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Get Quality and Convenience – 7 Ways to Motorize Your Window Shades

Motorize Your Window Shades

Motorize Your Window Shades with Various Graber Accessories

There are so many advantages of using motorized window shades in the world of modern technology and fashion. This type of window treatments works well for the hard to reach and large windows as you don’t have to access them using your hand. You can easily operate them through a remote-controlled button. These convenient window shades give your room a clean and cluttered look while protecting your kids and pets from the strangulation of dangerous cords. The other benefits of having these motorized shades are that they are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and styles and block most of the harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays coming through your windows. The best thing of having them in your home is you don’t have to get out from bed to open or shut out the window shades because you can control them from anywhere in your room (up to 65 feet). You might think that motorizing your window shades can be a challenging and time-consuming task. But thanks to the latest technology because using them you can set up and control your window shades smoothly and effortlessly.


What are the Simplest and Easiest Ways to Power Your Window Shades?

There are a number of effective options to your motorized window shades such as – battery wand, solar powered, timers, sensors, etc. Learn more about them so that you can go for the best option that fits your needs.


  • Battery Wand for an Effortless Control

A battery wand is a popular choice when it comes to motorizing your window shades as they don’t require any wiring for power. It runs on 8 AA 1.5V Lithium or Alkaline batteries. Our recommendation is to use Lithium batteries as they don’t break or damage in extreme weather and are longer lasting. This can vary depending on your manufacturer’s recommendation.

You can choose between – Somfy Reloadable Battery Tube (power source for 12v Somfy motorized RTS window coverings) and Dual Reloadable AA Empty Battery Tubes- 12v Somfy Motors (two battery clips available on each battery tube).

If you are concern about the look of your window treatments then simply consider installing these batteries. Thinking about the lifespan of these batteries? Well, it depends on the size of your windows and how frequent you operate your window shades and blinds. If your window shades are heavier then they will use more battery power. Generally, customers change their batteries every 4-6 months. Dual battery tubes increase the lifespan of the batteries.

Battery Wand for Motorized Blinds


  • Go for D.C Power Adapter

These are another suitable option to motorize your window shades. The D.C. power option means you don’t have to replace them like the batteries but will require an expert for installation. This adapter will plug into an outlet and they don’t require any extra wiring.

D.C. Power Adapter for Motorized Blinds


  • Use Sunlight to Operate Your Window Shades

This kit is effective in those areas where your automated window coverings confront more sunlight. It consists of a solar panel and a rechargeable battery tube. Solar powered kits convert the sunlight to the power source which is used to control the motorized window coverings. You can easily install them behind the window shade facing outwards so that they can hold the sunlight.


  • Remote Control Option for a Smooth and Convenient Operation

With a remote control option, you can operate them up to 65 feet away. You have the option of choosing single channel remote, five channel remote, and sixteen channel remote to fit your home needs.

Single channel remote option is used to control individual shades or a group of shades while five channel remote option is used to control up to five window shades together or separately. They are suitable with all window treatments that are integrated with Somfy RTS motors.

In a word, using a remote control, you can quickly and easily operate your remote control blinds whether they are in a big room or throughout your entire home.

Remote Control for Motorized Blinds


  • RF Wireless Wall Switches

You can program your window treatments by simply touching a button of single channel RF wall switch or the 5 channel RF wall switch depending on your home requirements. Remote control blinds are compatible with any Graber RTS shades or blinds. Ivory, white, and black – these 3 colors are available for single channel RF wall switch.

You can save up to 15% on this product when you add them in the shopping cart. So what are you waiting for? Order these wireless wall switches to get them at an affordable price.

Wall Switch for Electric Blinds


  • Program Your Window Shades Using a Timer

Whether you want natural light or air during the daytime or privacy during the night time, you can pre-program your window shades using the timers. These timers are white in color and compatible with any RTF window covering. So install them to make your life better and easier.


  • Exterior Wind Sensor to Reduce Energy Costs

When the winds outside are high, these sensors will automatically close your automate existing blinds so they do not get damaged. In this way, you can reduce your energy bills and save money. They are operated with replaceable batteries.

So you can save both your time and energy by installing these automatically working window treatments.

Exterior Window Sensor Control for Automated Shades


Take Our Designer’s Help to Explore the Latest Window Treatment Technologies!

If you are planning to install new window treatments or update the old window coverings, choosing motorized window shades will give your room an elegant and sophisticated look while providing so many advantages.

If you want ease, safety, and the latest technology for your home windows, there are so many ways to motorize your window shades. So whatever you choose make sure that they match your personal attitude, lifestyle and home decor style.

Browse our whole section to know more about how to motorize your window shades. If you have any doubts, any questions related to home automation motorized blinds or about their power options, don’t hesitate to contact our design experts. They will help you with all your questions by providing the best solutions. Otherwise, you can comment your query below.

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