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5 Window Treatment Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings

5 Window Treatment Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings

What is a Vaulted Ceiling?

In architectural home decor design, a vaulted ceiling is a self-supporting arch which is located above the walls and beneath a roof. Their grand charming appeal makes any room look more striking, giving it a royal feel. They bring a special sense of grandeur to any arena. Previously they were associated with Gothic or Roman architecture and used in churches and basilicas, but slowly they become a popular addition in both traditional and modern home interiors. There are different styles available for vaulted ceilings including barrel, groin, dome, and many more. They have various advantages like – they help your small space look bigger and dramatic, enhance natural light for soft vibes, and add sophistication.

But there was a time when most of the homeowners appreciated these vaulted ceiling windows and considered them to be the ultimate luxury, but in recent times because of their unique construction style and decor dilemma, many interior designers are not showing much interest. Especially when the ceiling glass windows allow excess direct daylight and other unwanted beams that make the indoor bright and unpleasant to stay. Even the fluctuation of heat and cold makes your space unbearable. Covering them will bring a soothing feel inside your home, making them more aesthetically pleasing for a long time. We believe proper decoration and little maintenance make these vaulted ceilings the key factor of your entire home decor, adding architectural interest. There is almost no other element that can elevate the beauty of your space as these ceiling windows do. So if you have these ceilings or are planning to have them, we suggest you always cover them with the right window coverings. If you are not sure which blinds will fit the vaulted ceilings properly, check out the below options.

Top 5 Vaulted Ceiling Window Treatment Ideas

Dressing up your ceiling windows will integrate aura and grace to your overall decor. Our hand-picked custom window solutions will efficiently cover them, accentuating the beauty of the windows.

● Drapes or Curtains:

Window draperies can be custom made with angled headings, making them one of the most stylish and fashionable solutions to dress this type of window. These window designs can be styled in a number of ways from a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns choices to match the look of your home. The softness of the curtain can add the perfect touch to your structured ceiling. The right fabricated curtain can prevent the direct sunlight from coming through them, creating a comfy and pleasing interior. Proper installation will give your space a bigger and spacious illusion.
Drapes for High Vaulted Ceiling Windows

● Cellular Shades:

According to the experts, these higher vaulted ceilings do lead to higher electricity bills, as there is more space to heat or cool. And that’s when custom cellular blinds make a great choice. Their honeycomb structured air pockets trap the incoming heat inside and prevent the warm air from escaping, keeping indoor cool during summer months and warm in the months of winter. Besides functionality, they are practical enough to add visual interest to the windows. You can get them customized to fit the ceiling accurately. For a phenomenal and elegant transformation, make sure to style them up with the right hues and patterns

● Solar Shades:

These shades are mainly designed to keep the harsh light, glare, and heat out of the room. They come in different openness factors that preserve your outside scenic view to the outdoors while protecting the home from all the outside hazards while making the interior feel comfortable and protected at the same time of the day. Solar shades are an economical way of beautifying your vaulted ceilings while being highly functional and versatile. There are plenty of designs and patterns available that have the potential to give your decor a sober and beautiful look.
Solar Shades for High Ceiling Windows

● Motorized Window Coverings:

Motorized window coverings are not only a luxury, their functional benefits and stylish appeal make them the most preferred among homeowners. Vaulted ceilings are hard to reach and operating standard window coverings on a daily basis can be daunting. Integrating motorization will make it convenient and easier to operate. Multi-channel remotes can be programmed to operate the ceiling windows or you can touch your Smartphone or use voice command to raise and lower them. All you have to do is customize them accordingly to get the right fit. Depending on the requirements, you can select your favorite shade and design to add motorization for ultimate pleasure and convenience.
Vaulted Ceiling Motorized Window Coverings

● Woven Wood Shades:

If you are looking to give your place an earthy feeling through the vaulted ceiling windows, then these shades are a great way to do so. Their natural freshness and elegance create the perfect inviting look. The shades are made of natural or non-toxic material, hence a safe choice to install. From blocking out sunlight to offering insulation, they play a significant role in your place. Personalize the shades with your favorite design option to create the desired designer appeal.

These are the top recommended window coverings you can go for but there are many to explore. Vaulted ceilings windows are often neglected because of their unique shape and position but proper treatment can help them to remain in fashion. For more design ideas and inspiration, reach out to the professionals!

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