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7 Tips to Refresh Your Home To Avoid Stay-At-Home Depression

7 Tips to Refresh Your Home To Avoid Stay-At-Home Depression

The Importance of a Good Home Environment and Window Treatments

Window treatments are multi-functional. They have a practical side and an aesthetic side as well. While they play a pivotal role in mellowing down the sunlight that enters our windows and also give us some much-needed privacy, it is imperative that people tap into the potential of these window treatments in other ways.

To put it bluntly, window treatments are an integral part of your home décor. Not only in just functional benefits, they are also tasked with giving rooms some highly regarded aesthetic value. The aesthetics of a room comfort the people occupying it. It can lift moods and create a calm and soothing environment. Factors such as symmetry, color scheme (matching or contrast), positioning and lighting can make you feel organised and help you keep a clear mind. For those who feel are feeling particularly stressed at home, it is known for a fact that a pleasing environment can help their moods. Furthermore, it can be a driving force in diverting attention to working on their careers or channelising their hobbies.

This being said, the role of window treatments in shaping the look and environment of a home cannot be underestimated. It can be a cost-effective and efficient way of maintaining a bright and homely environment for a home. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the stay-at-home work culture seems like it is here to stay even as the world enters normalcy. To avoid the feeling of monotony, this article will discuss the different ways in which you can use window treatments and related solutions to help setting a positive mood for your home.

Tips and Recommendations on Livening A Home Up With Window Treatments

  • Keeping rooms cool and fresh – One of the key requirements to stimulating moods is to keep homes within an optimal temperature. Unfortunately, while windows grant you a great view of the outside world, they are not good insulators of heat. This means that warm air can enter and neutralize the cool air within your homes. This keeps your air conditioning systems working overtime.

Thankfully, window treatments such as cellular shades are great insulators that can cage the warm air within the pockets or ‘cells’ within their fabric. If you can get some fun, vibrant colours on your cellular shades, you will have essentially found a fun and energy efficient way of keeping your home cool or warm (depending on the season and weather).

  • Creating an optimal environment for resting – Stay at home depression can be aggravated by the inability to rest due to stress and having to work late during the nights. Resting during the day can also be difficult because of the bright atmosphere of the day. However, room darkening window treatments like blackout blinds have fabric that can completely block out the sunlight a simulate a night-like environment that can help you rest even during the day. A well-rested mind and body is automatically better equipped to handle any challenge.
  • Filtering Light – While natural sunlight is known to be a natural stimulant of moods, a good source of vitamin D and a natural disinfectant, excessive exposure to sunlight can cause glares, rotting of furniture and the risk of exposure to UV rays. To address this situation, you can consider solar shades or sheer shades. They filter the sunlight in a way that makes sure you still have access to sunlight but in a controlled manner that doesn’t cause irritation and glare. Solar shades offer more protection from UV rays along with the traditional benefits of shades.
  • Maintaining a private home – Due to the boom in the ‘work-from-home’ culture, your home has become a base of operations for everything you do. In that case, you will need some quiet time and you can get some mental peace from the knowledge that you aren’t being watched or heard, especially while being in the bathroom. There are many window treatments that offer such privacy and can be considered as viable options. It’s not just about blocking the noise that may go out, but it’s also about the noise that comes in. Noisy neighbours and traffic is not only disconcerting, but it may make you miss going out and even distract you from work.
  • Choosing the right colour scheme – Colours are some of the best visual stimulants a person needs for his or her home. A good colour scheme can brighten the dingiest of rooms without the necessity for sunlight or artificial lighting. You can choose to experiment with the colour of your window treatments to match or contrast with the walls and the rest of your décor. The best part about all window treatments is the number of versatile options to choose from. Even something like blackout blinds, real wooden or faux wooden blinds, which aren’t known for variety, have plenty of design options to keep anyone interested.
  • Making interesting addition – Witnessing one’s own creativity can lift moods and be a confidence booster. If you can take the time out to try something different with your window treatments, the results will definitely be rewarding. For instance, you can contemplate the idea of using pelmets or valance to go with your drapes. On the other hand, you can try a fusion style by using a combination of two different types of window treatments in one room.
  • Smart window treatments – Window treatments are now motorised and can be controlled with smart phones. Furthermore, if they have a smart feature you can integrate them with your smart home systems and also equip them with voice control assistants through z-wave systems. This makes it easier to use, enhances your security and takes some guess work out of it, making sure you don’t go through too much trouble with these window treatments. They are also safer options.

Concluding Thoughts

A cluttered home can contribute to a cluttered mind. A window treatment that fits in so seamlessly with the rest of the home gives it a more organised look along with a soothing environment to your home. Always remember that staying home is necessary during these difficult times. It is necessary to make the most out of it by making sure you like the way your home looks and feels to you.

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