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9 Expert Tips on Making Roman Shades

9 Expert Tips On Making Roman Shades

Tips and Tricks for Making Roman Shades

Roman shades are popular and fashionable because of their simplicity and an excellent capacity of enhancing the beauty of the windows. From blocking sunlight to providing privacy, preventing the glare from protecting your indoor from the harmful beams, the shades are incredible in every field. They are ideal when you are looking for both aesthetical and functional values. Made with your choice of fabric, color, and design option make them elegant and unique, add a decorative and sophisticated touch to the windows. They are a hybrid between drapes and blinds with the appearance and elegance of drapes and functionality of blinds. Getting these window shades means you are creating a remarkable décor for lifelong. If you are planning to install them on the windows, let us help you with a DIY procedure which will help save you money. In this article, we will guide you in making roman shades that will give your room a different and subtle view after completing the installation.
Looped Roman Shades

Follow the below tips and guidelines to fulfill the task without any hassle –

• An uneven fabric material can make your shade look unsymmetrical and twisted in hanging conditions. Use a Right Angle or T-square tool to measure and cut the fabric. Make sure you end up with the square edges that will make it easier to sew the fabric with the lining for better hanging.
• Ensure you have all the hardware needed for the product before starting the process. For lighter fabricated roman shades, cord cleat, small cord locks, and screw eyes are essential for a smooth operation. But for heavy fabricated roman shades, replace the cord idlers and cord pulleys with screw eyes.
• If there are more lift cords to operate the shadings, then chances are more of getting your shades from sagging when being raised. Make sure there is 10 inches gap between the cords to avoid sagging.
• Avoid the unnecessary stitching on the front of your shading. Opt for a blind hem stitch to seam the lower hem of your window treatment.
• If the shading is wider than your fabric, then you need to piece the fabric. Keep a whole fabric in the center of your shade and then fix the remaining sides with the fabric pieces. This will make your shade look durable and versatile.
• Adding ribs to your roman shades is not mandatory, but when you integrate them to your shading, it will create a neat and clean look while raising the shade.
• Bring down all the lift cords of your roman shade into one cord lift using a cord condenser and at the endpoint add a decorative cord drop. This will make your window look clutter-free and make a safer choice as well.
• Use roman shade orbs to adjust the lift cords. Orbs are easy to use and save lot of time while raising and lowering the shades.
• When it comes to stitching your roman shade, use a long stitch to prevent pinching or gathering of the fabric material.

Following these above instructions will make your job easier and keep the shades durable and in good shape for long.

Disclaimer– Since all the roman shades are different depending on various factors, it’s always recommended to check with your manufacturers or retailers before making any changes. This will avoid mistakes and protect your product from further issues or any damage. Consult with the professionals for more information on making roman shades.

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