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6 Tips on Improving Home Decor with Room Darkening Shades

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Home Decor with Room Darkening Shades

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”, said Thomas Dekkar. There is nothing more annoying than the lights streaming through your window, shredding your precious golden chain to pieces, precisely when you just want to steal a few more winks. As we all know, early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise; but, there is no denying that we love sleeping in as well.

It is not just the healthy early morning sun rays that stream through your windows, you have to deal with harsh sun rays loaded with UV, street lights, lights from passing vehicles, celebrations in the neighborhood and many other bright events that can pierce through your shut eyelids to chase away your sleep, damage your skin or interiors. The torment can be worse on a Sunday morning when you just want to lie and relax in your bed. No one would love room darkening shades more than the day sleepers, especially on a lazy Sunday morning.

Apart from sleep, light streaming in from your windows may interfere with your office media presentation, television viewing or just meditation or relaxation time as well. Isn’t it funny that we keep windows to allow natural light to filter in and then block it with shades? Considering the effects of harmful UV rays from the sun that results in interior color fading, damage to skin and other drawbacks from light filtering in through windows, there is a need for room darkening shades in many homes.

The days are long gone when the beauty of your home or office had to be outfitted with unpleasant options in shades to stop light streaming in through windows. Today, you find design ideas that would help you improve your home decor along with blocking unwanted light streaming in through your windows. That’s tempting, isn’t it? Let us check out a few ways you can use window shades to add an appealing look to your rooms.

Room Darkening Shades



1. Adding Your Personal Touch.

You need shades for privacy, room darkening or stopping annoying light streaming through your window, but do you have to stop at just that? You can use your room darkening shades to make a fashion statement as well. You can personalize your shades and give them a special touch with cut out patterns, laces, stencil paints, applique or any other artwork you can handle.


2. Fascinating Look for Your Windows.

When it comes to adding to the elegance, sophistication, grace, allure and liveliness of your room, nothing can compete with the impressive appearance of pleated shades. They can make a big daddy of a difference to your windows with their sheer vibrant colors like green, yellow, red, blue gold, orange, and many more. Besides making a strong fashion statement, pleated shades are easy on your purse since they are economically priced.


3. Elegant and Mesmerizing Roman Shades.

Room Darkening Roman Shades

If you plan to combine the stylishness of classical soft drapery with modern shades, nothing will please you as much the Artistic Roman Shades. You can have the look of the drapery in your room with these shades, with some weight added to their bottom. They can be operated by standard cord control as well as hyper-efficient motorized control, according to your choice. Maintenance of the Roman Blinds is easy as well since you can just vacuum them with the fabric brush nozzle, dab stains off with a sponge and stain remover, or simply remove the shades from the window and machine wash, or dry clean them the usual way.


4. Cellular Honeycomb Shades.

Installing cellular shades have many other benefits besides insulating the interiors from light. It saves energy by preventing heat or cold escaping from your home, in addition to protecting you from disturbing noises from the outside world. You can make your choice of layers, shades, size and structures based on your need. It is their cellular structure that gives them the name of Honeycomb Shades that are mostly fabricated from non-woven polyester materials.

Their various hues and colors add to the aesthetic value of your home. You have a wide range of fabric and shade to choose from, based on the interior decoration of your home. In addition, dangling cords that could pose a danger to your pets or small children is not something to worry about anymore. You can choose from Cord Loop, Cordless, Cordless Top Down-Bottom Up and Motorized options, based on your needs.


5. For Nature Lovers.

Everyone most certainly does not have the same tastes when it comes to interior decorations of home or office. Many people love the natural and friendly look provided by the natural shades made of bamboo, jute, grass and wood that blends in easily with their cane or wooden furniture and indoor plants. If you wish you dress your windows with natural shades, go for the smooth functioning shades with pulley control system, which will raise and fold evenly. These Naturals shades woven from eco-friendly elements bring in the ambiance of nature and earthy look inside your home, ensuring you do not have to worry about hazardous toxic materials. For those who prefer different colors, these natural shades come in various hues as well.


6. Play Hide and Seek with Light.

When rolling up your shades or bringing them down is easier, it is not unusual for you to want to play hide and seek with the sunlight. Day and night are at your fingertips now with roller solar shades that allow you even a complete blackout in glaring daylight whenever you need, or just partially darken your room. Apart from adding visually appealing value to your interiors, these shades allow you to filter enough to suit your comfort. The ambiance created by these shades is unmatched by any. You can customize these shades to meet your every aesthetic, as well as utility requirement. Made of superior material, they enhance the interiors of every building they decorate. What makes them a better choice are the excellent materials that they are made of, which makes them durable, lightweight and also very attractive since they provide a translucent feel to the ambiance of any room they decorate. Available in various hues and colors, they are easy to operate as well.

Have fun with your shades, as you keep your melatonin supply flowing.



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