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6 Reasons To Choose Remote Controlled Blackout Shades for Skylights

Remote Controlled Blackout Skylight Shades

6 Reasons To Choose Remote Controlled Blackout Shades for Skylights

Motorized Skylight Shades offer a lot of flexibility, particularly for those shades which are located in places that are hard to reach. With the use of different remote controls and switches, a number of shades can be opened or closed with the press of a button. Skylights bring both stunning light and visual interest to your home, but also create some issues. Treat them with skylight shades to allow you to make the most of their features, while still enjoying their benefits. Electric skylight shades motorized blinds help block out undesirable light, minimize UV rays, and allow for better energy efficiency.

Many homeowners leave their shades in the same position every day because they don’t want to waste their effort and time to adjust them. Skylight shades make it easy. A variety of control options are available, from wireless wall switches to remote control. Automate your shades on a timer or set schedules. Add comfort and convenience to your home.

Skylight Remote Controlled Blackout Shades

Skylight blackout shades can make a room as dark as night, blocking even the brightest sunlight. This makes it perfect for rooms that require total room darkening, such as bedrooms.

Remote controls are great to control the shades from any position of your office or home. Motorized skylight shades can be operated with various remote control options:

1. Single Channel Remote Control can operate any number of shades at the same time.

2. Five Channel Remote Control is the best option for rooms with multiple windows or to function across more than one room. It allows you to move blinds or shades in groups or individually, which gives you greater light control and privacy.

Motorized Skylight Shades are powered by a 12v battery wand which can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. A 12v power supply is also available.

Why Remote Controlled Blackout Skylight Shades?

There are several reasons behind choosing the blackout shades for your skylight windows. Skylight blackout shades come with blackout fabric for light control for skylight windows.

  • The blackout fabrics keep your room dark and cozy, ensuring sound sleep and total privacy. Darken your living or media room at the touch of a button to prevent any glare on your computer or television.
  • Ultimate Comfort: With these motorized ceiling shades you can open or close or can control the shades to any position right from the comfort of your chair with the help of a radio frequency remote. The remote-controlled skylight shades return the sense of control by properly harnessing the natural light and heat entering through the skylight windows.
  • Hassle Free Operation: Regular skylight shades come with the sky poles for controlling them. But in remote controlled motorized skylight shades, there is no option for any cords or sky poles. So they provide an elegant look and are well suited for homes with kids and pets.
  • Everyone wants to buy a home which has a remote-controlled window shade as no one wants to waste their effort or energy on controlling them. Skylight window shades can also increase the value of your home. Choose remote controlled motorized shades and regain the cost when you sell your home.
  • Motorized skylight shades can protect your furnishings from the sunlight and harmful UV rays. So control the shades using a remote when the sun continuously streams through your window.
  • Blackout shades provide excellent insulation from the sun’s heat. Retain cool air in the summer and keep your warm air in the winter to reduce the energy bills.

You can choose our Crown Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades product for better privacy and the insulation features. These shades have both single and double cell options. The double shades have high R-value which provides the best insulation feature and completely block out the sun’s heat and light keeping out of your room. These electric skylight shades help your house look beautiful from inside as it does from the outside.

If you have skylight windows in your home, order now to get the best window coverings for your room. We provide customers with the latest innovative designs for your windows. If you are facing any difficulties choosing, our experts will help you to customize the best window treatment for you.

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