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5 Window Treatments Perfect for A Short Window

5 Window Treatments Perfect For A Short Window

Magical Treatment for Small Windows

Small windows are the perfect architectural addition to homes built in the ’60s and ’70s. The small and unique structure of these windows make your interior look stylish and phenomenal. Regardless of size, all windows need some sort of covering to enhance the beauty and functional aspects of your space. When it comes to small windows, we always want to make sure they should allow maximum amount of natural sunlight to brighten up your space in a dramatic way while making your space look spacious and bigger. But if your room has multiple windows, then covering each of them is essential to cut down the excess and harmful beams while maintaining the home’s privacy level.

There are multiple small window treatments available to dress up your windows while impacting the other decorative elements in your home. Proper decoration can create a statement for your interior and complete the look of your overall home décor. We created a list of top window blinds that will mesmerize you and enhance the beauty of the windows in a different way while adding a little charming look to the rest of the décor. No matter what type of customized dressing you select, it will fit the windows perfectly while creating your desired look!

Top Five Small Window Treatments

Small windows often found in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and a lot of other places in older houses. Whether you are looking for light blockage, privacy, or simply want them to add a sophisticated touch to the windows, you will be able to find out the right one with our hand-picked solutions. All these small window treatments are uniquely designed to co-ordinate with your existing décor style and their massive range of colors and texture will bring timeless beauty to your space.

  • Hang Long Drapes:

Hanging draperies is the easiest way to enhance the value of your small windows while creating the illusion of a bigger room and taller windows. Hang them high on stylish curtain rods and allow them to fall till the ground. This will draw your eyes upwards and add a good amount of texture to the windows. Draperies are available in an assortment of colors and design choices so that you can customize as per your taste and preference. There are different fabric materials that take care of light control, energy-efficiency, and privacy. Depending on the room position, personalize your drapery and enjoy maximum benefits. You can add valances or cornices to highlight the windows and add an amount of drama to the surroundings.
Long Drapes for Short Window
But sometimes small windows look awkward with curtains hung over them, if the window is adjacent to a door. And in that case, we have some more options available in different price ranges to fit your small windows. Those small window dressings will look great from both inside and outside. If you want to add framing to your small windows, consider the below window designs –

  • Roller Shades:

These window shades are perfect for small windows because of their sleek and smooth roll design. When raised, the shade material will go upside into the cassette, giving your windows a neat and clean look. Available in a massive collection of hue and pattern choices, these window shades will bring the grace and beauty inside your room.

  • Cellular Shades:

If you are concerned about home’s energy bills and looking forward to make your home insulated, then these versatile and elegant shades are the right choice. Not only they are popular for their energy-efficiency, but their different customizable options will also create a subtle look for your space. From controlling harmful rays to providing privacy, these shades do a remarkable job when installed on the small windows. If you want to add luxury and convenience, then feature motorization and enjoy the endless benefits by pressing a simple remote button from your comfort zone.
Cellular Shades for Short Windows

  • Roman Shades:

Looking to add a vibrant and lively look for your small windows? Then opt for fabricated roman shades without giving a second thought which is available in endless colors, textures, and style options. Customize them to create a softer and soothing look. Different fabric material options diffuse the excess sunlight coming through the small windows while enhancing the protection and make your small window incredibly functional regardless of the size.
Roman Shades for Short Windows

  • Solar Shades:

If your small windows confront more sunlight and harsh beams, then protect your indoors with the excellent solar shades. They allow you to enjoy the outside view while filtering incoming light making them a unique choice. Different textures and pattern options of these shades will add a decorative touch to the windows. Play with the designs to bring out the best of your small windows.

If you want to use blinds for your short windows but want to create an illusion of larger wider windows we recommend you to go for outside mount blinds. You can hang them high and allow them to stretch on either side of the window. They cover the entire window and hence provide better coverage and make your short windows appear larger than they are.
Solar Shades for Small Window


Small windows require custom-made window treatments to fit and snug the windows properly. Covering the windows with the perfect design will make a classic statement while keeping all the windows consistent throughout the room. Picking the right treatment can be tricky and challenging, but spending some time and effort will help you get the right one that will suit your aesthetical and functional needs. Consult with the designers to get the right fit without any hassle!

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