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A Heartfelt gift for Mother’s day – Lakeforest Faux Wood Blinds

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My beloved Mother.

“I remember my Mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have always clung to me all my life” – said Abraham Lincoln. As I was reading one of his biographies for my research, this quote instantly brought to me the thought that from the greatest to the most modest of men, they’ve all had this immense source from where they derived the strength to go against all odds – the womb that had carried them. Moved to tears with this thought, I couldn’t but help think of my mom living downtown. And suddenly, it struck me that Mother’s day falls on the following week! Not that I’ve not been thoughtful about it. But let’s just say the pondering about a Mother’s role brought it to me more vigorously this time round.

I remember how Mom, the one with OCD, always said it was genetic, and I always wondered if those specific genes halted on their way to me! Even after a long day at work, she’d manage to clear our study tables, rooms, the kitchen and the dust. Being allergic to dust, cleaning the window panes, drapes and blinds were always evil to her. Again, even weekends wouldn’t keep her away from her work, she’d do the groceries, laundry, have our dental appointments done, PTA meetings at school, and of course dusting! She just wouldn’t stop. Oh my, it is now that we children realize how she was the perfect wonder woman. To be able to match even the quarter of her energy would mean a lifetime achievement for me.

Precious gift to my mom.

So without wasting much time, my sister and I decided that we’d have mom over at her place for the weekend, and by then I’d get mom her present for the special day. I logged on to Zebrablinds to find the most amazing custom window decor solutions – I found the 2-inch Faux wood Blinds from Graber! I checked the specs, did some more research so as to convince mom that they’d definitely be the right choice, and voila! I instructed them to have the blinds delivered when mom was away at my sister’s, and with the explicit do-it-yourself instructions, having them installed was a breeze! The raw material used makes them a winner. The faux wood material is very durable and eco-friendly. They make the blinds flame retardant, dust resistant (which according to me was the greatest spec), scratch proof, seasonal resistant, humidity resistant, and also there nary a chance of impact causing damage.

Mom has also been the one who loves natural light, and, of course, the one who stressed on energy saving. She’d want us to read in the daylight. She loves reading, and the easily adjustable slats of the blinds will definitely help illuminate her little reading space. And well, as for her privacy, their vanes can be turned shut at night to inhibit any view from outside. The patented SureClose headrail system increases privacy while providing a neutral street side appearance.

Stylish Faux Wood Blinds



The control options are many for Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds! the corded, cordless or motorized controls. I opted for the motorized blinds so that it’s easy for her to open or shut them as and when she needs, more so because timing their operation is also possible. In case she goes off to bed without having turned the blinds shut, the automated vanes can be programmed to shut on its own. The cleaning method, which, in this case, has to be convenient, as my mom would otherwise continue to be on the hunt for even the smallest speck of dust. That’s the whole idea, to safeguard her home from dust so that she isn’t on a cleanliness drive for always. These blinds can be easily dusted with a soft cloth, vacuum cleaned or immersed in water to clean stubborn stains. So, unlike the last time when my nephew tried giving his personal touch to his Grandma’s home, with paint on his hands, this time he’d be spared the death stare! Dirty drapes, blinds or walls tick my mom off, and that’s exactly what my nephew keeps doing.

Mom often baby sit’s my sister’s little devil, but she has to drop him at mom’s because having mom at your place is like calling captain planet to clean your apartment. And my little nephew somehow manages to keep everyone on their toes, so again these smooth functioning slats can help mom see through them when the devil is in the yard; and with the remote in hand, she doesn’t even have to move. I’ve just realized how much a small change in homes can bring about a lot. My sister and I can now be pretty chilled about her safety and health, and, of course, mom will be the happiest to have finally conquered the dust.

Well, technology does sometimes become the best you could gift your dear ones. I’m glad I chose this unique present for mom and hope she’ll be happy too, seeing them on her windows. But like they say nothing in the world can ever repay a mother’s love, and I believe small gestures, once in a while, definitely send out your heartfelt love for her!

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