t often available in motorization. For a high up window, you would operate them with a pole or similar.

• Roman Shades:

If you wish to give vaulted ceilings the softness of fabric drapes but with a more tailored look, try roman shades on them which are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. They are one of the sleekest window treatments that let you achieve a luxurious feeling while being in your comfort zone. Their astounding beauty will create spectacular vibes throughout the indoor. Opening and closing the shades at a particular time of the day will surely draw your attention to them. And adding motorization will add another layer of depth and interest to your ceiling. Installing these solid roman shades will help your vaulted ceiling the focal point of your space.

• Solar Shades:

A perfect choice if your vaulted ceiling allows too much light and the sun heat. They are manufactured to keep all the unwanted rays and glare out of the home. Motorization allows smooth functionality and lets the shades open and close automatically. Mount them to create a modernized look for the ceilings.
No matter what window coverings you choose for your vaulted ceiling, customizing them with the right style and integrating motorization will help them to be a focal point in your home. Each corner of your house needs to be pampered, and so these vaulted ceilings. Use any of the above ideas to show off your style while creating an impressive statement!

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