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5 Window Shades Made of Natural Materials for Green Living

5 Window Shades Made Of Natural Materials For Green Living

Natural Window Shades for Green Living

The simplest way to integrate green living is to decorate your home arena with multiple sustainable products. Making home eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising your own style by adding some monotonous or neutral finishes. In recent times, you have a wider range of product choices to fit the simplest to the most exquisite home design. But moving towards a green lifestyle doesn’t only include wooden furniture, rock wall, or placing tree pots near the doors and windows. To make your space more warm, versatile, and welcoming, you need to focus on the other parts of your home as well. Start with the doors and windows as they play a huge role to connect us with the outside world. They let sunlight and fresh breeze to enter your home, making your space comfy and pleasing throughout the day. But excess daylight can bring hassle and discomfort, and that’s why covering them with the right solution is essential. Blinds and shades are the best ways to prevent the harsh daylight while keeping your indoor at consistent temperatures. Do you know that you can add the touch of natural elegance to your windows as well through these window coverings? Modern technology and innovation have made it possible to include natural substances in your blinds for a healthy green living. There is plenty number of natural window shades available in the world of window fashion that are made of natural materials. Natural window treatments are the perfect combination of sophistication and grace, offer various functional values to your space. Make them a part of your home décor and brighten up your space in an understated way while enjoying their endless benefits.
Natural Window Shades

Top Five Natural Window Shades for an Eco-friendly Appeal

Natural woven shades fill your rooms with warmth, a soft glow and natural radiance that help to weave magic in your living space. They help create an inviting and cozy living experience for you that you look forward to coming back to at the end of each day.

There are a number of sustainable and eco-friendly window coverings you can choose from for your homes. Get them customized to fit your windows. All these blinds are made of bamboo, grass, jute, and other natural materials that offer a fresh look to the home. Unique specifications and advantages offered by these amazing natural-made window solutions are perfect to create a fashion statement for your interior.

Natural Cordless Woven Wood Blinds Crown

These superior wooden blinds from top-notched brand Crown are the perfect way to add dimension to your place. Enrich the look of the windows by customizing these blinds from an assortment of colors, textures, and design options. These blinds ensure the perfect light blocking while creates a comfortable indoor ambiance. From offering insulation to privacy, these blinds make a remarkable choice for your windows. The cordless mechanism ensures safety for your little ones by eliminating the strangulation of window cords. Easy to operate and bring exotic beauty inside your home. Made of superior quality materials not only give your aesthetics a natural vibe but also ensure longevity and sturdiness of the window designs. Install these window treatments and uplift the beauty of your entire home décor to the next level.

• 2 Inch Elite Graber Wood Blinds

Besides appreciating a natural appearance for your windows, if you wish to add a glossy finishing touch to the overall décor, then opt for these amazing Graber wood blinds. Made from 100% North American hardwood, these blinds are a perfect choice for integration in your home décor. Light blocking capabilities while providing your interior privacy and insulation, these window treatments become a must-have choice among most of the homeowners. Get them installed for an attractive and sustainable window look.
Graber Elite Wood Blinds

• Tradewinds Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades

If you want to create an earthy-feeling for your windows while allowing natural diffused daylight to enter your space, then opt for these Light Filtering Natural Shades. A wide range of hues and texture options come with these shades to ensure a polished appearance that uplifts the entire looks of the interiors of your home. Materials such as bamboo, sisal, grass, jute, and slits are used in the making of these shades. The light filtering option converts the harsh daylight into the soft and smooth glowing rays, creating a pleasing and relaxing indoor atmosphere. Whether you are looking for casual elegance or a formal look, these blinds can blend with any decor. These shades come in different control options which include cordless and motorized lift functions that assure an efficient and smooth functionality. Get them installed and empower the look of the windows now.
Light Filtering Bamboo Shades

• 2-inch Traditions Graber Wood Blinds

The pure wooden finish brings value and sophistication to the windows. From blocking out the direct daylight to offering privacy, these blinds are the true example of creating a green living. Customizing the blinds from a wider range of texture, patterns, and design options will give the windows an enriched and seamless look. Easy to install and operate, and a perfect way to invite the natural freshness inside your home.

• Tradewinds Graber Sheer Natural Shades

These Sheer Natural Shades are the ultimate beauties for your windows and homes. Made of bamboo silt, bamboo reed, jute, grass material, they infuse warmth and a soft glow to your rooms that is truly fascinating. The sheer nature of these shades does not block light out but helps to diffuse the harshness. Get an adequate amount of natural light with these window designs and keep the indoor temperature maintained. Different patterns, designs and texture options will add value while creating timeless beauty. Besides providing a natural appearance, these shades are ideal to bring grace and classy ambiance inside your home. For an enhanced natural freshness, add wood valances or cornices with these window shades. So, get these shadings installed and improve your home’s overall atmosphere quality in a versatile way.
Woven Wooden Shades
Note – Color plays a major role in creating the perfect nature-friendly look. Go for neutral tones like green, brown, off-white, etc and get your desired designer appearance.

With all these window natural window treatment options, it’s now your turn to choose the best one in order to create a versatile and sustainable home décor look. You are also filled with a sense of pride that you have gone the eco-friendly way and in your own way contributing to a greener world.
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