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7 Things to Know Before Ordering Plantation Shutters

7 Things to Know Before Ordering Plantation Shutters

Get a Detailed Knowledge of Plantation Window Shutters

Plantation shutters provide any space with an elegant makeover, and over time these solutions have been gaining in popularity because of their crisp look and versatile functions. When we trace the history of shutters, the first shutter was manufactured in Greece and through their unique construction and innovative designs; the solutions got a name and fame all over the world. Until the 18th century, shutters were only used inside the home but by the 19th century, exterior shutters come into the fashion. The dressings became well-known for their light control and privacy benefits.

“Technically a shutter is either a solid or slated window cover. It is believed that the first shutters originated from Greece and that they were originally designed for light control, ventilation and protection from the elements in a tropical environment.” – Bob Borson.

Window shutters are popular and very much appreciated all over Canada. No matter what type of décor style or window you have, you can get the one that you desire for. So if you are planning to upgrade your windows with shutters, then there are some points you should know that will guide you in every path of your shopping!

Plantation Shutters

Things You Should Know Before Buying Plantation Shutters

• How Well Do You Know Your Shutters?

Window shutters are stylish and sophisticated because of their unique designs and style. They are available in different colors and texture designs to provide your space with the ultimate look. But apart from the aesthetics, what else do you know about shutters? How are they beneficial for our home interior?

In the market of window fashion, there are two types of shutters available – custom made and ready-made. On a first look, you will find they are similar in appearance but for more flexibility and versatility, go for custom made shutters which are more durable and fit any type of window.

More exposure to the UV rays can lead you towards cancer and other health disorders. At the same time, the UV rays can be the reason for faded furnishings and floors. Adjusting the shutter vanes will prevent unwanted sunlight and beams while maintaining the home’s privacy and security level.

These long-lasting and sturdy shutter solutions work as insulators. The louvers are responsible for keeping the excess heat out of the home to create a balanced indoor atmosphere while helping you save on heating and cooling costs.

Shutters can reduce the outside noise as well. Custom made shutters are worthy and engineered to increase the value of any interior.

Note: Don’t go for cheap ready-made shutters which will not last and your windows will require multiple replacements, costing you more in the long run.
• What about Warranty?

Nowadays you will get warranty for each and every product. But the question is what are the things covered under the warranty period and for how long?

Most of us do not notice the warranty terms and conditions printed on the package. Well, shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty and are warranted against any original defects.

Lack of maintenance can damage your shutters and that is not considered in warranty terms. So care for the shutters and enjoy their lifelong advantages.

• Get Help during Measurement and Installation Procedures

Time matters for everyone. If you want to save both your time and effort, then order custom-made plantation shutters which are easy to customize and install. Experience and well-trained designer executives are always ready to help you in customization that will perfectly co-ordinate with your existing décor style. And during installation, you can go through the guidelines that will help you to get all the tips. But if you face any difficulty, consult with the experts for more assistance.

Installing Plantation Shutters

• Quality of the Product Matters

If you have a dream to create a designer home, then the quality of any product is the first thing you should concentrate on. High-quality shutters ensure durability while providing the windows with a high-end appearance. Low-quality materials will not last for a longer time and they don’t look good as well.

Top manufacturing brands use wood, wood composite, and vinyl shutters which are tested and proven to be the best product among all the window dressings.
 Wood shutters are an excellent choice and create an ageless beauty when properly customized
 Vinyl shutters are lightweight and inexpensive but unique designs make them an astounding selection.
 Composite shutters are incredibly durable and can withstand most weather conditions.

Composite Shutters

• Product Specifications You Should Know

Before you order, there are 4 things to forefront in your mind –
 Choose the panel style you wish to install. Different types of panels are available – full window shutters that will open totally, halfway panel which will cover half of the windows and double-hung shutters which will open top and bottom separately. Like the panel option, look for the right divider rail.
 When it comes to mounting, inside mount and outside mount options are available. Choose the one that matches your needs. It is recommended to go for inside mounting if decorative trim is there around the window, otherwise go for outside mounting.
 Shutters are available in different louver sizes. A larger size will offer you a more magnificent outside view while smaller slats will block out more sunlight and provide privacy.
 Front tilt and rear tilt options come with the shutters. Select the one that looks best with your interior style.

• How to Operate Shutters?

Shutters are a cordless mechanism which means they are an easy choice for the home with kids and pets. Operating them is efficient, smooth, and straightforward. They are engineered for various applications – hinged, bi-fold, sliding and fixed position. According to the requirements, fix the louvers.

• Maintenance Procedure
When you bring a new product in your home, you wish to maintain them all year long. Just like that, shutters also need some little bit of care to keep their shine and beauty for a lifetime. Dusting and vacuuming the slats regularly will increase the lifespan.

Today most of the homeowners integrate shutters for their aesthetics and versatile functionality. But having complete knowledge on this product will give you an easy shopping experience. So gain more information and place your order to create a ‘wow’ factor for your interior!

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