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9 Very Simple Things To Save on Purchase of Blinds and Shades

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Decorate the windows desirably.


“The way to build your savings is by spending less each month.”Suze Orman

Today’s competitive market is turning out to be consumer friendly. Every store has to come up with discounts and offers to grab the attention of customers. There are many customers who take full advantage of this competitive market even for their daily needs. Checking out promotional offers, looking for discounts and making wise purchases has helped them keep their bank balance stable. With the market flooded with a huge range of blinds and shades, it is not easy to find the one which will meet your specific requirement perfectly yet fit into your budget. There are no more quick open and shut deals when it comes to window treatments anymore.

When you decide to make a huge investment on window dressings, it pays to be cautious and save a few bucks. Installation of blinds and shades will in itself add to your savings in the long run, by insulating your home and cutting down on energy consumption. You can consider the following tips to help you save when you buy your blinds and shades:

1. Evaluate the requirements of each room.



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The functions of window treatments are not just a fashion statement anymore. They are used for optimum privacy, insulation, and light filtering. Bedrooms may require complete blackout window coverings to block light completely for better sleep whereas when decorating your living room windows, you may have to stress on the style factor. The kitchen, bathrooms, and other utility rooms may need durable, water resistant, and fire retardant window coverings. Make a list of your requirements based on your evaluation of every room.

2. Compare.


Do not hesitate to compare window coverings before making your final bid. Even if you are sure of the brand and quality, there is no harm in looking around for a better option. Or you may not know what new product has been introduced into the market just last week. Innovations are happening every now and then, and you do not want to miss out on something that is perfect for you at a better price.

3. Look for offers and deals.


How often have you read the advertisement that says, “This mother’s day, show your mother how much you care by giving her a gift that you can buy at an 80% discount” or “Show your wife how much you love her with this amazing gift without spending much because you get 78% off this women’s day”. This is an era of deals for every occasion. There are summer deals, winter deals, Christmas deals and many more to benefit from. Today, dealers don’t need an opportunity to throw great deals at their customers. Find the one that you need, and you may be saving enough to buy one or two extra window coverings for your home.

4. Shop online.


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The benefits of shopping online custom window coverings are many. With our busy schedule, nothing is wrong with being lazy and shopping online. You save on gas, time, and money when you shop from the comfort of your home. It is easier to move from one website to other for comparison or from one option to another on the same website than it is to move around from showroom to showroom or one area to another. Convenience is at its zenith when you shop online.

5. Do it yourself.


With innovative technology and help guides, you can install the window coverings yourself without much professional help. Also, you will have the pleasure of working on your home and setting it up exactly the way you want it. If there are other family members who can join you, it can work as a great bonding moment for your family as well. The step by step guidelines would be good enough for you to start with.

6. Free Shipping and Warranty.


Make sure your blinds and shades are categorized under ‘free shipping’. Go through the returns policy and warranty section in detail. Most of the custom made blinds, shades, drapes and shutters are not returnable. Even though I have seen some websites offering free return or exchange of the window coverings for replacements, it has not always held true. One of my friend tried to return a damages shade for a replacement, the difference she was asked to pay was up to the retail price. As per their return policy for exchanging product the customer has to pay return shipping and promotion prices were not considered. Quality assurance comes with a warranty.

7. Make sure there are no hidden charges.


Hidden costs can make you pay much more than what you intended to or planned for in the first place. Check out all the accessories like valances, cleats, or cord options you may need for your blinds and shades before arriving at the final purchase price. Ask the dealer whether you will have to pay for anything else apart from the price mentioned against the product.

8. Combine different shades for different rooms.


You do not have to go for the same blinds and shades from your living room to your garage. Though blackout cellular shades are great on your bedroom windows, they will be absurd on kitchen windows. Many people prefer real wood blinds for living room and study. Faux wood blinds for washrooms, kitchen and garages to create a uniform ambiance in their interiors. Combine different window coverings to save money and create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

9. Take right measurements.


Do not mess up your windows dressings by being negligent in taking the right measurements. Follow the product guidelines to get accurate measurements for your windows. Do not add deductions if it is not required. Inside mounts and outside mounts will require different measurements, so will interior and exterior window coverings. Do not hesitate to call customer care for guidance when you are in doubt.

Remember the words of Alfred Marshall, “The price of everything rises and falls from time to time and place to place; and with every such change the purchasing power of money changes so far as that thing goes”. Look out for the best time and price to make your purchase. Make wise choices to save money and time.


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